BartCop Interviews Rush
Issue #36

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

Marge Schott has done it again.

After her suspension, baseball owners
expected her to tone down the stupid remarks.
Yesterday, at her ball park, she said:

"Newt was OK in the beginning,
but then he went too far."

Bob Dole's doing impressions.
He did a great impression of Moses.

Two weeks ago, he talked about abortion
and parted the GOP.

Southern Baptists are angry with Disney
for paying for gay people's health care.

Deny gays health care?
Is that what Christ would've done?

No, Christ would be nice.
Why do they have a problem with gay relationships?

They accepted Beauty and the Beast, for Christ's sake.

The following is a true story.
At Ollie North's nominating caucus, or whatever it
was called back in 1994, swear to God, at least one
vendor was selling t-shirts to the faithful.

The t-shirt had a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald.
The shirt read:

"Where's Lee Harvey Oswald When We Need Him?"

This is a true story.

Can I get a "FUCK YOU" for the GOP?
Thank You.

When some NRA religio-wacko takes a shot at Clinton,
the GOP/makers of that shirt will say
"Oh, sure. Blame us. like it's OUR fault."

Yes, you bastards. It's your fault.

I just heard what he said....

When Bob Dole was making his stupid remarks about
how healthy cigarettes are for kids, he said:

"Some people say cigarettes are bad for you.
Well, some people say milk is bad for you, too."

Can you believe Senator Straddle?
Equating milk and cigarettes?

Goodbye to those babysitting jobs, Bob.

The Immigration Appeals Board finally decided to
allow that Togo woman to stay in America.
She asked for asylum because back home they were
going to mutilate her clitoris, probably another
wacko-religious thing.

The dumb-ass bureaucrats took a lot of time to make
their decision. Now, if the applicant was male and
running from forced castration, the assholes
would've had no problem letting him stay.
Why to men take women's problems so lightly?

It's like abortion.
If men had to deal with unwanted pregnancies,
abortion would be a sacrament.

Why can't men at least PRETEND women are equals?

New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman threw away
her chance at being on Bob Dole's ticket when she
declared her support for gay partners to share such
benefits as health insurance, the very thing the
wacky Christians are pissed at Disney about.

Goodbye, Christie.

If you see the photo of Clarence Thomas in whiteface,
with a dunce cap on, wearing the sign that says
"Don't be like me when you grow up,"
could you please forward me a copy?

I'll pay the postage.

Big abortion fight brewing in Texas.
The Coathanger Coalition wants Kay Bailey Hutchifelon
off the Texas delegation! Can you believe that?
They won't let a GOP Senator represent them in San Diego!
They call her "The Abortion Crusader!"

Then, in a surprise move, Phil Gramm says
"If Kay doesn't go, I don't go!"

Phil Gramm drawing a line in the sand against
the wackos at the Coathanger Coalition?
For the first time, I respect Gramm a little.

I'm going to buy that capitalist satellite if I have to.
I can't miss a minute of this upcoming convention.

Have you heard Al Franken and Arianna Huffington will
report live from the GOP convention IN BED!
Pictures of them in bed were in Thursday's USA Today.


The faint-at-heart will want to skip this section.
Trust me.
I plan to be very very, mean to make a point.
Seriously, this is the last section of volume 36.
If you stop now, you'll miss nothing but the bad part.
So if you read past this point,
don't come whining to me later about it.

- - - -

One of Fatboy's newsletters [the cheap-ass repeats
and rehashes his staff puts together and SELLS to
Rush's faithful] had the following:

"My Conversation With Hillary Clinton" by Rush Limba.

It was very cute. Rush went thru legitimate Hillary
interviews and cut-and-pasted her answers onto
questions the lying, nazi whore made up,
knowing the answers in advance. It went like this:

HRC: There is this undercurrent of discontent.

Rush: Define "discontent."

HRC: The sense that somehow economic growth and prosperity,
political democracy and freedom weren't enough.

Rush: You mean the conclusion most of us arrive at when
we're 16 or 17 years old, that there's more to life
than money and politics?

HRC: That we lack some core level meaning in our
individual lives and meaning collectively...

Rush: Would you like a tissue?

You get the idea.
Typical Limba ambush.
He used verbatim HRC quotes, with footnotes.
I shall do the same, for accuracy.

I wonder how the Methane Factory would feel if someone
turned his "really cute idea" back at him?
I do this only to make the point.
Limba is a slimeball.
I didn't enjoy writing this.

- - - -

The Editor of RL-LNW got to speak to The Man recently.
This is an actual verbatim transcript from that meeting.

RL-LNW: Thanks for agreeing to talk to me. You've got
a lot of balls showing up for this interview,
considering the beating you're going to take.

Rush: Yes, and I hardly ever give interviews.
(Time magazine, 1/23/95)

RL-LNW: You look a lot fatter in person, but I agree
it was a good idea to shave the square mustache.

Rush: Thank you, so much.
(See, I Told You So -Acknowledgments)

RL=LNW: When was the last time you had sex with
Clarence Thomas or Bob Dornan?

Rush: Laughs
(Playboy Interview 12/93)

RL-LNW: Seriously, have you commited sodomy with them?

Rush: Yes.
(The Way Things Ought to Be, pg 315)

RL-LNW: Let me guess. Clarence is your regular bitch,
and you use Dornan while court is in session?

Rush: Yes.
(TWTOB, pg 315)

RL-LNW: So it's true - you've had anal and oral sex
with Bob Dornan and Clarence Thomas?

Rush: Thank you, so much.
(See, I Told You So -Acknowledgments)

Rl-LNW: Let me guess: You pitch and Dornan catches.

Rush: Yes.
(TWTOB pg 315)

RL-LNW: But something tells me with Clarence,
you do the catching, am I right?

Rush: Yes.
(TWTOB pg 315)

RL-LNW: Jesus, you're being so open about your gayness.
I heard a rumor. I heard back in college, you let
so many men mount you, you have a fucking
stripe up your back.

Rush: There's not one stripe, not ONE!!
(Radio show 6/12/95)

RL-LNW: I've heard you've had sex with almost every one
of the 73 GOP freshman. Can you confirm this?

Rush: That's not yet true, but it's inevitable.
(Heritage Foundation Policy Review, Fall 94, pg 7)

RL-LNW: So you're gay. You regularly have sex with men,
yet you fight against gay rights on your programs.
Some people would call that a "Clarence Thomas."
Are they correct?

Rush: Yes.
(TWTOB pg 315)

RL-LNW: I've also heard you send your limo to pick up
minority male teens off street corners for sex.
How many strange young men have you had?

Rush: More than 600.
(See, I Told You So, pg 2.)

RL-LNW: And you're not afraid of AIDS?

Rush: Let's talk about condoms.
(Heritage Foundation Review, Fall 94, pg 8)

RL-LNW: Let's get off this whole Rush-naked thing.
My stomach is acting up.
This is my interview, I'll pick the topics.
Christ, you're one pushy bastard, you know that?

Rush: Yes.
(TWTOB pg 315)

RL-LNW: Is it true you were once a lazy-ass leech
that was sucking the government teat in the form
of unemployment benefits?

Rush: I was without income once when I was married.
My wife made me go file for unemployment.
It was the most gut-wrenching thing I ever did.
(Radio show 5/10/95)

RL-LNW: Jesus, when YOU have a gut-wrencher,
It must be a mother-fucker.

Rush: Yes.
(TWTOB page 315)

RL-LNW: The mighty Rush Limba, begging the government
for a handout, claiming he can't make it without
government help, not pulling the wagon, but riding
in it with the welfare women and children.
You disgusting prick!

How DARE you crusade against the poor and the sick
when your fat, healthy ass was too lazy to work?
Are you the King Shit of all America?
How can you defend yourself, you pious asshole?

Rush: I had expenses I couldn't meet.
My Mastercard bill was due.
(Radio show, 5/10/95)

RL-LNW: THAT makes it OK? You had bills?
Everyone has bills, but you turned whore.
You disgust me.
I think you're a pig and a dog.
You owe millions of honest Americans an apology.

Rush: Yes.
(TWTOB pg 315)

RL-LNW: You've got to be the biggest shit-hypocrite
of all time, taking $25,000,000 a year to scream
at poor people who don't have your talent of lying
and twisting the truth in an entertaining way.
You took and took and never gave back.
And now you slur honest welfare recipients?
You're shit, Limba, you know that?
Pure shit!

Rush: I had a cash-flow problem!! Grocery stores didn't
take credit cards back then. For a couple of years,
I ate at snack-food joints that took credit cards.
I lived on junk food, potato chips and so forth...
(Radio show 5/10/95)

RL-LNW: I think I'm going to be sick.
Try to ease up on the really gross stuff, OK?
Do you have anything to confess that doesn't
involve junk food or sex with teen boys?

Rush: I wasn't able to afford the upkeep on my home.
A friend had 2 sons who mowed my lawn,
otherwise I would've had a yard full of weeds.
(Radio show 5/10/95)

RL-LNW: You bastard. Too lazy to mow the fucking lawn?
You're a dick, pure and simple.
Let's get past this part of the interview, OK?
Anything else about your lazy ass we should know?

Rush: I never fixed the roof, or painted or anything.
Eventually, I sold the house for a loss.
It turned into a ramshackle old shack.
(Radio show 5/10/95)

RL-LNW: You sold your home at a loss?
Big shocker there, Limba.
Mr. "Free Market" lost money selling a turd?
It's called pride of ownership, but then, a whore
doesn't have any pride, right?

Rush: Yes.
(TWTOB pg 315)

RL-LNW: My stomach is churning again.
Your tales of gay sex, laziness, stupidity and
self-serving hypocritical conceit have me ready
to puke as I stand here.
Tell you what, just to be fair, how about a
closing comment on that 30-point gender gap that
seems to be haunting Republicans.
Is that deserved or is the GOP getting a bad rap?

Rush: We're in bad shape in this country when you can't
look at a couple of huge knockers and notice it.
(TV show 2/2/94)

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