Finding Bartcop Bush/Economy Predictions

In #677 (1/4/2001), Bartcop wrote:

"Somewhere in the back issues there's a rant about our idiot president. The rant goes something like this:
'I predict if Bush wins, the economy will go straight to hell.' It's probably in the summer of 2000, and that's
 a big haystack.... There are two catches: First catch: The winner must post the answer on the BartCop Forum...
That way there's no dispute as to who found it first. Second catch: It has to be the right rant. There are doubtless
 similar rants posted over the last two years, so I will have to be the judge of whether or not it's the right rant."

Several people found some fun quotes in the back issues, but so far - not the one I'm looking for.

On 1/4/2002 at 4:19 pm, iamkirok wrote:

"Could it be issue 237?"

In #237 (8/3/2000), Bartcop wrote:

 Maybe if we elect Smirk n' Dick, they could screw up the economy to where there are no jobs to go to and
 these young, talented men would stay single, in the Army making shit-wages and therefore build up the military.

That's *a* rant, but I think there's a better (and earlier) candidate:

In #208 (6/3/2000), Bartcop wrote:

Vote Smirk 2000! ... Gov Bush is going to fix America! You know how I know? Because everyone is
real tired of Bill, Hillary, Al Gore and all that goddamn peace and prosperity! ... What this country needs
is a big-ass war, where hundreds of soldiers die, so we can feel good about ourselves again. (We've seen
what peace has done to their morale...) We need those Reagan unemployment lines again, so our children
can once again regain their moral footing. Nothing builds character in a child like a Great Depression.
Maybe Dad will be laid off for the first time in 8 years, too. And Mom can get her job back as a waitress
at the bowling alley, so we can get some human dignity back in our lives. After all, that whole American
Dream thing is the Devil's workshop.

So that's *my* entry.


From MarzipanFruit
I've gotta come up with something after four hours of searching... January 5 2002, 7:44 AM

Vol 156:

If we get a Republican in the White House, here's what will happen ...
The increased spending and inevitable cost-overruns cause a bigger deficit than expected,
which in turn triggers a small recession and inventories start to pile up.

Then, the GOP cuts taxes for the ultra-rich, scaring the hell out of Wall Street because it signals to them
that Reagan's trickle down monster has pulled the stake out of its chest and is showing unhealthy signs of life, causing a full-blown selling panic on Wall Street which wipes out most of the life-savings the grey-haired
Americans have counted on for their final years as a wave of uncertainty washes over America.

With the stock market dropping faster than Dr. Laura's panties, money tightens up. With inventories up,
business gets caught in the squeeze which begins the inevitable cycle of layoffs which slows the economy
even further and creates a rising spiral of bigger layoffs and bigger-every-month unemployment reports.


This was pretty good too (Vol 300):

Some last-minute questions for Smirky

Are the fundamentals of our economy currently strong? Is there any warning you'd like to give the
American people TONIGHT about any economic turbulence in the near future? (This question must
be asked NOW, because if he wins, he and his apologists will blame his recession of 2002-2004 on
"the weak economy inherited from Clinton.")

From  mortfrom

January 5 2002, 10:30 AM

From Volume 221:
I know Gore can win this election without any help from Ol' BartCop.
But I'm going to write a zinger for him to use against Smirk.

Here's the deal:
They're in the last debate, and some pundits score it even.
Smirk makes his pitiful pitch for why he's the best man to drive the bus.
Gore has three minutes to close and the debate's over.
Here's what he says:

"So help me God."

Do you remember hearing those words from Governor Bush?

What he said was, "Tax cuts - so help me God."
Tax cuts are very important to the Republican party.

But we all know if he cuts taxes, the oil companies will be a big beneficiary.
He will be taking money from Social Security and Medicare and giving it to the oil companies.
By cutting taxes, our fight against the deficit will slow down.
When Wall Street sees the government is no longer serious about dealing
with our national debt, they will get nervous.

Besides, if he cuts taxes, what if that action had the unforseen side effect
of stimulating this heavy-steaming Clinton-Gore economy?
If that happened, the Fed would raise interest rates, drying up funds for the farmers
and the small businessman, all so his rich, Texas oil company contributors can
have a big tax break while it costs you $55 to fill up your gas tank?

We can't afford to risk this country's economy on a risky tax-cut scheme for the rich.
We can't afford to risk your future on this "tax cuts, so help me God" idea.
Say "Yes" to continued funding for Medicare, Social Security and the environment.
Say "Yes" to fiscal responsibility and continued peace and prosperity.

Look at it this way:
Did Gov Bush say, "I'll protect Social Security, so help me God?"
No, he didn't say that.

Did Gov Bush say, "I'll protect Medicare, so help me God?"
No he didn't say that.

Did Gov Bush say, "I'll protect the environment, so help me God?"
No he didn't say that.

Did Gov Bush say, "I will continue to pay down the Reagan/Bush debt, so help me God?"
No, he didn't say that.


So, ...I'm asking for your vote in November.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you my word that if you elect me,
I'll pay down the Reagan/Bush debt,
I'll continue the Clinton-Gore record of surpluses, not deficits,
I'll continue the Clinton-Gore Miracle. help me God.

Al, use it if you need it, Buddy.

So that's my entry.
If it's before 178, I get kind of wobbly getting too close to 100, so I just won't go any farther.

ha ha

 This is turning out to be tougher than I thought it was.
 It doesn't help that my search engine sucks, either.

 I seem to remember the phrase "six months" being in the article we're looking for.
 I remember saying something about, "If the economy goes bad a year or two after
 Bush (or the GOP nominee) gets in office, I won't blame him as much, but if things
 go bad in 90 days or six months (which is what happened) then it's all on them."

 So I did a search for "six months" and got 132 entries, which is any mention of the word
 "six" or the word "months."

 I have two goals here:
 I really, really want to find that article cause it makes me look smart when I'm not.
 (Always bet on the GOP to fuck up quickly and horribly)
 And I also want to give away some great chocolate!

 Maybe every week it doesn't show up I should add a pound of chcocolate?

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