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  The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
  An evil soul producing holy witness
  Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
  A goodly apple rotten at the heart:
  O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!
                                                    ~The Merchant of Venice

It is very hard to imagine there are so much blindness, ignorance, and hatred in this country.  How can anyone with a conscience support these Smirk nominations?  I am beyond insulted.  Where are the Republicans who are outraged by everything that is happening in this country?  Are they standing behind their party?  Is their party standing behind the New Hampshire Cop Killer Supporter new member of the Legislature Tom Alciere?

I'll get to Ashcroft, but for that I need to squirrel away more energy.

Let's take a look first at Linda Chavez, the Bush-Select choice for Department of Labor:

Linda Chavez.  The more that comes out about this woman, the more of a slap in the face to American workers it is from the Bush-Select administration.  This is a woman, a woman, who has dismissed the notion that women face a "glass ceiling" in the workplace and suggested that the rising number of sexual harassment lawsuits has made America "a nation of crybabies."   Oh really Linda?  Lucky you.  I guess that means you don't know anyone who’s been harassed, or not gotten every job promotion they've ever wanted.  Or rather perhaps, your circle doesn't need to worry about bosses or co-workers asking if you're wearing underwear under your slacks, since they don't see a Visible Panty Line, or ever really esteemed to be the CEO, since they are far happier staying at home, making babies and being good little Donna Reed wives.  Here is a news flash:  Staying at home has become a luxury not available to MOST women in America.  Unlike you Linda, MOST women don't make even a small fraction of your salary, and many make minimum wage.  Have you ever tried to support just yourself on the minimum wage let alone any part of a family?  My guess is no, since she thinks raising it would be a "bad policy".

Chavez wrote in August that - "Union members are hardly representative of the American working public,"  Really??? Let's see: I am currently a member of three entertainment unions, SAG, AEA & AGVA, and if I get any more employment under AFTRA jurisdiction am now a must join (if you need this defined, write me & I'll explain it).  And since acting doesn't regularly pay even a meal, I have had many other day jobs while supporting my acting career. In those various jobs I've had over my lifetime so far, I have also been a member of The Service Employees & The Teamsters (Disneyland), and IATSE (Universal Studios).  I have not sought jobs because of unions - they seem to find me. They have all been as varied as the roles I've played, from waitress to travel agent, and from Beauty Consultant/Make-Up Artist to Software Technical Support.  During my 2nd marriage, because my husband was relocated several times by his company, I didn't have the luxury of maintaining employment with one company, I had to start over in each state we were moved to. I am only one working women in America; think there might be others like me?

Then there is the Guatemalan woman who Chavez harbored illegally.  (Spare me the 'Act of Compassion' speech. According to officials with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, it is against the law to give housing to a known illegal immigrant.  Against the law. Period.)  So, being that she did odd jobs for Chavez, but did not receive payment, sounds a bit like slavery to me, which should please John Ashcroft greatly.

Do a search for Linda Chavez on yahoo and you'll find this little gem:  http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/chavez1.asp    This is Linda's column form December 29th, 2000 on the Jewish World Review.  The title is "Five mistakes I hope not to repeat in 2001".  In it there are all kinds of little whinings but the one I found most disturbing is a bit that surely makes her most likely not very popular with the Humane Society:

"Naming the dog after a former president: What seemed like a great moniker for a 12-week-old pup sounded a bit foolish months later when I stood in my front yard at 3:00 a.m. yelling "Reagan" at the top of my lungs. Then there was the problem of finding a place to board Reagan when I went out of town. It turns out the only kennel in the area is run by a Reagan-hating Democrat. Or worse yet, I never could get the terrified UPS man to believe that the snarling, 75-pound beast who would keep him at bay on the front porch would back off if he'd just say: "Sit, Reagan, sit." After nightmares of mauled neighbors and million-dollar lawsuits, I've sent Reagan back to his breeder -- who, I hope, will find a good Republican home for him."

 So, tell me Linda, have you ever considered rescuing an animal yourself like from a local animal shelter, or do they employ too many Democrats?  And just wondering, how old was this 75lb dog unfortunate enough not to land in the home of someone who had the patience to do a little training?  Was he still young enough to get adopted quickly after you decided he was too much of a handful?  Did he get adopted at all?  Did you check? How do you fell about children who are too much of a handful?

Just wondering.


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