Clinton is LYING!
Issue #23

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

Overheard recently in New York:

"Hi, I'm Haley Barbor, chairman of the Republican Party."
"Oh.....I'm sorry. I didn't know. I'm so sorry."

A question you won't hear from the GOP this year:
Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Butch brought America war and recession.
Clinton brought America peace and prosperity.

No Contest.

That Senator D'Amato is a real riot.
He's a VERY busy man.
He reminds me of a 4 year-old with a hammer.

Give a hammer to a 4 year-old and you'd be
surprised how many things "need" to be hammered.

If America is broke,
why are we still subsidizing tobacco?

Let's add 'em up:

Carter: Honest, lusty, Eqypt/Israel peace accord,
no secret deals with kidnappers, peace

Teddy K: Drinker, bad driver, lusty, compassionate

Clinton: Smart, lusty, peacemaker, economy-builder,
miracle-worker, Republican-slayer, 2-termer

Nixon: Liar, cheat, felon, pardon, disgrace

Reagan: Idiot, traitor, p-whipped, recession, war,
hostage-enabler, unaware, smiled a lot

Butch: Smart, traitor, felon, pardon, Willie Horton,
Long-Dong Silver, war, recession, Quayle, liar

Quayle: Idiot, bonehead, airhead, dork, 6th grader

Newt: McVeigh, traitor, crook, cocky, deadbeat dad,
sue dying wife, orphanages, Susan Smith user

Dole: old, tired, handled, scared, decent, indecisive

Helms: Older-than-Dole, cranky, bigot, bastard,
leads culture war against hates blacks, gays

Democrats are one Chappaquiddick away from perfect.

Great Quotes:

"Martin Luther King was an evil, immoral demagogue."
-Pat Buchanan

Back to the honorable Fonse D'Amato:

"We have a guy (Buchanan) running around who wants to
exclude this one, exclude that one, the other one,
who beats up on women, beats up on gays, beats up
on immigrants" etc.

Excuse me, Mr. D'Amato, but you have a PARTY that
excludes this one, that one, the other one, blacks,
gays women, the poor, the immigrants etc etc.

Do you know which party you're in?

Dole Loses MTV Debate

Soren: What's your position on abortion?

Dole: Abortion, it's a tough call.
(Tabitha looks at him, hoping for an answer.)

Soren: Is it OK to have an abortion for rape and incest?

Dole: Yes, it's OK for rape and incest.

Soren: What about a late-term abortion for rape & incest?

Dole: That's a tough call.

Soren: ...and?

Dole: Like I said, that's a tough call.

Soren: I know. That's why I asked. Would you allow
late-term abortions for rape and incest?

Eventually, Dole said "No," but didn't elaborate on what the
last "acceptable" date would be. Typical GOP dodge.

Soren: Oliver Stone's 'Natural Born Killers' got a "No" vote
from you. Did you see the movie?
Dole: I saw about 5 minutes of it. It was bloody.

Soren: 'True Lies, the Arnold Schwartnzenegger movie got a
'Family-Friendly' thumbs up from you. Did you see it?
Dole: I saw a few minutes of it.

Soren: And you didn't think IT was bloody?

Dole: Oh, yes, it was. It was terrible, very bloody.

Soren: So why give it a pass and slam Oliver Stone's movie?
It is because Schwartzenegger is a Republican?

Dole: That's what some people say, because Arnold's a big
GOP fund-raiser, but I've only met him twice.

THIS is a defense? "That's what some people say?"
Poor Bob Dole. I hope he gets through this election
with his dignity intact.

Speaking of a lack-of-dignity, remember when Butch was so
frustrated at Clinton, he said "My dog Millie knows more
about foreign policy than those 2 bozo's!!"

Why would Butch say he was getting his ass kicked
by a guy who was dumber than his dog?

If Dole can't outwit Tabitha Soren,
how will he do against North Korea?
How will he handle Libya, or Iraq?

Hell, how will he handle Clinton?

Soren: What about gays in the military?
Dole: Serving in the military is a privilege, NOT a right.

That's why GOP hates BC?
For not exercising his privilege?

What if, someday, they do Dole's life story in a movie.
You know Dole will want them to spend the first hour on
how he lost his arm, but wouldn't that be awfully bloody?

Wouldn't Bob Dole's life story be rated R?

I just saw the Limbaugh Letter for the first time.
I heard it was really lame, but now it's official.
It's really lame.

It's nothing but a 12-page collection of the previous
month's rants. I read through it quickly, but every
article I saw was just a transcript of a monolog
he's read on the air. He doesn't even TRY to deliver.
People pay money for this crap? Seriously?

Why would anybody buy what they've already heard?
How does Rush sell that crap?
Does anybody ever sign up for a second year?
I'll bet Limba offers the second year for 80% off.

Rush might spend an hour a month on his newsletter.
I must say I feel a LOT better about RL-LNW.

Overheard at the a Washington Fundraiser:

"Hi, I'm Haley Barbor, chairman of the Republican Party."

"Don't come to ME with your damn problems.."

From the McLaughling Group, Fred Barnes:

"What Dole needs is a BIG issue, like gay marriages.."

Why does the GOP think this way?
When they go looking for votes, they assemble a list of
tax-paying American minorities that need to be screwed?

What's WRONG with them?

Poison Pills

The GOP keeps whining about the vetoes they're getting
from Clinton. What they're doing is getting a really
nice, rich piece of chocolate cake, dousing it with
extra-spicy mustard, and offering it to the President.

When Clinton refuses their garbage,
they say "Clinton doesn't like chocolate cake."

May 13, Rush said:

"I dated a member of the NOW gang, years ago when I
worked for the Royals in Kansas City. I did evything
she wanted. I even bought her a book about rape,
and THAT did no good. Nothing made her happy."

In Tehran, leftist Abdul Sorush needed 300 riot police
to save him from a crowd of religious fundamentalists.
His crime?
Suggesting the separation of church and state.

Looks like the religio-wackos there are a lot like
the religio-wackos we have here.

May 13, Rush said this, swear to God:

"Clinton is stealing all our programs.
He and Newt are saying the exact same things,

Overheard recently in Los Angeles:

"Hi, I'm Haley Barbor, chairman of the Republican Party."

"You poor bastard. Can I buy you a drink?"

The new CNN/USA Today poll says 53% of REPUBLICANS
say the abortion plank in the GOP platform should go.

Gov Wilson of california,

Gov Whitman of New Jersey,

Gov Pataki of New York,

Gov Weld of Massachusetts are going to try to drag the
GOP kicking-and-screaming into the 20th Century at the
convention in San Diego. Bob Dole wouldn't mind. He has
no opinions on anything, but Ralph Reed and Pat Buchanan
will spontaneously combust, LIVE on television.

As public opinion evolves, will the GOP evolve with it
or will the Republican Party become extinct?

Charles Davidson, a congressional candidate in Alabama
has dropped out of the race amid criticism over his
defense of slavery in the Old South.

Defending slavery?

Gee, I wonder which party he belongs to?

This, from George Will:

Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan have been called
"liabilities" by Dole co-chair Al D'Amato.
Talk about being called "ugly" by a frog.

After Dole tells the frog and the others to stop
fighting, he should tell them to stop whining about
Dole's awkwardness and Clinton's nimbleness.

Lastly..... this from Tipper Gore

"I'm hearing a lot of talk about Gore in 2000.
I want to say right now, for the record, that
I am NOT a candidate for President in the year 2000."

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