GOP's, Tramps and Thieves
Issue #107

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

Kenneth Starr, one of Paula Jones's attorneys, threw a
big Halloween costume party for his big tobacco clients.
Our girl Paula Jones was there to entertain the men.

She came dressed as a "Knob Goblin."

I hear she stayed in character all night.

Monkey Mail


Dear BartCop,

I read your issue #69.
(Why would a new reader go right to THAT issue?
I wonder what he was expecting to find...)

I am confused about you standerds.
Do you have any?
(Eat me)

Thinking suposes that you utilise logic and it does not mean
you ramble without standerds if God made us in His image it
seems yo'uve returned the favor and made God in youre image
(I've made God in my image?)

I'd love to hear from you.

(Aren't you late for a cross burning or something?)

Why did God give Republicans 2 more IQ points than a horse?

So they won't dump a load during a parade.

Did you hear Rush's take on the pepper-spray incident?

Some highly-motivated environmentalists staged a peaceful
protest at a California congressman's office. When they
refused to leave voluntarily, police rubbed pepper-spray
directly in their eyes. Maybe the handcuffed people were
all faking, but the screams I heard were pretty convincing.
So what did King Sleaze have to say about it?

That's the trouble with liberals.
You have to respect law and order. Liberals don't respect ANY
kind of authority. They think they should be allowed to break
any law they want and never be held accountable for it.

"Here's how it works." whaled Limba.
When a cop says "You're going," well, that means you're going
one way or another, and the cop is within his rights to use
whatever means necessary to do his job.

(Hey, Lardboy!
Ever heard of a town called Waco?



Subject: Hi

I have a friend who's a real moron. He says the GOP is not
guilty of any outright lies. I'm looking for direct quotes
from anyone GOP that turned out to be lies...can you help me?


(I love a challenge.
It's like the smell of napalm in the morning.
You want a specific list of lies from "anyone GOP?"

Let's check the most recent issue of RL-LNW, Volume 106
and see how many big GOP whopper-lies we can find:

1. Every Republican in America will tell you it's a FACT that
"the slickest huckster who ever lived" exposed himself to
a totally-innocent, virgin-child in Little Rock.
No regard for the fact that only two people were there,
no regard for the truth exists whatsoever.
It's simply a rock-solid fact that he did it.

2. "Rush is a morally-impoverished ignoramous."
--Republican Arianna Huffington
OK, so Huffington isn't lying this time.

3. Every Republican will tell you that this Administration is
"the most crooked in history," despite the FACT that almost
100 Nixon Administration employees went to prison or pled
guilty to felony crimes inside the White House.
Butch had to pardon half of Reagan's Cabinet to stop them
from telling what they knew about the GOP arming Iran.
Clinton lost one employee for billing irregularities.

4. Murder, teen pregnancies, drug use, abortions, inflation,
unemployment, the deficit and what Ronald Reagan called
"the Misery Index" are WAY down in America, plus....
Real wages, the Gross Domestic Product, the stock market,
the strengh of the dollar are WAY up...

...yet, Republicans say "Clinton has been nothing short
of a TOTAL DISASTER for America."

5. Clarence Thomas was in the last issue.
Butch dug deep to find a quota-black with David Duke tendencies.
They finally found Clarence "Less-than" Thomas.
Butch claimed he was the "most qualified" jurist in America.

6. Rush says Clinton coddled China's Jiang, but John McLaughlin
said Clinton put Jiang through "an unprecedented, tense,
unyielding public facedown on global television."
One of them is lying.

7. Gore said Ellen forced America to look at the gay issue.
But the Republicans said Gore wants to shove gay rights
down the throat of church-going, God-fearing Americans.
Why do they lie when we've seen the videotape?

8. Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Chinagate, Murdergate,
Fostergate, Menagate, Tysongate, Rapegate - it never ends.
Yet, the GOP can't come up with any evidence.
Doesn't matter - Clinton is guilty.
Since Nixon and Reagan and Butch were guilty of felonies,
Clinton is guilty of something.
He's gotta be.

These examples are all from Volume 106.
I have another 105 issues we could go through.

...and I didn't even get to:

"I am not a crook."
"I won't pardon President Nixon."
"Two small planes with NO ARMS went to Iran."
and "Read my Lips."

The Catholics might be returning to "No-Meat Fridays."
The reason for doing so has not yet been explained.
I can only assume the Pope bought stock in Starkist.
This is one of those issues.

"No-Meat Fridays"

It's not like "Vegetarian Friday," no.
Beef and pork and chicken are out.
But why?
Fish is OK to eat, but chicken gets you hell for all eternity?
It's a good thing religion isn't scare-tactic-based, eh?

Remember the George Carlin rant about the poor bastards
who are "doing eternity in hell on a meat rap?"
They're STILL burning, as we speak, because God loves them.
If you intentionally eat a cheeseburger you burn in hell?
Not for 1,000 years, not for 1,000,000 years, but forever?
For a cheeseburger?

Like... aren't they more progressive in Iran?

Great Rush Quotes

"Nobody deserves success more than I."

-- The Sperm Whale, giving thanks last Wednesday


Subject: no more shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am warning yo for the last time!!!!!!!!!!

If you persit in your nazi like endevor, I will repopst you
to your systems manager and then take legal steps against you
i am not a scub-bag liberel and will not permit things like
you to pollut my e-mail systen with you lies

You know the rules:

To unsubscribe, you must put "Nancy Reagan" in the subject line.
I cannot break the rules for you. If I break the rules for you,
I'd have to break them for everyone, and what would that bring?
Chaos, my friend.

By the way, what does "repopsting" mean?
I'll bet you're a "Senior Scholar" at the Limba Institute.
Rush says I should fear you.
My systems manager is not a sheep or a ditto-monkey,
so your little crusade might be kinda bumpy.
And what legal steps are you going to take?
You going to arrest me?

Ha ha

What are you going to charge my systems manager and me with?
Conspiracy to make fun of a ditto-monkey?

Ha ha
Ditto-Monkeys are stupid...

Great GOP Quotes

"A little learning is a dangerous thing.
I must say that Rush Limbaugh is increasingly becoming a
warning to kids of the perils of dropping out of school."

--Arianna Huffington,
becoming one of my favorite right-wingers


Rush is on record promising that El Nino will NOT cause
any significant weather troubles this year for California.

Remember what he said, that only fools would take precautions
or prepare for this not-ever-gonna-come rain.
You California ditts better listen to Rush, he's always right.
I'm sure the more-educated liberals are taking precaustions.

We'll check back on this in coming issues.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan and her friend Betsy Bloomingdale
were seen chatting with Heidi Fleiss in a restaurant in L.A.

Observers say Betsy mostly listened while Nancy and Heidi talked
about how "the business" has changed in the last 70 years.

Nancy said she only got a nickel for her first knobber way
back in 1928. Heidi laughed and said she couldn't even make a
phone call for a nickel when she got her start in 1974.
Mrs. Reagan seemed a little giddy after Heidi remarked,
"Maybe I'll make it to the White House - like you did."

Nancy replied: "Nothing succeeds like success,"
and the three women burst into laughter.

The gals had a good time.
Nancy even paid the bill.

Clinton the Thief

CNN-Time Magazine Poll:
Who is better at cutting taxes?

President Clinton 43%
Republican Congress 40%

Ha ha


Subject: Go rush

Hey Bartman you know what I like Rush I think his ideas
to the country make sence and your constent critisism
pathetic you dont have the freaking brane cells to
respond and you are pathetic excuse for astupid fucking bigit

Las Vegas

(Mario, if you check your address, you'll see that you're
going to school in Texas, not Las Vegas.

...are we on a football scholarship?)

Why is God so angry at Deion Sanders?

Earlier in the football season, Deion and God teamed up for
some fancy football plays that were very exciting to watch.
Deion asked for His help, and scored some big touchdowns.

But, ever since Deion and 4 other Cowboy stars went to church
together to publically thank God for His blessings, they're 1-4.

Maybe Deion forgot to send the check...


Subject: you ned help

i dont want anything to do with youany more you printed ny
e-mail may have semed funny to you but I felt like a doap


Old Business

When Volume 106 was released, many were returned saying
"Recipient unavailable," mostly AOL subscribers.

If you're not getting your RL-LNW directly, e-mail us.
Check with your service provider and see if your incoming mail
has a size limit. If necessary, we can send RL-LNW in 2 parts.
We've had more requests for the "RUCK FUSH" bumper stickers from
people reading early issues of RL-LNW at www/ctyme/com/bartcop.
They're five dollars each, or three for ten dollars.
The first 100 sold in 12 days, so I'm getting 1,000 this time.
(You can give them as Christmas presents to "Senior Scholars"
at the Limba Conservative Prostitute, I mean Institute.)

Order Now!
Send us e-mail for the address:
(Trying to avoid the bombers)

Great GOP Quotes

"My agenda is in line with the people of the state of
Louisiana and the majority of Republicans in America.
-- Louisiana GOP Chairman David "KKK" Duke

"But BartCop, how can you even SUGGEST Republicans
might be the least-little-bit racist?"
-- Ditto-monkeys everywhere

Bill Clinton:

-Reversed the Reagan Error and fixed the economy
-Brought Peace and Prosperity to 'Merica
-Grew the stock market and dropped interest rates
-Whipped inflation like Ralph Reed whips his baby
-Architect of "Fewer American Dead" Foreign Policy
-Lowered the crime rate, abortions and drug use
-Everything Clinton touched turned to gold


Too bad the GOP wouldn't let him fix health care...

Great Rush Quotes

"The media likes to call you people "dittoheads."
The next time somebody says YOU can't think for yourself,
here's what you tell them..."

What do you call Mike Tyson with no arms or legs?

Any damn thing you want.

Got your boots handy?

Paul Greenburg is a rube who writes for the Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette. He hates Clinton like he hates all men.
I think he hates Clinton more than Here, Piggy, Piggy does.
His article about special-prosecutor woes was about as
accurate and fair as Bob Barr at a keg party.

Check this load of crap:
"The special-prosecutor law is a basis for tyranny in that one
person, given authority without any accountability can make
people's lives miserable beyond belief and come up with nothing.
For confirmation, just ask Caspar Weinberger."

Big, big line of crap there.

By definition, Cap Weinberger is guilty of conspiracy to
obstruct justice. He warned Butch openly in the media
that he would NOT do time to keep Butch out of prison.
Weinberger let Butch and the American public know that
he'd give up Butch if he had to, to avoid hard time.
That's why Butch pardoned him, Mister Greenburg.
He was guilty, and willing to talk about it.

Why would you pretend otherwise?

Hell, you're old enough to remember what happened.
Why are you pretending you don't remember?
Whore got your tongue?
Do sheep still read your column after you lie to them?

Right after the 1992 election, right after Butch lost his
presidency, he pardoned Reagan's pack of criminals so
they'd bury the truth of Iran-Contra once and for all.
The arms-to-terrorists story would disappear like an X-File.

But, that's just trivial bullshit. Selling Stingers to the
gang Reagan once called "Murder Inc." is OK with America?
We don't care about that?

We need to know which phone Clinton used to kick Dole's ass?

Great GOP Quotes

"There's a difference between tax-dodging and tax-avoidance."
--G. Gordon Liddy 1/24/97

But Gordon - doesn't that mean there's a difference
between draft-dodging and draft-avoidance?

And if there is, could Dan Quayle explain it to President Clinton?

Rush pays his announcer to introduce him as "The Great One."


What kind of insecure failure PAYS someone to introduce him
as "The Great One?" I guess all those years Rush spent locked
in the closet for wearing his dress really got to him.
That's really sad.

Is it sad?
Or is it sick?

In contrast, when Howard Stern has his people introduce him
as "The King of All Media," he's kidding.

...and he lets his fans know that he's kidding.

But El Grande Puerca is NOT kidding.

Nine years of ditto-monkeys screaming "You are God,"
would take a toll on a man without a godhood complex.
So, what kind of guy is Rush Limba?

If you ask him, he'll say "I am The Great One."

True Monkey Mail


Subject: your racest page

allow me to tell you that your page is the most ridiculous
thing I have ever seen I seriously doubt that I have to
inforem you that most people not taken you to seriously
you use pointless profanity again you liberals are abunch
of cock-suckers if you remove the wax from you eyes and ears
is making a complete and total moron out of I am willing to
bet that the contence of yourpage is a true reflec;tion
of your intelligete and that scars me.

Non-Monkey mail


Subject: Re: Your Web Page
To: Jason Krohn

Jason, nice post.
Allow some rebuttal?

JK: George Bush leaving the hostages is Theran an extra 3 months.
Even after a full investigation came up with NO evidence.

I can't prove Butch pulled off the October Surprise.
But, do you think it would be difficult for a former CIA
director to slip out of the country for a few hours?
I think the CIA could arrange that.
Don't you?

The biggest evidence against Butch is that he lied about his
whereabouts that day. His official records say he was giving a
speech that day, but he gave the speech a few days AFTER his
official log book says he did.

Let me ask you an honesty-test question:
IF, (I assume you know what "if" means)
IF it was proven to you that the official Bush record was wrong,
that he wasn't where he said he was, would that change your mind?
Again, I can't prove he was in Paris, but why drop out of sight
for a day or so, then falsify the record?

JK: when you break the law you break the law.

Would that include selling arms to Islamic Jihad?
Would that include issuing pardons to hide the truth?
Tell me Ollie Traitor belongs in jail, and I'll believe you
when you say "when you break the law, you break the law."

JK: We know Clinton is guilty of crimes in the White House.

Sir, in America we have a threshold called "proof."
You can't just claim "we all know it."
You sound a little like Rush, there.

JK: If he was not why would they "lose" documents and "forget" events?

I think you just put a noose around Butch's neck.
If he wasn't in Paris, why falsify the records?

JK: These are not the actions of innocent people.


JK: If these people were innocent wouldn't they want an investigation?

How many dozens of investigations, without proof, do you require?

JK: all conservatives are not terrorist estremeists.

Condemn Reagan and Butch and North and I'll agree you're
one conservative who isn't an extremist.
Besides, when some nut like Maplethorp puts a crucifix in urine,
Rush says "That's how all the liberals think."
Explain that one and I'll give you 500 unedited words in RL-LNW.

JK: every American I know was outraged with the actions of Mcveigh.

Are you serious?
How many thousands of times have North, Rush, Liddy etc. said
"Clinton is DESTROYING America."
"Clinton wants more government."
"Government is the problem!"

What do you think talk like that does to a typical dittohead?

We've all heard about the lady school teacher who got pregnant
by one of her sixth graders.

In May this year, Kent, Wash., elementary school teacher Mary Kay
LeTourneau, 35, gave birth to a baby girl, the father of whom is
one of her sixth-graders. In August, she pleaded guilty to child rape.
Privately, though, she admires the boy:

"There was a respect, an insight, a spirit, an understanding
between us that grew over time."
They met when he was in second grade.

Now you're going to hear the rest of the story:
LeTourneau is the daughter of ex-U.S. Rep. John Schmitz, an intense,
right-wing Republican who was so notoriously opposed to sex education
in schools that he would move little Mary out of any school
contemplating a sex education program.

Funny, Rush didn't mention any of this.
Fat bastard has a way of "overlooking" certain facts.
If the GOP wasn't against education, of ALL kinds,
everyone involved might've come away better for it.

Great GOP Quotes

"It's my view there ought to be a place
for defeated presidential candidates."
--Bob Dole, loser

(Hey, Bob.
There IS a place for losers.
It's called Russell, Kansas.
Ever been there?
Ever been there when you weren't campaigning, Bob?
Remember in the campaign, Bob?
You said if you lost, you'd retire to Russell, Kansas.

Were you telling the truth, Bob?
Instead of retiring, you're working for a high-priced
lobbying firm, often taking sides AGAINST America.
Is that why you lost, Bob?
Because America doesn't want a liar in the White House?


Subject: How you feel about the KKK

If you dont agree with the KKK why do you listen to them it
makes you a real woman to make fun of them behind their back
next time you hear something like that you disagree with
stand up and tell them look like ass holes and you'll see who
will be hanging from a tree

What did you mean by you knew he was the head dragon beacous
his knees were dirty ?

proud WHITE male

Rush has been a very busy little nazi.

He was all over the TV the weekend of the 15th.
First up was Evans & Novak on CNN.
Novak introduced Rush as "a famous and controversial man."
I guess the same could be said for OJ Simpson.

They played a tape of Rush when he was "Jeff Christie"
doing his "Award-winning" radio program.

Ha ha

He was feeding his oldies rock n roll crowd the same gop of
crap he feeds his ditto-monkeys NOW...

"Excellence in Broadcasting"
"I am God"
...and they think he's so honest and sincere, ha ha.

Then, for the first time in years, actual questions that
he was required to answer. Rush feels so uncomfortable when
others have access to a microphone. He has to cut back
on his nazi lies by about 80 percent. He knows if he doesn't,
Evans or Novak might say "What a big, fat lie, Rush!"

The grilling began...

Evans: Rush, do you give Clinton credit for anything?????
Rush: Not a thing.

Evans: He gets no credit for welfare reform?
Rush: Well, if you count signing the bill into law, maybe...

Evans: Bob Barr is calling for Clinton's impeachment.
Mr. Limbaugh, is Bob Barr sane?
Rush: Rollie, I'm not a doctor.

Evans: What should we do about Iraq?
Rush: I never said I knew anything about foreign policy.
In that regard, I'm like Ronald Reagan.
(Swear to Koresh, he said that. I have the tape.)

Evans: Wouldn't heavy bombing of Iraq cause a backlash?
Rush: It's tough to say.

Evans: So what do we do about Iraq?
Rush: Maybe we should ally ourselves with Iran.
THAT would stun the world.

(I wet my pants laughing when I heard him say that.
Swear to Koresh, you heard it too, right?
Hey, Prince of Whales. What happened LAST time a
Republican teamed up with a terror-nation like Iran?
It took several pardons to get out of that one, Porky.)

Novak: How do you feel about this Republican Congress?
Rush: I'm disappointed, I really am.

Novak: Didn't Gingrich stab you in the back when he went on
your show and promised he'd keep tax cuts alive but then
killed them a few days later?
Rush: I felt sort of betrayed, yes.

Evans: Would you rather New Jersey have a Democrat Governor?
Rush: No.
(This was the only firm answer he gave in either interview.)

Then, after Rush was gone, Evans said,
"So, Rush Limba says the economy is in great shape, but he refuses
to give ANY credit at all to the President of the United States...
How about that?"

Then, Rush on Meet the Press...

Russert: Rush, what should be done with Iraq?
Rush: We have a decision to make.

Russert: So, what do we do about Iraq?
Rush: Saddam is questioning our resolve.

Russert: Fine, but what should we be doing about it?
Rush: America is being put through a test.

Russert: So how should Clinton handle the problem?
Rush: This president needs to step up.

Russert: But how should Clinton proceed?
Rush: With leadership.

It got worse:

Russert: What's your take on Clinton talking to the gays?
Rush: I can tell you what my wife thinks about it...

Russert: So, what's your problem with gays?
Rush: Who, me? A problem with gays?

Russert: Will cultural issues be big in the year 2000?
Rush: They might be.

Russert: Rush, where do you stand on flying the Dixie Flag?
Rush: You're talking about multi-culturalism.

Russert: Who are you backing in the year 2000?
Rush: Steve Forbes is doing everything right.

Russert: Forbes? A contender? Are you serious? (laughs)
Rush: Well, ...they bought into Perot...(laughs)
(Ha ha, good one, Rush.)

See how non-controversial he is?
He backpedaled, keeping his usual string of bullshit quiet
since Russert was there and could immediately say
"Whoa, whoa! What the hell kind of big, nazi lie was that?"

Rush couldn't say any of his usual, wild, Dornan-type stuff,
because he knew Russert would nail him good and hard.
Rush isn't very entertaining unless he's free to change the
truth into something entertainingly outrageous.

Then... Arlington

Liddy started it, followed by Ollie North, and then
our Lying Nazi Whore took it to full flight.
Limba, especially, put his credibility on the line.

Ollie North, who remains the symbol of Semper Fi, even after
telling his Commander-in-Chief Ronald Reagan to fuck off,
was beating the drum like there was no tomorrow:

"Fat-cat donors and political contributors have been granted
exceptions to be buried in places like Arlington Cemetary."

No "maybe" about it.
No "reportedly" granted the exemptions.
No "perhaps" about the accusations.

All three big-money whores reported this as rock-solid fact.
And the ditto-monkeys ate it. Not only did they eat it,
but they ate it with a big spoon.

It doesn't matter if it's true, we're talking about the
President of the United States, so there's no need to check
any facts or even any need to say "some people alledge."

I'd never heard of Insight Magazine before, the magazine that
"broke" this story from "unnamed sources." I understand Insight
is an offshoot of the Moonie empire, like the Washington Times.

As always, Rush Limba was the worst of the bunch.
"Dozens of big-time Democratic donors bought their way
into Arlington, and Bill Clinton was their salesman."

Rush spent all day Wednesday, all day Thursday and all day Friday
giving his listeners an "accurate account" of Clinton's crimes.

Fat Bastard accused Bill Clinton of:

-selling Arlington Cemetary, grave by grave

again and again
(Remember, He's America's Truth Detector)

-peeing on the graves of our fallen soldiers.

over and over
(Remember, it takes COURAGE to hear the truth)

-mocking the most sacred, hallowed ground in America

over and over
(He's NOT making this up.)

-taking blood money to finance Hillary's agenda

again and again
(He's the Turnpike of Truth)

-laughing at America's most sacred values

over and over
(Courage, courage to hear the Truth)

Over and over,
again and again,
to highly-impressionable sheep

Feedbag, you're a bad, bad man.

Didn't your mother ever teach you about shame?
How different would your life have been if your momma
washed your filthy mouth out with soap a time or two?
Whipping those ditto-monkeys into a frenzy with lies.
Don't you have any sense of decency?
Buried deep?

Friday, amazingly, Whaleboy started hedging his slur:

"YOU PEOPLE better watch out and not get too upset
about this until we find out if it's true!!!!!"

Yep, Rush. You're right again.
After 9 looooooong hours of repeating that,
over and over, again and again,
over and over, again and again,
it's the ditto-monkey's fault for being upset, right?

How DARE they believe your lying ass?

Rush said "Watch the Sunday news shows. You're going to see
your favorite news sources maligned and denigrated because
they're not part of the dominant-culture-media-elite.
The mainstream media won't TOUCH this story,
because they want to protect Clinton, at any cost."

(Rush, the reason the "mainstream media" didn't report it,
is because it never fucking happened. Don't you know the
difference between a fact and a charge you WISH was true?)

Let's see what the lying, mainstream Sunday media said:
Russert asked Bob Novak and William Safire their opinion:

Novak: The whole story was nonsense, everybody looked bad on it,
it was started by the media and the Republicans.... ahhh...
STUPIDLY jumped right on it, it looks bad and it's a bad
chapter for any (Republican) involved.

(Close, Bob. It was started by those lying whores - Liddy,
North and Fat Bastard. These men get paid MILLIONS to say
the most outrageous things because the truth is so boring.)

Safire: The backlash is going to be "Oh, the mean Republicans
are making more false charges about President Clinton, so the
SERIOUS STUFF won't get any of the attention it deserves.

(Hey, Safire. It's not OUR fault that the GOP has cried "WOLF!"
a few thousand times too many. If the Republicans only asked
for an investigation when there was a shred of evidence,
Clinton would've had a quiet, hate-free presidency.)

Russert: So, the Republicans were stupid?
Novak: They sure were.

Now, either Safire and Novak are shills for Clinton,
or King Methane and his buddies have been caught lying again.

We all know that Rush tells clumsy lies in an entertaining way,
but aren't the ditto-monkeys even the least-bit upset that Rush
would use Arlington Cemetary to play his little slur games?

Same for Liddy and North, two "pro-military" men.
Liddy showed the class by which we've come to know him:
"This won't be over until we go to Arlington with shovels
and dig up Ambassador Lawrence, that son-of-a-bitch."

Careful, Gordon.
Impressionable, unstable sheep are listenting.
When they arrest a gang of headshot wannabes with shovels,
Liddy will say, "You're going to blame this ...on ME?"
Maybe I need to kick his ass again.

So, what's the GOP fallback position?
After he got caught, Rush tried to explain his behavior:

"The reason we went with this story is because we thought
it was probably true, because of all the other things
Clinton has been caught doing."

Oh, really?
Clinton has been caught doing a lot of "other things?"

Did he have to pay a $300,000 fine for lying?
No, that was Snoot Gingrich.

Did he have to resign the Presidency in disgrace?
No, that was Richard Nixon.

Did Clinton pardon his cabinet to forever bury the facts
surrounding the selling of weapons to terrorist Iran?
No, that was George Herbert Traitor Butch.

Did Clinton set the record for White House fund-raising?
No, that was Ronald Reagan.

The last four Republican presidents were all caught red-handed
with their pardons and their felonies, but they can't hang
a parking ticket on the most-investigated man in history,
yet they STILL claim Clinton has the most corrupt White House.

Rush is right about one thing:
Honor seems to be a thing of the past.

If they want to be dirty whores and lie for big wads of cash,
well... I guess in America, they have that freedom.
They can be as big a bunch of whores as the market will bear.

...but using the graves at Arlington?

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