All in all, a great year...
    by John Johnson

Weak 'N Stupid wasn't lying...or even off track. Listen to what he said.
It has been a great year for HIM... and indeed it has...

Imagine running for President of the greatest country on the planet, and
upon losing, having five old back-slappin' friends of your papa declare you
the WINNER anyway! Only in America... where at least I'm proud I'm free...

Imagine getting the kind of "inside information" other business crooks only DREAM of
in just one well-timed meeting with "Kenny-Boy" Lay, right in your own oval-shaped office,
allowing you and your friends to sell all your Enron stock at an ENORMOUS profit.

Imagine finding yourself flagging in opinion polls one day, then basking in the pain and suffering
of others to reap 90% approval ratings, scoring an apparent "...trifecta"!

Imagine the "media" ignoring both your obvious connections to the Enron debacle, and your
obvious connections to the apparent CAUSE of 9/11, the scaling-back of U.S. sponsored
efforts to fight the Al Queda terror network so a couple of your campaign contributor buddies
could reap a huge profit on an oil pipeline instead!

The list goes on...

Indeed, if you are GW Bush, it has been one awesome, banner year to remember.


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