Musings from the Heartland
                      by  Richard L. Fricker

                              We have embarked on another year with the planet still in orbit and the air
                      and water almost consumable. As we begin the solar mambo we are confronted
                      with some basic truths.
                              George W. Bush is President. We have, in recent days, declared the Almanac
                      a dangerous weapon, given the FBI secret powers to investigate ALL our
                      individual financial records---and it’s a crime to reveal that such an
                      investigation is taking place, and it need not be related to terrorism, we
                      are rounding up hundreds of dissidents in a foreign country and holding
                      them without charge or access to legal counsel, getting our own people
                      killed at the rate of about one a day, making fools of ourselves with friendly
                      nations by grounding their airlines mainly because Tom Ridge played Britney
                      Spears backwards.
                              About the Almanac business: Of course it’s silly to memo 18,000 law
                      enforcement agencies to say terrorists may be using Almanacs to plan
                      attacks. Hell, they may be using AAA if they want to pay the fee and
                      ask for a triptik.
                              The danger is not that this memo was conceived, written and
                      distributed by buffoons. The danger is---if they can warn about people
                      who carry Almanacs and everyone laughs, next time it can be something
                      a little more substantial, like say Hunting the President.
                              The precedent is set, everyone laughed, now “lets go after the real stuff.”
                              As to kicking down foreign doors in the night: We seem to be "arresting”
                      and “detaining” a lot of “suspected” terrorists. As in the case when the IDF
                      caps a “suspected” terrorist, has anyone seen ANY evidence as to why
                      these people are “suspected” of being “terrorists.” This might be useful
                      information in the near future, in case you get caught with a book on
                      the FBI “Terrorist Reading List.”
                              Where are these people being held? For how long and for whom? If Iraq
                      has a ruling council,  shouldn’t they be the ones arresting people?
                              This is starting to sound a lot like Argentina and Chile. Just how many
                      Jacobo Timerman’s are we holding.
                              Where is the outraged press? What happened to “comfort the afflicted
                      and afflict the comfortable”? It could be fair to said it died the day the press
                      decided to cash in on the big bucks.
                              Actually they didn’t cash in, they sold out.  And, they didn’t need the
                      Fascists that were standing there in hot pants and high heels waiting for a “date.”
                              The day Nina Totenburg told a group of private college school girls that
                      women reporters didn’t take after Janet Reno over Waco because, “She was a
                      stand up guy” was the day the music died. There are lots of other examples from
                      Iran-Contra forward, but basically it become profitable to pull down Bill Clinton’s
                      pants in public, because the right had money and they knew whores when they saw them.
                              So, where are we?
                               The press will not protect us, they’re too fat and getting fatter.
                              The administration looks upon the people only as fodder to buy goods and
                      die for corporations.
                              The bureaucracy sees the people only as steps while climbing the career
                      ladder, to grasp the all powerful retirement check and benefits----screw the
                      people they should have taken the civil service exam.
                              Law enforcement wants more power and money, law enforcement is as much
                      about money, power and retirement checks as any branch of government.
                              The judiciary? Good luck. Don’t expect very many elected judges to step
                      into the deep water with the neo-cons sharks about and don’t expect to see
                      many public defenders and citizen group lawyers getting appointed to the bench.
                              All in all it’s not looking good. Everyone knows the administration lies,
                      much like the crooked poker game, it’s the only game in town. The press
                      isn‘t around to say look what‘s happening, law enforcement isn‘t around
                      throwing white collars into the slammer for killing the environment and
                      being cheats, and the judiciary is not hauling cops, corporations or anyone
                      into court for lying, cheating or stealing if it‘s politically costly.
                      Remember poor boys get life, corporations get a life.
                              In order to join this march into fascism the people must control the ballot
                      box, while there is still no executive order saying that we are in such a crisis that
                      an election would be against national security.
                              This slowing process can best be accelerated by the Democrat hopefuls
                      getting their act together. It doesn’t matter if they use, paper, stone, scissors,
                      pick a ticket. This elongated primary stuff is b.s. at best.  It’s using up money
                      and party energy that should be used on Bush y su familia y amigos.
                              But, it won’t happen. Dubya and the first concubine Condie will likely be
                      the new ticket for 04. We will have our “jobless” recovering which means
                      nearly ten per cent of America will be out of work or underemployed, unless
                      they’re young and in the Army--oh yeah, they’ll be employed alright.
                              Don’t be surprised to see the public in general go along with Dubya and his
                      gang. The people best get the message out, long and loud, and time’s a wastin.
                              That having been said, I feel better, now everyone can go back to sleep.


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