Senator Straddle
Issue #19

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

Reporter: Senator Straddle, Senator Straddle!
Is the gas tax an important issue?
Bob Dole: It's not a big issue, but it's one
that some people seem to understand."

C'mon, GOP. Get a serious candidate, would you?

Have you heard the one about the NRA getting the wacko
freshmen to include a $76,000,000 gun giveaway?
They tacked it on the end of a defense bill.
And guess who's getting the millions of guns?

I thought America was broke.
Why are we pushing loaded guns on the BOY SCOUTS?
Do they have an Uzi badge these days?

Does the NRA own too many freshmen?

Scene from inside the Freemen House in Montana:

Ten year old boy: Mom, can I have a BB gun?
His mother backhands him across the face and barks,
"I told you! NO TOY GUNS!"

Screw 'em

Remember how fiercely old Bob Dole fought against
the Family Leave Law? Just like you'd figure, Dole
said "business will collapse" and "yadda-yadda-yadda"
about how bad the sky was falling.

The bipartisn Commission on Family and Medical Leave
found that over 90% of employers reported little or
no increase in benefits, hiring or other costs.
Up to 86% of employers said there wasn't a
noticeable effect on productivity.
Clinton knew the plan would work. Why didn't the GOP?
Or did they know, and not care?
They keep claiming to be pro-family, but every time,
they have a reason why they can't do the right thing.

Is that why Newt's numbers are in the 20's?
Is that why Dole is behind 21 points?
Because they just don't care?

Monday, May 6th, Rush repeated his Friday, May 3rd show.

It wasn't that good.

Ha ha ha,

Nine weeks ago, the Whitewater prosecutor promised the
jury they'd show evidence linking Bill Clinton with a
bunch of tainted money from McDougle's Savings & Loan.
The prosecution rested Friday.

Can anyone tell me what the link was?

Can you believe it?
They came allllll this way, NOT to get McDougle,
because he's already been acquitted of these charges.
This was a get-Clinton job from the start,
and they end it by not offering even a charge
of wrong-doing against the President?

Can you tell me what the link was?

What was the point?
Did the dog eat their evidence?

If they weren't even going to make a charge,
why are they there in the first place?
Does anyone think there's a chance they'll convict?

Can you tell me what the link was?

After they find everybody "not guilty,"
and after Clinton wins in November,
can we get down to running the country?
Or should we resign ourselves to another four years
of endless Whitewater hearings?

I know. When we get through with Whitewater,
we can investigate Mena, where Jerry Falwell says
Gov. Clinton made $100,000,000 per month.

The great GOP quotes keep coming:
From Rush, May 6, 1996

"If I had to lie, I couldn't do it."

Wrong, Rush.

Rush keeps saying "Washington doesn't understand
this isn't their money that they're spending.
That money is OUR money. Get your hands off of it."
Sorry, Rush. You're wrong again.

What America did from 1981 until 1993 was sit at
the dinner table and order more and more food.
Now that the waiter has showed up, we can't say,
"This is MY money, Mister."
We SPENT the money. The money is gone!

Clinton's current budget would have a surplus IF NOT for
the interest owed on the Reagan/Bush debt. If you disagree
with the facts, your only choice is to claim the democrats
spent that money, but that would mean the democrats broke
Russia's back, and we can't have that, can we?

Did Jim Wright and Tip O'Neil tear down the Berlin Wall?

Did Rosty and Tom Foley slay the Dreaded Hun?

Somebody, tell me who, broke Russia's back by
taking America to the edge of bankruptcy.

Was it Reagan/Bush or the liberal democrats?


First Spam

Is that what the kids call it? Getting "spammed?"

Some Rush fan send me 140 e-mail messages.
Is that effective?
I admit, it took about 90 seconds to delete them.
Is a 90 second spam considered painful?

Who do we want to baby-sit our kids?
Old Bob Dole.

Who do we want to run our country?
President Bill Clinton.

Who killed William Colby?
Let's look at this like Rush would.

Hillary, of course, murdered Bill Colby.
Jesus, the evidence is so clear.

Hillary killed Bill Colby and the FBI and CIA
and Maryland Department of Natural Resources all
combined to cover this up. Ladies and gentlemen
THIS is why we need old Bob Dole in the White House,
to stop this Clintonian murder-spree that plagues us.
My sources tell me Hillary and Colby were "close".

We need ANOTHER special prosecutor.
We need another round of hearings in the House & Senate.

-They searched for Colby's body for 11 days.
Then, mysteriously, it just appears like magic?
I don't think so.
The Clinton's and their willing accomplices in the
media have done it again. I received a special
report that Hillary waited until Sunday night to
borrow a friend's white Bronco to dump the body.

-Initial reports said Colby was found with a green
shirt and red pants. Yet, when police arrived,
he was wearing a red shirt and green pants.
Coincidence? The Turnpike of Truth doesn't think so.
Well-placed sources say Hillary owns a red shirt.

WHERE IS THE MEDIA??????????????????????

-Colby was at CIA during Watergate.
Hillary was a junior staffer to a Watergate counsel.
It's so obvious.
How blind can you people be?

-Colby's body was found with blonde hairs, although
lab tests prove the blonde hair wasn't Hillary's.
JUST LIKE Vince Foster.
Still not convinced?
I hear Colby was found with his zipper open!

You people must have the COURAGE to accept the truth.
Don't worry, I'm here to guide you.
Through murkiness, tumult and despair.
I, America's Truth Detector, will explain it to you.

Hillary killed William Colby.
I stake my credibility on it.
Rush Limba,
The Lying, Nazi Whore

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