Bob Dole on Larry King
Issue #45

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

If Dole keeps at it, issues of RL-LNW will be $9.95.
There was some sad, unintended humor in the
interview Bob and Elizabitch gave Larry King.

Geez, where to start?

First off, notice how Liddy kept her hand on Dole's
arm to signal him when to shut the hell up?
Every time Larry asked a question, she patted his
arm to let him know that what SHE had to say
eclipsed what the candidate had to say.
I happened again and again.
VHS copies are available.

Bob Dole - the straight man:

"I want ALL 10's in my cabinet!!" he declared.
He then named his 1997 cabinet:

Elle Mcpherson,
Kathy Ireland,
Heather Locklear,
Elizabeth Hurley,
Niki Taylor,
Jennifer Anniston,
Courtney Cox,
Claudia Schiffer,
Teri Hatcher and
Betty Davis.

When told Betty Davis was dead,
Dole said "I knew that."

Then, in a surprise move, Bob Dole told the
Coathanger Coalition they had to "be realistic."

After running to the far right,
Bob Dole is running to the left to get votes.
His legs are in pretty good shape!
If Dole wasn't in Limba's camp,
Rush would call that pandering to win an election.

Then, there was this exchange.

King: If elected, to you promise never to lie to us?

Dole: ...

Dole: ....

Dole: .....

King: Bob?

Dole: ......

King: Bob?

Dole: .......

King: Hello..Bob?

Did you notice she was sharper than him?
Every time Dole got lost, which was often,
Liddy tapped his arm to signal she'd help him.
It happened again and again.
Look at the tape.

Show me a question that Dole answered without help.

Remember the film clip of Nancy covering her mouth,
like a ventriloquist, coaxing Ronnie to say
"We're doing all we can.."
Reagan looked up and said "We're doing all we can..."
Does America need another figurehead president?

Dole shouldn't do interviews without Liddy there to
save him from the tough interviewer, Larry King.
She's his superior. Is there any doubt?
The Ladies reading this know that's true.

They joke about Liddy as VP.

She's more qualified.

She guided Bob.

She cued Bob.

She diverted Bob.

She prompted Bob.

She cut Larry off when he came got close.

Watch the tape.
Watch her right hand.

She CONSTANTLY told Bob what to do.
This is scarier than Nancy at Reyjavik.

Poor Bob can't get ANYTHING right.
"Tobacco killed my brother" he told Larry King.
So, Bob, why take bribes from the Cancer lobby?

Then, he announces that pro-choice Susan Molinari,
will deliver his keynote address in San Diego.
So, Dole has pro-choice Whitman as co-chairman
of the convention, and pro-choice Molinari as his
keynote speaker. Geez, Bob, if you could just figure
out how to dump Henry Hyde, and the Coathanger Coalition
and pick a pro-choice VP, you might appeal to women.
Who's uterus is it, Bob?

Then Bob Dole says "It's better to be the underdog."
Why's that, Bob?
Because you have fewer followers to disappoint?

Larry King asked Bob Dole about his new economic plan.
Dole says, swear to Koresh, "It's not ready yet!!!!!"
The son-of-a-bitch is 73, and he's WORKING on a plan?
"It'll be ready soon....maybe 2 weeks."

He said "We don't have any money for commercials."
Hey, Bob.
I got a thunderbolt for you.
You've got a free HOUR on Larry King!!
A free hour, Bob.
Why not unveil the plan you can't afford to promote?

I have a satellite dish.
I caught some audio of Dole after the show.
The caterer brought some food in.
"Bob Dole wants a diet Coke," he said.
"Bob Dole wants a Hot Dog!"

Someone, maybe a kid serving the food,
asked Dole if he wanted mustard on his Hot Dog.

Bob Dole said:
"Well, I feel that's it's my view that mustard is
certainly one of the options we're looking at.
We're looking at a number of options, actually.
There's lot of condiments... ketchup, for instance.
Some like it, some don't....

That's not up to the federal government to decide.
Those decisions are best made locally ...the states.
Some people talk about relish, relish... is...

Cheese! Lot of cheese lovers in America.....
Perhaps we'll go with mustard, but we haven't made
a final determination on that, haven't decided...
It might come down to a situation where we have some
ketchup and some mustard...we'll know soon..."

Mrs. Dole interrupted and said:

"Bob Dole has always supported mustard on Hot Dogs.
Bob Dole has been, and continues to be pro-mustard.
Mustard has a friend in Bob Dole."

GOP Quotes:

"Do you get the feeling the GOP doesn't nominate their best?
Or do they nominate a man "who's turn" it is?

Limba, July 16

Limba attacks Liddy, North
Calls them "worthless.."

July 16

"Welcome to the Rush Limba program....
the only radio program worth listening to...."

Dole Sex Scandal!

Bob Dole, on Larry King, admitted he's slept with:

-a former Secretary of Labor

-a Washington lobbyist

-a former airline stewardess

-a former Secretary of Transportation

-at least one member of the Reagan cabinet

-at least one member of the Bush cabinet

-and the Chairman of the Red Cross

What's wrong with Limba?
I'm watching his TV show - he keeps talking about
the "Armageddon" the democrats are facing.

Armageddon is being 24 points ahead?
Is that what Armageddon is?
I thought Armageddon was bad.

Remember when Rush used to say "We are winning."
Heard it lately?

Rush lost his TV show last week.

He just announced it to his white-bread crowd.
America's free-market economy won't support him.
You see, Rush forgot one important thing:
Radio and TV are different.
You see, on radio, Rush sounds like a flaming, nazi gasbag.
But on TV, he looks like a mean, vicious gossip-whore.

That's what we'll remember most about Limba TV.
The nightly giggle-fest as he played the videotape
of Clinton crying at his friend's funeral.

Oh, the fun we had laughing at Clinton.
Play the tape backward!
Play it in slow motion!
Make a funny face, then play it upside down!
Play it frame-by-frame!
Play it until we vomit.
It's OK, it's OK.

Clinton's a democrat.

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