Catholic-bashing BartCop
   by John F Abbick

Two Bartcop quotes:

“In the real world, sexual predators have to register with the local police department.
But in the world of Catholics, they just rape and rape and rape and rape and rape.
That’s how Catholics DO things.”

Yes, I stand accused of things that I've written.
You're saying the stories are all false? All of them?
Why is the Church constantly paying huge sums of money in damages to families with little boys?
The first step to curing the problem is admitting it exists.

“Words mean things.”

 I agree.

I can only conclude that you really believe Catholics are rapists.  That is what the first quote says.
Does that include Oskar Schindler?  Does that include Archbishop Oscar Romero?
Does that include John F. Kennedy or Robert Kennedy?  Words mean things.

The Church, as an institution, promotes rape.
You might use "turns their backs on" where I used "promotes," but a Church shouldn't be
in a position where we have to bandy about which term applies more accurately.
Catholics shouldn't be associated with child rapists in any way.
Am I alone in that thinking?
They help the rapists hide and they help them escape.
I condemn that.
If you were thinking straight, you'd condemn that, too.

The actions of John Geoghan are criminal and the repeated failures
of his superiors to take appropriate precautions are even more so.

"failure to take precautions?"
They took very specific actions - relocating these rapists to new, target-rich environments.
What a nice spin you've put on their mortal sins of promoting rape.
When you wrote this, were you too angry to make sense?

Of course it makes me angry and very sad as well. The guilty, after due process, should be punished.
Nobody will dispute that.  But, not content with pointing out the problem,  you had to smear all Catholics.
That is bigotry, pure and simple.

It wasn't my intention to smear every Catholic - just the ones in charge, and those who remain silent.
EVERYBODY knows this has been happening for decades, and each time they act so surprised.
Tell me - why do you support a church that promotes such inhuman crimes against the most innocent?
Have you ever written to the Church, asking them to stop doing this?
Don't you love your Church enough to ask them to stop?
Why don't you insist they stop?

You've written to me twice to complain - have you written to them?

Your history of Catholic-bating is extensive and well documented and you now use the suffering of this
sick priest’s victims as opportunity to scream over and over again and again and again and again to the
world that you were right about the Catholic Church all along--and we are supposed to believe your
outrage is fueled purely by your compassion for Geoghan’s victims?

My outrage is fueled by the insanity of watching this happen decade after decade.
I shouldn't have to hold the Church's feet to the fire on child rape.
YOU and active Catholics should be doing that - not me.
I don't attend church and I have no kids - I don't have a horse in this race.
I'd rather attack other institutions, but if you're asking me to refrain from pointing out
these organized and continuing Catholic-sponsored crimes - you ask too much

You leave MUCH to dispute, or has an IQ of 64 conferred papal infallibility on you?

I think your reaction to the truth is typical of most Catholics.
You pretend this is some strange, one-in-a-million aberration.
You hope the attacks don't continue, but does hoping help anyone?.
You're letting down those little kids who need help.
In your original letter, you failed to take a stand - you just threw a fit my way.
How did that help?

“Coward’s way out”?  Excuse me, but I use my real name--I don’t hide behind a cute trademark like “BartCop”.
I am a Vietnam veteran and I don’t have to defend myself against charges of cowardice from an arrmchair patriot
who spent the war “celebrating” two broken femurs.

ha ha
Yeah, I intentionally broke my femur twice to avoid the war.
It's the old "spend the war in a body cast" trick that's so popular these days.
Jesus, I may be stupid, but I'm not that stupid.

Nor do I have to waste my time “debating” an ex-Catholic trying to dignify his bigotry by calling it atheism.
I’m not one of your ass-kissing ditto monkeys and I’m not about to keep quiet while your spread your “horseshit” .

John, you must not understand the position you're in.
You say you refuse to remain silent while I point out the priest/sex problems the Church has,
but haven't you remained silent about these repeated, organized child rapes?

Can I get an answer on that?
Yes or no, have you spoken out against these ongoing, organized continuing child rapes?

How often have you peppered the archdiocese with demands to end these unspeakable crimes?
Could you forward me some of the e-mails you sent, demanding that the Church end their cycle of sex abuse?

No, you're too busy busting BartCop's balls for bringing up the subject.
How dare I mention that these crimes are being routinely covered-up by the Church.

Too bad you don't have the same vitriol for the child rapists as you do for the guy who says "Child rape is wrong."
You can make me the issue if you want, but that just provides smoke for the priests to continue their crimes.
Yeah, maybe you could form a "BartCop-haters Club" and spend time whining about me
while those sex-starved bastards continue to erupt in the rectums of four-year olds.

When did the truth become a problem for me? Haw!  When did I stop beating my wife?

When I wrote that, you had yet to admit the attacks even existed.
Since you now have, that's no longer a valid point - appreciate the honesty.

Complex questions, ad hominem attacks, red herring distinctions and so on ad nauseam.   That’s how you “debate”.
You pulled that sort of crap during your last “debate” with Margaret Shemo and she left you on the end of the line,
hooked and squirming like the slimy thing you are, only you were too dumb to realize it.

It was tough losing Margaret.
Like you, she was once a friend.
There's a lot about the Shemo debates you don't know.
For some reason, Margaret's favorite target changed from Laura the panty dropper to me, her publisher.
Hey, I'll admit I'm opinionated, but there's no reason anyone should attack me for having opinions.
Don't you agree?

After a while, I gave up and wrote her an apology, ...even tho I didn't think I did anything wrong.
You know me, ...always reasonable, ...fair and balanced...
Her reply contained another attack, so I broke off communications with her.
The whole thing ended up a lose-lose for everybody.
That's a shame. I really liked her writing.

Truth?  You woudn’t know truth if it came up and bit you in your tequila-soaked ass.
Dignity? Accountability?  Credibility?  Don’t make me laugh.

No, ...I said I had more than the Catholic Church.
You see, ...I haven't raped anybody, and I haven't covered up rapes for anybody and I haven't
had to pay damages in dozens of cities because I've never given a safe haven to a serial rapist.
So, yes, compared to those who promote rape, I'm Mr Dignity, Mr Accountability and Mr Credibility.

By the way, since your head is so clearly out of the sand, just what is YOUR “solution”?

Good God, you mean you actually want to know?
You'd agree to stop the personal attacks long enough to have a conversation with me?
I'm impressed.

The answer is simple - let priests date and let them get married.
That solves EVERYTHING except for the less-than-one-percent who are somehow
genetically wired to only have sex with kids - obviously a tiny, tiny minority.
But no.

The Church insists on their "all-male traditions" and that's causing the problem.
The Church could fix this before the end of business today - but they don't want to.
If a priest has a regular (and normal) sexual outlet, he won't look for an unnatural sexual outlet.
If I can figure that out - why can't you?  ...and why can't they?

Should we “glass” all Catholic churches along with the child molesting priests
and their congregations full of rapists?

No, just the child molesting priests and those who conspire to hide their dirty and dangerous secrets.

But, that what this is about?
You're a dove and you've been stewing and festering over that "glass 'em" comment
I made under duress four months ago?

You already have my address, but keep the money.
Your limp little hammer needs all the help it can get.


John, your last sentence was your most accurate.
My hammer is small and it is limp, but it's getting bigger.

So, ...let's recap:

I said: Catholics were promoting rape and they need to stop.

You said: I was a bigot, a Catholic-bater (sic), you accused others of being "ass-kissing ditto monkeys,"
then you called me "a slimy thing who was too dumb to realize it."

...and you say I have a caustic debating style?

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