The Dole Campaign Rolls On...
Issue #53

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

At RL-LNW, we get mail.
Boy, do we ever...

This is from a lady....

She's Robert Goulet's daughter in LA.
I debated her for years on Prodigy.
After 4 or 5 years of sparring,
Volume 52 apparently broke the camel's back.
Was Volume 52 a camel back-breaker?

drum roll, please.....


Subject: Re: RL-LNW Volume 52
Convention SPECIAL

You are an asshole and your notes prove it.

You intelligence quotient is the same as you hat size.
If you really want to hear a bleeding-heart liberal sceam,
confront them with the truth.
So be it.
Jealousy is ugly.

You might as well take me off your list because of 60
versions of crap, I delete them begore reading.
Every once in a while I must see how far your dementia
has progressed and I do check it out.

Rush is Right,
Mary Goulet


RL-LNW has always supported free speech.

Great GOP Quotes

"Got a match?"

--Newt Gingrich

Kemp's Iran-Contra Bonuses

Back around Christmas, 1992, right after Butch lost
the election, Kemp gave $100,000 bonuses of YOUR MONEY
to his 40 favorite employees at HUD.
For those using "creation math," that's $40,000,000.

Yes, YOUR MONEY was given away by Supply-Side boy.

You might not remember it, because the headlines were

Bob Dole, trying to be Louis Farrakhan,
has a new-found fascination with the number 15.

Dole is telling campaign crowds,
"Jack Kemp wore number 15 on the football field.
He has 4 kids, and 11 grandchildren.
That's fifteen!"

"Kemp was nominated on August 15th.
Add the numbers 9 and 6 and you get 15.
Jack's lost fifteen pounds, too.
That's fifteen."

"After all that, we have a 15% tax cut!"

Bob, you might be on to something, here.
I'd say you have a 1-in-5 chance to win.

They say Pat Robertson's wife was pregnant when
they got married. Isn't that awful?

It seems like the super-religious crowd is always
guilty, and they always lecture the rest of us.

Great Rush Quotes

"One thing I don't do, is toot my own horn."

Rush, you lying whore.
You toot your own horn constantly,
and you do it every day, over and over.

You sound like a dozen Queen Mary's docking.

Snoot Gingrich says Colin Powell has agreed
to be Dole's Secretary of State.

Colin Powell says that's not true.
Colin Powell says the job hasn't even been offered.
Between the two, who do we believe?

Snoot Gingrich is no Colin Powell.
Snoot's not even a semi-colin.

In another concession to the Dole camp, Jack Kemp
shocked long-time football fans today when he said,
"Buffalo football is shit and it always has been.
Same for San Diego. The only great team in America
is from Kansas, the Kansas City Chiefs."

(Are they even in Kansas?)

The Dole campaign said "this type of outright lie
is to be expected in a vigorous political battle."

More Fun GOP Quotes

"My goodness. It would take DAYS for me to tell you
all of the great things Bob Dole has done for women."

--Susie "Creamcheese" Molinari

Hey, Suze!
We've got 70 days before the election.

Why don't you start this looooong list of the
great things Bob Dole has done for women?

Ha Ha

This made my whole day Monday.
He repeated it again Tuesday, so I had even MORE fun.

Rush has a complaint:

"Why is it, when I try to get an endorsement deal,
they tell me I'm too controversial, too political.
But Whoopie Goldberg, well-known liberal,
has that HUGE contract with MCI!!
How can that be?"

Well, Rush, let me explain it to you:

Whoopie doesn't laugh at people with AIDS.
Whoopie doesn't slur innocent 13 year old girls.
Whoopie doesn't accuse the First Lady of murder.
..and, Whoopie's not a flaming, nazi gasbag.

That's why she's getting YOUR endorsement money, Rush.
She's taking YOUR endorsement money,
and she's giving it to Clinton.

Ha Ha

Ralph Reed says abortion is murder.
Abortion should be a crime, he says.
BUT, he says the woman should NOT do time.

Why should the person who commissioned the "murder"
be allowed to walk away?

If a man pays a contract killer to shoot his wife,
does the husband get to walk away?

Ralphie, I hope you bought that argument at Wal-Mart.
They allow defective merchandise to be returned.

I don't understand why the Republican Party feels
it's in their best interest to define Jack Kemp as
"the Republican who gets along with negroes."


Anger is a bitch.
You know who's angry?
You want to know who's angry in America?

White guys.
Older white guys.
Older white guys with a LOT of money.

Older white guys with a LOT of money
are pissed about the tax laws.

The hardware store owner isn't angry.
The postman isn't angry.
People that live their lives are happy, but the
super-rich white guys don't like paying taxes.

Funny, the regular guy on the street doesn't mind
paying his fare share. It's those bastards making
$25,000,000 that are causing all the trouble.

How much does that Rush Limba guy make?
Anyone know?

$25,000,000 a year?

That proves it.
Nobody is more angry that Rush Limba.

Sunday, talking blue-collar talk in Pittsburg, Kemp said
"THIS time, we're the Democrats, and THEY'RE the elitists."


Kemp admits they're usually the elitists?

Then, go figure, Dole predicted a landslide in November.
Hey, Dolester,
we ALL agree with you!

Dole: Danny, how are you?

Quayle: OK, Bob. How's the campaign?

Dole: Looks pretty bleak at the moment.
I don't know what I'll do if I lose.

Quayle: No problem, you can work with me.

Dole: Really, what've you got going?

Quayle: I've got a couple of irons in the fire.
One is a really cushy gig.
I rent myself out to bridge clubs.

Dole: Bridge clubs? What do you do?

Quayle: I'm the dummy.

Dole: Oh.. shit...

Quayle: It's not bad, you don't even have to talk.

Dole: What's the other job?

Quayle: I have a think tanke.

Now, pay attention.

Bob Dole says a fifteen percent tax cut would:
-create jobs,
-grow the economy,
-and increase tax revenue.

Now, if that's true....

Wouldn't a 30% tax cut
-create more jobs,
-grow the economy more
-and increase revenue more?

And if that's true....

Wouldn't a 60% tax cut
-create even more jobs,
-grow the economy hotter than ever,
-and increase the tax revenue even more?

If Black Magic works,
why don't we "just say no" to taxes?

I heard a lying whore on the radio and surprise,
it wasn't Rush Limba.
It was Paul Harvey.

Paul Harvey will rent his filthy mouth to anyone with
a five dollar bill, so if you want a disgusting lie told
on national radio, call Harvey the Whore.

After the Republican Convention, Harvey the Whore said
"You've just seen the beautiful and sincere love and
affection between Bob and Liddy Dole.
They are truly in love with each other.

Next week, however, you're going to see a lot of
hand holding as Bill and Hillary Clinton act out
their charade at the Democratic Convention.
You see, they don't even love each other.
They have a political marriage, nothing more."

We expect lies from a whore like Limba,
but some people consider Paul Harvey legitimate,
especially the Geritol and prune crowd.

Now, unless Bill or Hillary confessed to the aging whore,
he can only be speculating. Speculating on national radio
that marriage "A" is real and sincere while marriage "B"
is a fake and a sham ranks up there with any vicious lie
our porcine naziboy has told his audience.

Could someone name for me, an accusation from the left
that is as unnecessary as this lie from Paul Harvey?

Doesn't Harvey the Whore have enough money?
How could Harvey the Whore justify stating that our
President's marriage is fake, especially since they're
still together, and HIS candidate dumped his wife?

USA Today asked four prominent politicos what Reagan
might've said to the GOP Convention if he was able.

Dan Quayle: "He would talk about a future of upward
mobility, one of hope, opportunity and good things."

Alan Simpson: "I imagine Reagan would say we shouldn't
let abortion tear the party apart."

Jack Kemp: "Reagan would quote Lincoln:
'Malice toward none and charity to all.'"

RL-LNW: Reagan might say "I'm very, very sorry.
They told me trickle-down would help the poor.
I didn't know...

I'm so sorry..."

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