Predictions of Cheney's Demise
     by Geneva Clark astrologer

Hi BC,
Remember Jack in Dallas who said:
Subject: My Big Political Prediction for the New Year...

I predict that by the end of the year, Dick Cheney will resign for health reasons.

This will be to cover up his connections with Enron, of course, but he ll just say
that his heart can t take it anymore, and that he will have served his purpose by
hiding out during the War on Terra.   You can take it to the bank


The Official BartCop Astrologer, yours truly, predicted the same thing in my MARCH 2001 issue
of the Opinion Page.  Nearly 1 year ago.  This is an excerpt from that same issue:

"In the December issue of the Opinion Page, I mentioned that, due to the stealthy influence of the planets,
Mars and Pluto, representing the VP in the Libra Ingress Chart, it didn't bode well for Cheney continuing in
office. I still stand by my assertion that he will either suffer a health set back that will compromise his
ability to further serve in this capacity, thus forcing his resignation. Or, he will actually die in office. But the
chart shows a removal of some kind. In February we discussed, along with mention of Mary Jarvis'
excellent and informative article in Dell Horoscope mentioning the fact that she believes, as do other
astrologers, including yours truly, that George W. Bush will not complete his term in office. Maybe it is
time to discuss the possibility of a replacement for Dick Cheney. Just in case there might be something to
this astrology business after all!"

What I actually said, in part, in that December 2000 issue was:

"...the planets have a story and a message for all of us; it's just a matter of interpretation. Continuing with
the Capricorn Ingress chart, Pluto, in the VP Eleventh, is being opposed by Jupiter, the planet of expansion
and excess. This aspect may indicate that Cheney's condition will worsen while he is in office. By the way,
in the Libra Ingress chart Mars and Pluto, the two planets representing the VP are in a hard square, with
6 degrees separating them. The time of six months from the beginning of the September Libra Ingress chart,
or March 2001, is very significant and challenging, healthwise, for Dick Cheney, as we shall see."

The December 2000 issue is particularly significant because Cheney underwent cardic surgery, in March 2001,
just as I wrote, and then had the "Pacemaker Plus" implanted in June 2001.  I invite all BartCop readers to go to
the Opinion Page and click on the Back Issues button and read, in full, the December 2000 and March 2001 issues.

Looks like Astrology is ahead of the pack;
if we're going to make predictions, let's give credit where credit is due.



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