The Missing Dollar
Issue #20

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

Dick Armey on "Meet The Press."

"Every penny of the gas tax equals $1,000,000,000 in revenues towards the debt.
If we cut the gas tax 4.3 cents, we'll lose $30,000,000,000 in 6 years.
We have to make that up somewhere, I suggest we take it out of education."

Cut education?
That's the GOP plan for the future?

Remember what Clinton said:
Cut what needs to be cut, but don't touch Medicare,
Medicade, education or the environment.
That seems fair.

Cut education?
Dick wants stupid Americans to compete with the smartest
Japanese and the smartest Germans in the 21st century?

"Education pork?"

Republicans don't WANT to win this election.

Farrakhan says his ancestors were Jews.
Holy Cow!

What's next?
Rush's ancestors were decent human beings?

Rush, Newt and Clarence Thomas were looking for a cheap
motel room with a single bed in Slidell, Louisiana.
Newt said it was Rush's turn to pay, so Limba waddled up
to the front desk. The manager trainee said the room
cost $30. Rush gave the clerk a twenty and a ten.

When the manager got back, and found out his idol was in
his hotel, he decided to give him a discount. He saw Rush
at the snack machine and said "Mr. Limbaugh, I'm a fan.
You get the corporate rate, so here's $5 back."

Rush saw a chance to make a profit on his two...friends.
When Rush got back to the room, he told Newt and Clarence
that there'd been a mistake in the billing, that the room
was only $27, and gave them back a dollar each.

This left Rush with a two dollar profit.

But, if Rush, Newt and Clarence only "invested" $9 each,
for a total of twenty seven dollars, and Rush stole

(The answer in RL-LNW Volume 21)

Jeannie Williams of USA Today reports the Limba
marriage is in some trouble. And the New York Post
reported Rush has his eye on another woman.

Marge Schott


What's wrong with a little political correctness?
Example: In the old days, Rush was a "fucking retard."
Now, we say he's "mentally deficient."

See? It's better this way.

Newt's cranial-sphincter inversion has flared up again.

Tuesday, he said: "The only reason the GOP is down in
the polls is because of the media conspiracy."

When Clinton's poll numbers were low, Newt said it was
because "America is smarter, due to C-Span and talk radio."

Nootie, America got stupid again?

If Rush is not a nazi,
why did he start "the wave" at Schindler's List?

Fifty years ago, black soldiers were denied war medals
because they were black. Even the ones that died, or lost
arms, legs and eyes fighting for America, just like old
Bob Dole, were denied the recognition they deserved.
America is living with that shame now.

Fifty years from now, the GOP will look back at their
assault on gays and be ashamed of that, too.

Right now, the GOP is very proud of their bigotry.


Well, I laughed.
I cried.
It was a moving experience.
Your newsletter was beyond description and more.
It was the be-all and end-all of Rush flames.
I hope your mailbox is asbestos-lined.
Flames will be throwed your way.
The Limbaughtomized dittleheads will be hot.
So hey, sign me up for the newsletter.

These newletters are a riot!!! Thank God people like
you take the time to research and write about these
A-hole republicans. Please keep me on your mail list.



Some bonehead was just on CNN whining about
the "liberal" Supreme Court.

Excuse me?
Seven of the nine were appointed by Republicans.
Now we're mad at Republicans for appointing liberals?

Just a reminder:
Any asshole can put on a black robe and say
"Guilty, No chance of parole," and be done with it.
The reason they're called "judges" is because they judge.

If a judge ever says "not guilty," the GOP thinks they're
"too liberal," unless, of course, the crime was committed
by a white reclusive group with hundreds of guns.

Then, it's the "jack-booted thugs" of government.

I see the Coat-Hanger Coalition has offered a $25,000 reward
for information leading to the arrest of the arsonists that
are burning churches in the south. They've called for
Congressional hearings in these bombings.
Does anyone believe this?

Hearings that aren't designed to get Clinton?
I must've heard wrong.

In New York, Govenor Pataki accused a judge of not having
sympathy for a woman repeatedly beaten by her husband.
The judge ordered the woman to fucking jail because she
was overcome with fear and emotion while testifying about
the beatings with her husband watching her and she ran
out of the courtroom.

I'm confused.

Why would a Republican show compassion to a woman
that was beaten by her husband?

Oh, I forgot.
This is an election year.

Reporter: Senator Dole, have you lived your
entire life in Washington DC?

Old Bob Dole: Not yet!

Today's Quote is from Bill Bennett:

"The Dole campaign is incoherent and likely to lose."

Another great quote, this from Newt:
"I believe DEEPLY in preserving the environment."

Why would....Oh, yeah, it's an election year.

Here's a good one:

After the Whitewater prosecutors rested their pitiful case,
they said "We hope the jury will look at the evidence and
get the same inference we did."

What does THAT mean?

There was a time when a prosecutor attempted to prove guilt
"beyond a reasonable doubt."

With Clinton, they want to "infer" guilt?

Did Joe Esterhaus write this script?

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