Subject: Extremely Difficult Question

Dear Bartcop,

First let me say that I love your website and I've been a regular visitor
the over the past year.  Keep up the good work in 2002!

Question:  Has Bush accomplished anything good or positive during his first year in office?

I'm having  an extremely difficult time trying to come up with an answer
to this question.  I'm just wondering if you know of anything good he's
done so far - other than restoring dignity to the White House.  Just kidding.

But for the sake of being fair and balanced, could you please
research this and see if you can come up with anything?

Warren G

No, Bush hasn't done a thing except line his pockets with cash and favors.
The big change, tho, is Congress has stopped grabbing at the president's zipper.

Remember what Al Franken said?
He said Clinton told him if Gore had won, the Nazi bastards would've impeached him.
I am 100 percent certain this would have happened.

I don't really mean this, but maybe it's not all bad that Bush "won" because maybe it'll
give the fascist sons of bitches a cooling off period. If Gore had won, the nation may have
had violence in the streets when they impeached Gore for no damn reason.

Just think of it - the House would've fabricated "evidence" against Gore, and then the
for-sale thugs on the Supreme Court would've unreasonably ruled every issue against Gore,
just like they did against Clinton, and we would've lost Gore and then they would've started
impeachment proceedings against President Lieberman - you know they would have...

But will it do any good?

The Democrat's nominee in 2004 is going to be impeached if he wins, so he'd better
make that point while he's running so he can get a Democratic congress to prevent it.

But, Mr. Nominee - where the hell are you?

Wherever you are, why aren't you standing up for your country, your party and the Constitution NOW
as it tries to endure the assault from the raping huns of the Bush Family Evil Empire?

Whoever you are, Mr (or Mrs) Nominee, I'm going to give you a bad time about being
such a meek goddamn church mouse when your country needed you back in 2002.

If  Bush is proving that a total moron can run this country with the right help,
should I, BartCop (IQ of 64 - yet Bush's mental superior) consider a run in 2004?

I may be stupid enough to blame the great depression on Coolidge instead of Hoover,
but I'm a fighter and isn't a fighter what this country needs right now?

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