Hi, I'm Haley Barbour, Chairman of the Republican Party.
Issue #24

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

"Hi, I'm Haley Barbour, Chairman of the Republican Party."

"Is there anything I can do? .....call someone?

Morning briefing of the Clinton inner-circle.

The President looks out the window at the morning sunrise.

BC: Will you look at that?
Blue sky, as far as the eye can see.

OK, Let's go around the table.
How are we doing with our ads?

Panetta: Great, Sir. Your numbers are jumping
everywhere we're running the ads.
It's a stealth campaign - mostly heartland buys.
We're still flying under the radar
of the eastern news media. Nobody knows
we're out there, except the public.

BC: And the Republicans, George?

Steph: Actually, Sir, they've been a big help.
The GOP seems to have spent the last year defining
itself as the party of assault weapons, tobacco,
pollution, Medicare cuts and government shutdowns.

BC: And what about Dole? James, now that your wife's
working for him, any chance we'll be getting any
inside information on Dole's campaign?

Carville: Well, she says absolutely not, but the woman's
got a mouth on her, so probably....

BC: OK, then.
Sounds like a lock, right?

Carville: Your's to blow, Sir.

from GBT

Right now, Rush is on TV attacking D'Amato for lying
about what Dick Armey said!!

D'Amato is a lying, whore, sure,
but he's Dole's CAMPAIGN chairman.

Why is the Rotund Porker attacking Dole????

Caught LYING again

May 13, Rush said they caught a guy at the border
with 140 pounds of marijuana and let him go
because it costs too much to keep him.

That night, on TV, it turned into 158 pounds of COCAINE.
Doesn't he know his radio audience watches TV?
Or does Rush think they're too stupid to remember?

Ollie North, the Master, said:
"When lying, always tell the same lie."

Bob Dole hired Josh Gilder and Clark Judge to write
speeches so Bob Dole knows what he stands for.
We heard their first words May 3:

"Bob Dole will return integrity to government.."

"Bob Dole will restore the vigor of the economy..."

"Bob Dole will restore an instinct for decency..."

Notice how that's all abstract bullshit.

Dole can't attack Clinton on cold, hard numbers.

He can't attack him on the crime rate.

He can't attack him on the unemployment rate.

He can't attack him on interest rates.

He acn't attack him on Wall Street numbers.

He can't attack him on the number of American war dead.

He can't attack him on ANYTHING that can be measured.

Why can't he attack Clinton on something that can be measured?

Because when you measure Clinton, he gets an "A+" rating.
So Bob Dole whines about "integrity, vigor and decency."

Poor Bob Dole.
I hope he gets through this with his integrity intact.

Susan Thomases called back to testify for fourth time.

I don't care if D'Amato calls Clinton's staff back 600 times.
He's not going to find anything.
Aren't you GOP types embarrassed by this?

If you tried very hard, maybe you could get Jethro Bodean,
Double-naut spy to go undercover and find a crime.

I've never seen a sloppy fishing expedition
that was this embarrassing. Can you name one?

C'Mon, GOP. Al D'Amato?
Looking for corruption?
Would you hire Mike Tyson to investigate sexual harrassment?

Right now, Fatboy's on TV whining about how empty
Clinton's threats are against the gangs of America.

That reminds me of Reagan saying
"To the terrorists that murdered our 240 Marines,
let me tell you, you can run, but you can't hide."
There was no reason for Hezbollah to hide from Reagan.

Ollie North had their home address.

Ollie North was shipping them planeloads of weapons.
Reagan and North ARMED those terrorists.
Reagan lied.

If they find that Clinton secretly gave 2 planeloads
of Uzi's to the Cripps and the Bloods, I'll be the first
to demand his impeachment. Everybody with me?

How does a liar like Rush get off ridiculing Clinton,
when Reagan used even harsher words for his
Islamic Jihad cohorts that murdered 240 Marines?

Partisan politics is one thing.
Arming Islamic Jihad, REWARDING them for killing our
Marines is beyond forgiveness.

To this day, I've NEVER heard a Republican say
"It was wrong to arm terrorists."

Rush says Jennifer Flowers was in "Oh, Calcutta."
Paula Jones spread her legs for "Penthouse."

Why can't the GOP find an attack doggette
that can keep her clothes on?

And why is the religious right throwing money
at every whore with an unsubstantiated story?

The NRA fired their Director of Operations.
They fired their Cheif of Staff, too.
They also fired their Deputy Executive Director.

Does anyone know if the McVeigh wing of the NRA
just got weaker or stronger?

It's got to be one of the two...

Old Bob Dole announed his retirement.
He said he'll be leaving politics November 5.

Trent Lott said Dole "wept like a woman" just prior to
the press conference. Dole knows he's going to lose.
And losing's not even the hardest part.
The hardest part is losing a 6-month contest with
hundreds of millions of people watching it.

Old Bob Dole said he was resigning so he could devote
his "full attention" to whining about his arm.
He promised to give "100% every minute, because the
America people deserved no less," then said he'd wait
30 days before starting.
What a nut.
He said "When I become President, I swear I won't change."
C'Mon, Bob. At least try.....

Dole, like his campaign jet, can't get off the ground.
The FAA grounded his jet because the idiot flight crew
didn't know where the fire extinguishers were located.
are the fire extinguishers!!!

Two odd things happened at the press conference.
First, Newt predicted victory for Dole, then asked if
anyone knew a tailor that could effectively hide a
pointed tail and cloven hoofs in a tuxedo.

Then, Dole announced his running mate: Marge Schott.
Hey, it makes sense.
Marge Schott has the money old Bob Dole needs, now that
his funds have dried up. Plus, Marge can be his laison
to those wacky Republican Freshmen. She speaks German.

The biggest obstacle for Dole: When Newt mounts
the blacks and the poor, America wants Clinton there
to squirt him with a garden hose.

Great quotes by Limba:

May 14 "I can't believe the angry, mean-spirited
mail I've been getting from fellow conservatives."

Old Bob Dole announced his campaign theme:
"Pump Up the Valium."

You've heard about that 17 year old Make-a-Wish kid?
He wants to kill a Kodiak bear before he dies.
Well, he's changed his mind.
He wants to stomp puppies, instead.

Rush kicked in $500.

All day Tuesday and Wednesday, Rush has been whining
about Clinton's 100,000 cops, and what a dirty trick
it was for Clinton to fund only PART of the cost.
I propose the following:

Every subscriber to RL-LNW buys a new car.
I'll fund it.

First year, I'll pay 100% of your payments.

Second year, I'll pay 75%.

Third year, I'll pay 50%.

Fourth year, I'll pay 25%.

Now, am I a nice guy?
Or are you going to bitch and whine?

Ha Ha Ha

Haley Barbour on Larry King Wed night-
"Bob Dole has always answered when America called."

America called him?
Old Bob Dole spent $20,000,000 slurring fellow-Republicans
with attack ads, lying push-polls and personal slurs.

Dole's pretending he doesn't WANT this job,
that he's "just answering the call."

What a crock of shit.

There's more smoke & mirrors here than
a tire fire in a whorehouse.

Thursday, the 16th, old Bob Dole got official permission
from the Election Commission to start racking up those
frequent liar miles.

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