Serving notice to the spineless Democratic senators
                                            By Carol Levy
                                   January 7, 2001 | I hereby serve notice to every single
                                   disappointing, spineless, weak-kneed, selfish Democratic
                                   senator that did not have one iota of decency left in him or her
                                   to stand up and do the correct thing—do their duty—and stand
                                   up for our country and Constitution today! It is truly pathetic to
                                   watch a group of people who took an oath to protect country
                                   and Constitution sell their souls and dignity (and respectability)
                                   to make a deal with the devils. What else can we expect from
                                   a group that is so scared and intimidated that they won't even
                                   openly support our protests—only saying that they will
                                   "support [us] behind the scenes."

                                   But we are back at the subject of which I discussed weeks
                                   ago—the schoolyard bullying mentality. Yes, the weakened
                                   Democrats got concessions out of the deal—at least that's
                                   what the media are telling us. The same media that became an
                                   extension of Prince George's campaign. The same media that
                                   carved Al Gore into millions of pieces whenever he said
                                   anything, yet refused to say boo to Prince George out of fear
                                   of causing him to embarrass himself. These "leaks" come from
                                   the same offices that now need to save face in allowing such a
                                   travesty to happen.

                                   Isn't it ridiculous that the Democratic senators made this deal
                                   to not object to the electors in exchange for power
                                   sharing—excuse me while I laugh. Do they actually think that
                                   hate-mongers, such as [Senate Majority Leader] Lott are
                                   going to share power with them?? I mean other than throwing
                                   a few crumbs like equal numbers in each committee, but he'll
                                   never allow co-chairmanships. (Yes, I know they announced it
                                   but how many times have they announced a deal only to have
                                   the extremist right-wingnuts kibosh the whole deal?)

                                   Now that the right-wingnuts have what they want—no
                                   objections to the Florida or Texas electors—they will now go
                                   back on any deal that gives Democrats any meaningful power.
                                   Why? Because they will have Cheney as the tie-breaker
                                   which emboldens them further in their arrogance. Because
                                   they have the power to do so and no qualms about abusing that

                                   If the Democratic Senators and the rest of the Democratic
                                   members of the House, besides the members of the Black
                                   Caucus, had stood in unison (as I've said before), they would
                                   have been able to stand up to the schoolyard bullies and have
                                   stopped this travesty in its tracks. How? By openly and
                                   publicly debunking all of the schoolyard bullying propaganda in
                                   such a strong tone as to give the truth the light of day, instead
                                   of aiding and abetting the propaganda and the fraud and
                                   corruption by allowing the truth to be buried amid the plethora
                                   of lies spewed out by the right-wingnuts.

                                   Only a schoolyard bully would even suggest that persons who
                                   were illegally stripped of their civil rights and blocked from
                                   voting should just "get over it."

                                   Only a schoolyard bully would have the gall to even suggest
                                   that a Holocaust survivor living in West Palm Beach "must
                                   have purposely voted for Pat Buchanan."

                                   Only a schoolyard bully would have the audacity to suggest
                                   that any African American would vote for Pat Buchanan.

                                   Only a schoolyard bully would bombard the American People
                                   with messages that suggest that to end the voting before all
                                   votes were counted was preferable to finding out the truth.

                                   Only a schoolyard bully would bus in loads of phony
                                   protesters—paid republican staffers—to give the illusion that
                                   the voters of Florida didn't want their votes counted.

                                   Only a schoolyard bully would hand out free T-shirts and
                                   professionally made hate-mongering signs calling the actual
                                   winner of the election—Al Gore—a loser.

                                   Only a schoolyard bully would verbally attack anybody
                                   supporting Al Gore for having the "nerve" to stand up and
                                   being heard.

                                   Only a schoolyard bully would negotiate a deal with his
                                   opponent's party, promising a sharing of power and
                                   bipartisanship, if only they'll step down from any protests.

                                   Only a group of spineless, weak-kneed, selfish, delusional, and
                                   the most ineffectual Democratic senators to come along in the
                                   past 30 years would believe them every single time.

                                   It's all a matter of perception, and the Democratic senators
                                   could have turned that tide of perception at any time had they
                                   wanted to, by simply refusing to buckle under to the
                                   right-wingnut bullying tactics. We should have known that any
                                   group as weak as the Democratic leadership on Capitol
                                   Hill—that would have let the right-wingnuts abuse their power
                                   so arrogantly as they had in the past six years—would once
                                   again fail to honor their oaths of office. We should have
                                   known that such a weak group of senators and legislators that
                                   allowed the schoolyard bullies to intimidate them into allowing
                                   their own president to become raw meat for the piranhas, such
                                   as the right-wingnuts, are would never have the cajones to
                                   stand up to the right-wingnuts when they used fraud and
                                   corruption to throw the presidential election.

                                   Had this been a strong group of Democratic leaders, they
                                   would have never allowed the abuses in the first place. They
                                   would have never allowed the country to be dragged into the
                                   politically motivated abuse of power that was the impeachment
                                   witchhunt. They would have never allowed our airwaves to
                                   become so polluted with the hired character assassins that
                                   bombard our radios and televisions with such hate-mongering
                                   and fear-mongering as they do now. They would have never
                                   allowed the right-wingnuts to divide and conquer the party by
                                   making them too intimidated to support either President Clinton
                                   or Vice President Al Gore, especially supporting them as a
                                   team. They would have never allowed the right-wingnuts to
                                   use the oldest tricks in the book, not only to divide and conquer
                                   but the use of the most vile propaganda one could think of.

                                   Had this been a strong group of Democratic leaders, they
                                   would have immediately demanded the resignations of the
                                   Supreme Court justices (read jokers) Scalia, Thomas,
                                   Rehnquist, Kennedy and O'Connor. They would have
                                   demanded immediate Senate and House hearings to root out
                                   the fraud and corruption. And they would have never allowed
                                   the right-wingnuts to intimidate them or the American People
                                   into believing that it's better to end the vote counting quickly
                                   before it's over, rather than to allow the constitutional
                                   processes to proceed and allow the truth to be known. Had
                                   this been a strong group of Democratic leaders, they would
                                   have never, ever, allowed those Supreme Court jokers to
                                   anoint a president, and allow the right-wingnuts to not only
                                   trample the civil rights of tens of thousands of law abiding
                                   citizens. They harmedall Americans by nullifying their votes
                                   and choice for president and by damaging the one most
                                   revered institutions—the Supreme Court—by allowing the
                                   court to annointsomeone president.

                                   Had they had any modicum of a backbone, and had they stood
                                   up as a united front, then they could have not only stood up
                                   and stopped the bullying right-wingnuts, but they could have
                                   retained the power of being the majority in the Senate.

                                   The right-wingnuts knew that we didn't have the strong
                                   Democratic leadership that we needed and that they were so
                                   easily intimidated. The right-wingnuts did exactly as we
                                   expected them to do—they used propaganda, fraud and
                                   corruption to throw the election.

                                   We fully expected Jebbie Bush and brother George's Florida
                                   campaign co-chair, the witch Katherine Harris, to ignore the
                                   will of the people to throw the election for Prince George.
                                   What the right-wingnuts knew and we refused to accept is
                                   that our Democratic leadership is so weak and spineless that
                                   they refused to stand up in the face of overwhelming fraud
                                   and corruption. And we also didn't want to believe that
                                   members of the Supreme Court would actually damage the
                                   institution by making it a partisan entity by anointing its choice
                                   for president, ignoring the damage to the institution and our
                                   Constitution that it has caused. The Democratic leadership
                                   hadn't stood up for truth or justice in the past six years, why
                                   were we foolish enough to think they'd do it now?

                                   Well, maybe because now we had the Constitution which
                                   spelled out so many safeguards. Maybe because we thought
                                   that in their heart of hearts, their patriotism would win out, that
                                   they would remember the oath that they each took to protect
                                   our country and Constitution from all enemies—foreign and
                                   domestic. We thought that the Democratic senators would
                                   think back to the '60s and '70s and those that died and bled for
                                   the civil rights movement that gave us the Voting Rights Act,
                                   which was so violently violated during this whole process, and
                                   at the last moment make that heroic stand because simply it
                                   was the correct thing to do.

                                   But we were wrong. Instead, they again sold out in a
                                   worthless bargain with the devils. And in so doing, they
                                   became something worse than the right-wingnuts—they
                                   became willing aiders and abettors to the worst crime in
                                   American election history; the fraudulent and corrupt stealing
                                   of the Presidential Election of 2000. This is an unacceptable
                                   situation, as is the behavior and inaction of the Democratic

                                   So, I serve notice to all Democratic senators, that I will work
                                   as hard as I can for the next two years to recognize any
                                   potential opponents that they will face in 2002 and 2004 for
                                   replacement candidates that will take their oath of office to
                                   protect the citizens of this country and protection of the
                                   Constitution seriously. With all due respect to Mel Carnahan, if
                                   a dead man can beat a right-wingnut like [John] Ashcroft, then
                                   citizens all over this country can fire the hate-mongers and
                                   those that would allow them free reign, and take the country
                                   and Constitution back into safekeeping!

                                   And they better not sacrifice Al Gore in 2004 either. He better
                                   be allowed to rally his troops for the next presidential election
                                   into the biggest landslide upset ever! That is if Vice President
                                   Gore doesn't judge his supporters by the measure of the failing
                                   of the Democratic leadership that abandoned him.

                                   Mr. Gore, please don't judge us that way! Please regroup and
                                   come back in four years and announce that you're going to
                                   take the office that should rightly be yours today! Millions of
                                   us are waiting for that announcement from you in 2004, and
                                   this time we won't allow those in charge to abandon you again!

                                           Thanks to

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