Vol 68 - The McVeigh Republicans

If Bob Dole wins, will he pardon Tim McVeigh?

We want a promise, Mister Dole!!!!
We want your word - your guarantee, Mr Dole!

Look the American voter in the eye, Mr. Dole.
Will you set Tim McVeigh free, MR. Dole?

(Dole demanded Clinton promise not to pardon the Whitewater crew.)

Rush is still trying to decide on a Holloween costume.

He'll either go as Jupiter's moon "Io," or the state of Texas.

Great Dole Quotes

"Pessnit Kinton- It's time to come KEEN!
This is Merica, Mister Pessnit!

This is Merica, the Greatest Country in the world."
Should I be tougher on the Pessnit?"

"Come KEEN, Mister Pessnit, for Merica, Merica, Merica"

They keep coming...

"If the First Amendment will protect a scumbag like me,
it's a good document that will protect us all."

-- Rush Limbaugh, October 16, 1996

I wonder if anybody in America really thinks Bob Dole
is going to retire in Russell, Kansas.

Do you think he wants to live in Russell, Kansas?

He'll go there when he's lurching towards a power-grab,
but Bob Dole wouldn't be caught dying there.

After the election, Bob Dole is going to retire
to his luxury condo in Florida.

Think how his campaign would sound if he told the truth:
"My values are those of my luxury Florida Condo buddies."

It just doesn't have that hometown ring to it, like Russell, Kansas.

ha ha

Rush says the reason Bob Dole is getting whipped
is because he hasn't been MEAN ENOUGH to Clinton!!

Rush and the McVeigh wing feel that the politics of
personal destruction is the VERY best way to lead.

As long as they think this way,
will the Democrats EVER lose the White House?

MORE bad news for Darth

Oct 14 USA Today reports this poll:

Which candidate can be trusted to keep his promises?


DOLE 36%

Bob, you're losing the TRUST issue


Losing really, really badly to Bill Clinton,
"the most corrupt President in history."

Bob, can you explain yourself?


"Jack the Zipper" is ahead by 20 points,
and you claim this election is about character?

President Clinton has received endorsements from
2500 formerly-GOP business leaders.

Bob Dole got an endorsement from Mayor McCheese.

Great Dole Quotes

"Oooohhh, Bob Dole likes that.... yes...Bob Dole likes that..."
--in the dark, to his girlfriend Liddy - July, 1974

RUSH and his ditts keep repeating the "fact"
that 89% of the media voted for Clinton.

What a Limba-sized load of crap that is!

You know, 89% sounds a LOT like somebody asked nine
reporters and got eight pro-Clinton replies,
as though THAT"S some kind of creation science.

Who conducted this poll?

Who replied to the poll?

If it was a "medie" poll, who picked the respondents?

Was it scientific or random?

Answer me this:

Did Rush Limba vote for Clinton?

Did George Will for for Clinton?

Did Ollie North vote for Clinton?

Did Brian Lamb vote for Clinton?

Did John McLaughlin vote for Clinton?

Did Thomas Sewell vote for Clinton?

Did G. Gordon Liddy vote for Clinton?

Did David Brinkly vote for Clinton?

Did Kate Burne vote for Clinton?

Did John Sununu vote for Clinton?

Did Fred Barnes vote for Clinton?

Did Wolfe Blitzer vote for Clinton?

Did Bill Kristol vote for Clinton?

Did Jeane Kirkpatrick vote for Clinton?

Did Ralph Reed vote for Clinton?

Did William F. Buckley vote for Clinton?

Did Mary Matalin vote for Clinton?

Did Ronald Reagan vote for Clitnon?
-- well, Snoot's buddy Rupert Murdock SAYS he did...

Did Paul Greenburg vote for Clinton?

Did Georgia Anne Geyer vote for Clinton?

Did Pat Buchanan vote for Clinton?

Did Bill Bennett vote for Clinton?

Did Linda Chavez vote for Clinton?

Did Bob Novak vote for Clinton?

That's 24 solid anti-Clinton media votes.

If 8 out of 9 reporters voted for Bill Clinton,
YOU must produce the names of 216 (your math, GOP)
on-camera, pro-Clinton liberal media people.

For grins, we'll give you Tom, Dan, Peter,
Larry King, Elenor, Cokie and Sam.

That leaves 209 ON-CAMERA media people who
are shills for Clinton's "media conspiracy."

BartCop Challenge:


You can't.
You know why you can't?

Because they don't fucking exist, that's why!!

It's just more crap from the Obese whore.

Does Susan Rook of CNN read RL-LNW??

Each RL-LNW issue is sent to James Carville, Al Franken, Pigboy,
the White House and the gang at Crossfire among others.
Maybe Susan Rook had a chance to read us?

Last week, she was hosting that "Talk Back Live"
show and a Dole spokesman said:

"Bob Dole KEEPS his word.
When Bob Dole gives his word - he KEEPS it."

Susan Rook shot back!

"Did Bob Dole keep his word to his first wife when
he promised to love her UNTIL DEATH DO THEY PART?"

(Excuse me .....did a pin drop?)

GOOD one, Susan!

After her zinger, after the commercial, she apologized,
which wasn't necessary. Dole admits he did it.

Rush is always whining and whining that TV reporters
never press the issue, they never demand tough answers.
So... the first time someone called Bob Dole on his
blatant hippocrisy (sic) she has to apologize?

Susan, we're proud of you at RL-LNW.


Again, no derogatory e-mail.

What are we supposed to publish?
Made-up crap, like Limba would?

Wacky Dole Quotes

"This is the worst economy in 100 years."

--Darth, in the second debate.

Hey, Bob! Did you forget your pills again?

Hey, Bob! You're a NUT!

I didn't see you shaving your dog, Bob.

So, Bob, the Clinton depression was terribly bad,
but not so bad to have to shave the family dog?

Why is THAT, Bob?

Your millionaire, luxury-condo neighbors in Florida
don't need dog hair in a recession?

Where are their values, Bob?

"Excuse me, Mister Dole - Do you have a cup of
dog hair I can borrow until payday?"

Hey, Bob!

Why didn't you ship that needed-fur back
to the fur-needy people in Kansas?

After all they did for you....

Great GOP Quotes

"I DARE Hillary to bare her ass in any magazine."
--Gennifer Flowers, HUSTLER Magazine, 1995

Hats off to the Republicans for finding this slut
to slur the wife of the President of the United States.

Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones made money spreading
their legs for Penthouse. That tells me something.

It tells YOU something, too,

It proves they'll give it up for a twenty.

For forty, they'll say it was the President.

Question for Dan Quayle:

Danny, does "dittos" have an "e?"

No where else to turn,

Tim McVeigh's lawyer filed papers that said:

"Defendant McVeigh is a man of political attitudes only
a hair different than the average voter for Pat Buchanan.
He has great anger at the federal government, but that
does not distinguish him from millions of other Americans."

Thanks again, Rush.

Republican John du Pont avoided a murder trail and was
ordered to a mental evaluation facility when he said
Bob Dole could cut taxes 15% - AND balance the budget.

Now - he says he doesn't think Dole can do it!

No, Johnny boy, you chose your insanity defense when
you backed Bob Dole's risky $550,000,000,000 tax scheme.

You're STUCK with it.

Do your time.

Totally Insane Dole Quotes

"We looked out the back window of the Dole campaign bus,
.....there were so many cars behind us,
....it looked like the funeral of a prominent citizen."

Bob, why do you DO that to yourself?

Is it any of OUR BUSINESS if the honorable Congressman
from Ohio John Kasich (R - Bonehead) lives with a man?

I don't think so.


If we taxpayers are paying for his "partner's" salary,
do we have a right to know what's going on?

Republican Kasich's "partner" is on his Congressional staff.

John Kasich's sexuality is NONE of our business...


then again...
If Sarah Brady owned a handgun..
would it be our RIGHT to know of her hypocrisy?

Should the media report those kinds of facts?
South Dakota Senator Larry Pressler, (R - Bonehead)
and all-round Clinton-basher extroadinaire, suddenly
married a staffer when "rumors" of his gayness appeared.

The Editors of RL-LNW see nothing wrong with being gay.
We support equal rights for all Americans.


We wonder why gay right-wingers repeatedly
vote to eliminate safety nets for themselves.

Some people might call that "whoring for votes."
..but you won't hear that kind of stuff here.

We take the HIGH road at RL-LNW!

Excuse me?

Allowing parents time off to stay with a sick child
is "status quo big government?"

Is that why Clinton is 20 points ahead?

Dick Armey says the GOP is hosting a party for the
sole purpose of "getting together to celebrate just
how badly we're kicking Democratic butt this year."

Jesus, that's a party I'd like to go to...

DAN QUAYLE - Stand Up Comedian

Dan Quayle walks into a bar with a wooden box.
Without saying a word, he pulls a tiny piano out of
the bag and a foot-tall man and puts them both on the bar.

The foot-tall man sits down on his tiny piano bench and
plays Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" - perfectly.
Everybody gasped at the spectacle!

"What are we looking at?" asked the bartender.

"Years ago I was walking through the woods near Muncie and
I found a leprechaun caught in a fence," Dan explained.

"I freed him and was granted three wishes. My first wish
was for continuing good health for my family.
The leprechaun granted me that wish.

I thought long and hard about my second wish.
I decided I wanted to serve my country, so I told him
I'd make a nice president," he said.

"It turns out the little guy was a little hard-of-hearing.
He thought I said 'Vice President.'
So I became vice-president under George Butch,
leaving me with only one wish left," Quayle said.

"So," the bartender asked, "you used your last wish
to get this foot-tall man?"

Dan Quayle looked the bartender and said:

"Do you think I'd ask for a twelve-inch pianist?"

Now...about this "child molester" comment.

Remember the fun "morphing" commercials the NRA
bought back in 1994? There's a new one out.
Some lowlife bastard in California is running
against US Rep. Vic Fazio.

The ad shows the animal who killed Polly Klass
morphing into Vic Fazio, a California Representative.
(Do you even need to ask which party did this?)

Why such a vicious attack?

Because in 1974, Fazio cast an anti-death penalty vote
in the California state legislature.

For THAT, he's the same as Polly Klass's murderer?
Our Lying, Nazi Whore said:

"This is PERFECT! This is EXACTLY what's needed here.
It's about time the GOP started fighting back."

So, in Rush Limba's world...

.if your opponent has a different opinion,
portray him as a child-molesting, serial murderer and
Rush will ditto every dirty slur you can think of.

Rush, you're a good teacher.

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