Paul Harvey Spits His Bit
Issue #54

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

(All This from Wednesday, the 21rst.)

Caller: Rush, Tom Brokaw hates you because
every word you say proves that he's been lying.

Rush: You'll never hear him admit that, though.

What kind of crap is this?
"Every word Rush speaks proves Brokaw is lying?"

How does the Giver of Shade even get a 1-share?

Check THIS doozy out:

When USA Today prints a letter VERY critical of Clinton,
"they don't MEAN it," Rush says. They're just "using"
the guy who wrote the letter to do their dirty work.
Meanwhile, behind closed doors, "their liberalism
runs rampant behind the scenes."

What incredible CRAP!

If they print pro AND anti-Clinton letters,
how does Rush figure "they don't mean it?"

The GOP has gotten a lot of mileage out of this
"conspiracy" lie, even though there IS no conspiracy.
What puzzles me is why the media, as a whole, doesn't answer back.

I've said it a million times:
The media are dirty, stinking whores, granted.

But they're ALL in on the conspiracy?

Remember, a while back...
Rush said Professor Hill of the University of Oklahoma,
MUST have been lying, because psychiatrists say
sex criminals are habitual, and, since Professor Hill
was the only one to reluctantly tell her story,
she must've been lying.

I wonder if that same logic applies to Paula Jones?

Remember Rush was whining about his inability to
get big bucks from commercial endorsements?
What if he had the Wheaties contract?
He could market it as a diet.
It works like this:

You wake up to a bowl of Wheaties,
see Rush Limba's ugly face on the cereal box,
and lose your lunch.

So, you're down to one meal a day.

THAT'S a diet.

There's a lot of people suspicious of Clinton's attack
on tobacco, days before the convention.
Gee, that's funny.

Clinton has ALWAYS been a foe of tobacco addiction.

Yet, Dole reverses a 35-year career of being a deficit
hawk to become a supply-sider for his presidential run,
and is seen as "sincere?"

Great Rush Quotes:

"Craig Livingstone is bloated."

I won't even say it...

Rush says "Dole had a change of heart. He WON'T go to
Chicago next week to raise hell with the democrats."

"A change of heart?"
Is that what it was?

It looked like another bumbling flip-flop.
What's Dole afraid of?

There was a discrepancy about Rush's wedding date.

No, not his first wedding date.
No, not his second wedding date.
His THIRD wedding date.

I remember it was in late May.
I remember because for their honeymoon, Rush the Romantic
took his lovely bride to Bloody Omaha Beach so he
could ridicule Clinton at the D-Day ceremonies.

Poor Marta.

Her new whale would rather screw with Clinton
than share a honeymoon bed with her.

So, every anniversary, Rush gets out pictures
of Clinton putting rocks in a cross?
He's such a lovable guy...

(Wednesday - a day of 1,000 Lies.)

Clinton on Monday
"It's a warm, sunny day."

Clinton on Tuesday
"It's no nice and sunny today."

Clinton on Wednesday
"The weather is perfect, clear and sunny."

Clinton on Thursday
"I love the nice, beautiful weather."

Rush on Friday
"Anyone can look out their window and verify that Clinton
has been lying to them allllll week about the weather."

That's what Rush did to Clinton and the truth Wednesday
when he talked about drug use in America.
Apparently, Clinton's big crime was not knowing back
in 1992 what the 1996 drug report would say.

Rush claims Clinton said "Drug use is down" 29 times.
When Clinton said it, it was true.
It's like having said "OJ is a nice guy," BEFORE the murders.

How does the nazi gasbag get away with this?

In Miami, and 11-year old was sentenced to live in a
treatment center for stooting and killing a 9-year old.

In New Hampshire, a 10-year old boy was accused of raping
up to six children, ages 4 to 13.
Whose fault is this?

Remember when Gingrich said Susan Smith pushed her
two little boys in the lake because of "liberalism?"

I guess the 104th Republican Congress
needs to accept responsibilty for the murder and the rapes.

SHAME on the Republican Party!!!

In Korea, two ex-Presidents were sentenced for crimes.
Chun was sentenced to death,
Roh was sentenced to 22 years.

Can you believe they're that tough?

I'll bet Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Butch are happy
we don't have a system like that in America.

Fun Rush Quotes:

"My cholesterol is 127."

Sure, Rush.
That extra two hundred pounds is from eating lettuce?

Did you see Susie "Creamcheese" Molinari on Letterman?
In her best first-date, high school giggly voice,
she begged Dave to stop doing drug jokes about her.

"It's terrible to be reading in bed at night, watching
Letterman and hear you say I used illegal drugs.
Could you stop, (whine)...pleeeeeeeze ...(whine, whine)"

"Creamcheese" is a Republican, allright.
She proved it three times:

1. She lied about using illegal drugs.
2. She dumped her first husband.
3. When in bed with husband 2, she reads instead
of having sex, like a democrat would.

It's time to be mean to a dirty whore, Paul Harvey.
I'm going to say some things to make a point.

Some of my subscribers don't like it when I get graphic.
I don't do it to tittilate.
I don't even do it to shock.
I do it to show what happens when I use THEIR tactics
against them and take it to the extreme, to make a point.

(By the way,
If anyone wants to unsubscribe, I won't be crushed.
Just send me e-mail that says "unsubscribe"
and your name will disappear forever.
Unless you're Mary Goulet.
Mary will receive my newsletter forever.
My heirs will send anti-Rush e-mail to her heirs.)

Now... about Paul Harvey.
He did it again.
That son of a bitch.

Last issue, I called him a dirty whore for claiming he
"knew" that Dole REALLY loves his Bag-o-Hairspray,
and "knew" Clinton's marriage was a political sham.

Paul Harvey, eat me.

Didn't your mother tell you what happens to lying
little pricks who tell lies and get caught?

Today, Paul Harvey says "Clinton WANTS to appoint liberal
judges, but he fears a political backlash, so he won't
until after the election. (Admitting that he'll win.)

So, Paul Harvey "KNOWS" what Clinton's thinking?
What happens when that political tactic is turned around?

Paul Harvey enjoys sex with horses.
He always has, since his early days in Oklahoma.
He didn't tell me this, I just "know,"
like he "knows" Bill doesn't love Hillary.

As time goes by, maybe Paul Harvey can "spit his bit"
long enough to keep his hate-filled, super-Christian,
holier-than-thou shit to himself.

Paul Harvey, you're a whore.

You're not only screwing horses,
you're screwing the old people who believe you.
We expect Limba's litany of lies,
but the Geritol folk think you're honest.

Maybe if you started telling the truth,
you might gain a measure of self-respect.
A whore needs that.

..and now you know the REST of the story.. up - The Democratic Convention Special!

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