It's Not His Fault
Issue #46

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

"There's no way Stinger missles downed that TWA plane."

Rush is devoting time from every broadcast to claim, again and again and again,
that Stingers couldn't possibly be involved in the crash of TWA 800.
Rush says Stinger missles are "like the ones used against the Russians in Afghanistan."

Gee, Rush... I seem to remember Stingers in the news for some other reason, too.
Now, what was it... Damn's on the tip of my tongue...... was a while back.....

....not too long ago....

....I just can't remem...

THAT'S it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reagan/Bush/North sold Stingers to Islamic Jihad!!!!!
THAT'S why Limba's in a goddamn panic.
How obvious!

(if means "if") a Stinger missle downed that plane,
it might have Ollie North's fingerprints on it.

What will happen IF the FBI can prove Ollie North sold
the terrorists the Stinger that downed TWA 800?
When Islamic Jihad wrote their laundry list in 1984,
Stinger missles were number one.

The Ayatollah BOUGHT planeloads of Stinger missles!!
...from the United States of America, from Ronald Reagan.

Iran, Nation of Terror, BOUGHT Stinger missles!!
...from the United States of America, from Ronald Reagan.

Hezbollah, the people that won the 1980 election
for Ronald Reagan, bought Stinger missles from the USA.
Terror shopped at Reagan's Convenience Store!!!
Where does Terror shop? Call 1-800-OllieNo

Jesus Christ!
What were they thinking?

We should be grateful they didn't ask for
some nukes to go with their order of Stingers!

I wonder how many hundreds, no... I wonder how many
THOUSANDS of Stinger missles fit on a single cargo plane.
Can you imagine the worldwide panic we'll see
if Hezbollah announces they still have 100 Stingers
leftover from the Reagan/Bush/North Bake sale?

Do me a favor...
The next time some GOP buddy of yours calls Clinton
"The most crooked President in history,"
remind him about the two shipments of plane-killers.

Remind him how Reagan and Bush swore they didn't do it.
Remind him how Reagan and Bush lied to cover it up.
Remind him how Bush issued pardons to hide the truth.
Remind him the GOP called it "a work of art."

Then, compare it to Travel-gate.

Rush Quotes

"Those protesters weren't senior citizens.
  They were young thugs disguised as old people."

Bob Dole says "My First Lady won't act like Hillary.
She'll do what Nancy Reagan did."

What would that be?
Get drunk and screw Frank Sinatra?

Bob Dole's handlers won't allow reporters to ask him any questions.

They're afraid he'll answer them.

"Stingers can't even GET three miles off the ground.
 No way in hell a Stinger was involved."

Great Denials...

Rush, did you ever have sex with Bob Dornan?
RL: How absurd. I refuse to dignify that with a response.

Rush, did you ever have sex with Clarence Thomas?
RL: I resent you even asking me that question.

Rush, did you ever have sex with Trent Lott?
RL: No.

Remember, Elizabitch Dole is pro-choice.
Bob Dole married a baby-killer.

FAN mail

Geez, we've been "in business" about 5 months.
We finally received some fan mail:

From: gk 

Subject: Freedom

"You are free, too!
 You cock-face cum-breath dogass slut bitch whore."

RL-LNW salutes America's commitment to free speech.

"Stingers are designed to kill small planes.
The Stinger might not even work on a plane that big."

"Good newsletter.
 It's pretty funny.
 I liked your Top Ten Differences between Rush and Liddy.
 I thought of one you missed:

 Liddy voted for Ronald Reagan.

Christine Whitman

She says she's a Republican but....

She's a defender of Affirmative Action.

As Governor of New Jersey, she proclaimed "Lesbian and Gay Pride Month."

She says abortion is an issue that's best kept "between a woman and her doctor."

Yet, when asked where she fits in with the others in the Republican Party,
 she says "right in the middle." (That's a lie, proving she's a Republican.)

She may be in the middle of American voters,
but she's an ultra-leftist to the Armey/Gingrich GOP.

"Stingers lose power at 9,000 feet. TWA 800 exploded
at 13,000 feet. It's impossible a Stinger caused it."

Great Quotes

"Rush, I agree with you more than I do myself."
-caller to Limba's radio show

"Bob Dole has produced nothing for the GOP but buyer's remorse."
-George Will, frequent RL-LNW contributor

"Bob Dole will soon run out of issues to screw up."
-Robert Bork

"I've taken a vow of silence."
-Bob Dole

"Bob Dole is my best friend."
-Butt-Man, the cigarette character

We've been watching the Olympics.
We at RL-LNW feel honor-bound to accept a Bronze medal.

Fifty years ago, Jesse Owens shined light on the dirty lies of fascism.

When Joe Louis kicked Max Schmelling's ass,
he proved the fascists were lying about their superiority.

In 1996, Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore proudly carries
the torch, aiming digital-light at the lies of fascism.

It's Not His Fault

The big-thinkers at the GOP say "Bob Dole is killing us."

They say "Bob Dole is losing the election for us."

They say "Bob Dole is bad for our image."

They say "Bob Dole is hurting our Revolution."

Let's take a close look:

-Was it Bob Dole who said "We're going to cut welfare
even if we have to put some children in orphanages?"
No, Newt Gingrich was the author of that gem.

-Was it Bob Dole who held hearings for 16 never-ending months
on Whitewater, then was forced to issue a report saying
"We found nothing, but we know they're guilty?"
No, that was Al D'Amato.
Not only did he fail to find a smoking gun,
D"Amato can't produce a fucking butter knife.

-Was it Bob Dole who felt it was so necessary to re-write our
Constitution so it would read "America is a Christian nation?"
No, the 73 religio-wacko GOP freshmen led that fight.

-Was it Bob Dole who said "Liberalism made Susan Smith
roll her two little boys in the lake?"
No, that was Gingrich again.

-Was it Bob Dole who said "Bill Clinton murdered forty
political enemies back in Little Rock?"
No, Bob Dornan and Jerry Falwell said that.

-Was it Bob Dole who said "We'll cut education funding
if we have to. The rich NEED that tax cut."
No, Dick Armey said that on Meet the Press.

-Was it Bob Dole who said "Head shots for federal agents?"
No, G. Gordon Liddy said that on his radio show.

-Was it Bob Dole who said "Hillary murdered Foster?
No, our Lying, Nazi Whore said that.

-Was it Bob Dole who spent the last four years pouring
gasoline on anything the press attached a "-gate" to?
No, Haley Barbour did that.

-Was is Bob Dole who went on Larry King Live and looked
like a complete fucking idiot? Wait, that WAS Bob Dole.

You get my point, though.
If anything, Bob Dole has been the voice of reason in a party of wild, drunken jackals.
For that, they call him "sellout" and "dealmaker."

With all his faults, Bob Dole might be the most decent man in the Republican Party.
It's not Dole's fault the economy is pumping with vitality. It's not Dole's fault
Bill Clinton is the best campaigner of this century.
It's not Dole's fault that he's really, really old.

And it's certainly not Bob Dole's fault that his beloved
Republican Party has been hijacked by Newt Gingrich and
the McVeigh-wing of the GOP.

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