Bob Dole, Face the Nation 4/21/96
Issue #11

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

MTP: Senator, what will the GOP platform be on abortion?

Dole: We're working on that, should have an answer soon.

(The son-of-a-bitch is 73 years old, leads his party
and he doesn't know the GOP's position on abortion?
Will Senator Straddle EVER have an opinion on anything?)

If abortion is murder, how do we treat the pregnant lady
whose religion prevents her from having surgery?
If doctors say the baby will die without a Ceasarian.
should she be allowed to "murder" the "little citizen,"
or should the evil federal government step in and
force her to have an operation against her will?

As always, religion is the problem.

"There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a
better offense.' In other words, a good offense wins."
VP Dan Quayle comparing the defensive capabilities
of the Warsaw pact with the defensive system of NATO.

Between the Cali Cocaine Cartel of Columbia and
Walgreens of America, who would YOU rather
distribute cocaine in the streets of America?

RL-LNW says a pharmacyst (sic) is better qualified.
Do we want to save lives or "set an example?"

I wonder who Reagan will vote for in 1996?
(Is he allowed to vote?)

Remember in 1992, TV Guide claimed Reagan said
he did NOT vote for Bush.

If you have a problem with that, take it up with
the owner of TV Guide, Newt's buddy Rupert Murdoch.

As I type this, Dole is on C-Span railing against
Clinton's "liberal" judicial appointments.
CNN did a study. They said Dole supported 98%
of Clinton's appointments.

What's wrong with Dole?

A- He's crazy

B- He's just plain stupid

C- He's been captured by the McVeigh wing of the GOP

There he goes again.
Porky says "Clinton just follows the polls."
I have a question or two for you conservatives out there.

1. Was Clinton watching the polls when he tried to give
gays their civil rights? He got hurt bad on that one,
but it was the right thing to do.

2. Was Clinton watching the polls when we invaded Haiti?
America was 70/30 against it, Clinton risked his
Presidency by sending troops in.
It was the right thing to do.

3. Was Clinton watching the polls when we took Bosnia?
Dole and Newt and our Rotund Sphincter said
"Bosnia will be MUCH worse than Vietnam."
Sheer lunacy.

Until the 59,000th body bag arrives, they can't say
Bosnia is worse than Vietnam. How stupid! Clinton again
risked his Presidency. It was the right thing to do.

4. The recent partial-birth abortion bill is another one.
This was a dirty ambush by the GOP. They wrote a bill
that wouldn't allow the doctor to perform the proceedure
if the mother's impending death was due to the pregnancy!!
The bill reads "only in cases of disorder, illness
or injury" would the operation be legal.
Pregnancy is not a disorder!!!!
Pregnancy is not an illness!!!!
Pregnancy is not an injury!!!!!

Under the GOP, the mother would be left to die.

If the pregnancy caused the problem, the woman is fucked.
The GOP bill, as written, makes saving her life a felony.

The doctor has a choice:
The mother's life or prison.
You gotta love them 73 freshmen.

At one time, didn't the GOP claim to be
the champion of "less government?"
Now they want to pass laws AGAINST saving the mother's life?

Clinton knew damn well the churches, especially the crazed
Catholics, would shit cows if he vetoed this ambush, but
he DID it because he put the rights of women over the
stupid ideas of the nuts and religious-wackos that cannot
defend themselves. It was the right thing to do.

5. Lastly, is there ANYONE that would deny the Contract
for America was crafted from polls and focus groups?
I didn't think so.

Can we forget the "follows the polls" charge?

Nobody noticed there was no volume 6.

Tehran (Reuters) -- Iran is buzzing about the spelling of
Bob Dole's name. It seems the proper spelling of his name
is the same as the word penis in Persian.

"It might be funny to some people, but it's a serious
issue for us. How can we write headlines using that word?,"
said Majid Fanni of a Tehran service bureau. Professor Hassan
Khadem, a Persian teacher at NYU added, "It's actually not
a real problem. In Persian, certain vowels are optional.
They could write his name a couple of ways to avoid problems.
But for an exact pronunciation, 'Dowl' as opposed to 'Dol',
well, they'd have to spell it that way." Fanni explained,
"In print, especially headlines, we don't use [optional]
vowel symbols. Because of that, his name can be read that way."

Ali Zarkoob, a teacher in Tehran, said, "Kids will find it
very funny. The humor magazines will probably go crazy, too."

A columnist for Tehran's Hamshahri daily stated, "It's a
problem that no one wants to face. Think about it. What
should we write if Dole wins? 'Clinton loses Presidency'?
That's not right. 'Penis wins US Presidency' isn't
exactly acceptable either."

(As the Methane Factory would say "I'm NOT making this up.")

I had a good day today, the 22nd. Rush was so angry
at Dole's lack of balls concerning the minimum wage
he said he wanted a "trial separation" from the GOP.

Hang in there, Rush.
America wants one, too.

Remember when Fuhrerboy used to say "We are winning?"
ha ha ha

David Hale, America's hero

David Hale, the principle (but unprincipled) witness
against Clinton in the Whitewater trial in Little Rock
got caught lying again. First, he was forced to admit
he lied on the original applications for the loans.
Then he was forced to admit he didn't pay taxes on
the money he stole, and now the Arkansas Democrat-
Gazette (that hates Clinton more than Rush) reports
after testifying that he had to sell his clothes to
get money to eat, Hale secretly put his home in a
trust for his kids, who quickly turned around and
sold the home for $240,000. And this happened AFTER
he'd made a deal with prosecutors to accuse Clinton.

THREE major lies by this witness, and we're not
counting the original felonies to which he pled.

One other thing:
Excepting Rush, wouldn't $250,000 buy a lot of food?

Rush is Right

I think Rush was right about something:
All along, he's been saying Whitewater will be
an issue in the '96 elections ... and it will.
For the Democrats.
The GOP with all their talk of "Changing the very
concept of the American civilization" dropped that
lofty goal. What did they do instead? What was
the VERY first thing they did when they took over?

They went after the school lunch program.

After they got burned there, they decided unlimited
Whitewater investigations is what America needed most.
So far, they've spent $17,000,000, continuing
at a rate of $1,000,000 a month.

What has America gotten for the never-ending inquiry?
What have thousands of hours of testimony proven?

They can't even find a misdemeanor.

Not only have they failed to produce a smoking gun,
D'Amato can't produce a fucking butter knife.

Can I say one thing about the minimum wage?
A majority of economists say the minimum wage would
have to go to $6.00 before any significant
layoffs would occur. Many fast food places are
starting warm bodies at $5.50 or higher.
This makes Lardbutt's rants pointless, right?

Does it strike anybody as ironic that FatAss whines
about how high his taxes are when he's making
$25,000,000 per year, but he'll put all his energy
against a mother of 3 working in a bowling alley?
Am I the only one that thought of this?
He's getting PAID by the whine!!!

He wants to explain to her why she doesn't deserve
at least a poverty-level salary for her 60 hour week.

And his sheep lap up every drop.

Media Violence

If I see a John Wayne movie,
am I likely to kill a Japanese person?

If I watch a history of World War II,
am I likely to execute a Jew?

If I watch Rawhide,
will I kill the next Native American I see?

If I watch a Swartzenegger movie,
will I kill 20 cops?

Let's draw a line here.

If Al Gore says "the combustion engine may be our biggest
environmental problem," would that make the Unabomber kill?

When Reagan and Rush say GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!!!!
and again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again and again and again

and Liddy screams "HEADSHOTS FOR FEDERAL AGENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
again and again and again and again and again and again and
again and again and again and again and again and again and
again and again and again and again and again and again and
again and again and again and again and again and again and
again and again and...... eventually .... the conservative,
religion-impaired extremist finally snaps and gets his gun
and "fixes" the problem.

I have a question:

If a black guy is accused of robbing a liquor store,
the GOP says "Liberal judges are TOO EASY on crime"
if the judge finds the evidence was tainted.

But if Randy Weaver or David Koresh or the Freemen
of Montana murder government workers the GOP says
"the evil federal government is taking away our rights."

Could the GOP please make up their minds?

Give Rush credit

Hey, Rush might be a lying nazi whore bastard,
but you gotta give him credit for trying.
Clinton is ahead by 20 points and the Lyin' King
knows Dole has no chance in the '96 election.

This is GREAT news for Rush. Trust me, NOBODY wants
to hear: "Let's help the blacks and the poor,"
It's just not entertaining.

But "Hillary murdered Vince Foster" is SO MUCH more
entertaining, even if everybody knows he's lying.
AM radio has nothing BUT Rush Limba.

I've heard it all, the swap-junk shows, sports talk,
the "I need help" shows, the "my car's broke" shows,
Jesus, ANYTHING is preferrable to daytime AM radio.
I know Rush is a lying, nazi whore but I listen to
him every chance I get. He's entertaining!

I want Rush to continue to broadcast.
I think the KKK should have a daily show, too.
I think the David Duke show should be between Liddy
and Ollie North. I think the more information the
thinking American has, the better the Democrats look.

Again, if I EVER hear a conservative successfully
defend himself, I just might turn dittohead.
How big a reward would I need to offer
to get a conservative to ask a question I can't answer,
or answer a direct question I put to them?

As the Giver of Shade would say... "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???"

"If you had to leave your child for a year,
and your only choices for babysitter were
Dole or Clinton, who would you pick?"

Me? I'd pick Dole.
That way, old Bob Dole could lay down next to my kid
and take a nap and maybe play scrabble or parchisi.

That darn Clinton would be so busy lowering the deficit,
giving democracy to Haiti, causing peace in Ireland,
Saving lives in Bosnia, revving up the economy and
stopping crime. He'd have no time to nap with the kids!

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