Subject: Ootie & Kootie

I highly doubt that President Bush made a direct call to a commander in Iraq telling him
to "drag" Oday and Qusay through the streets in some sort of over-exaggerated celebration.

No, what Bush did was a thousand times worse.
He put their disfigured corpses on every television screen on the planet Earth.
Bush never does anything on a small scale - except think.

All this is just hearsay and another democratic ploy to try and bring shame and disgrace to
another republican leader because they lost the last presidential election and are just trying
to gain votes for the next one.

No Democrat could possibly bring shame to a Bush.
Their brazen thefts, their murderous (and public) crime sprees and their nonsense reasons for
invading and bombing Baghdad are worse than anything a Democrat could do to him.

Bush took the most respected and envied nation in the world and made us the most hated.
Did you see the Brit poll that said Bush was the most dangerous man on Earth, followed by Blair and then Osama?

While the President believed there were WMDs in Iraq, but as it turns out there was nothing to find.

I agree with the second part, but Bush knew all along Saddam had no WMDs.

When he told the Newsweek reporter, "Fuck him - we're taking Saddam out,"
it was pretty clear this was a personal vendetta to steal Iraq's oil.

Hell, Powell told the Saudis in 2001 that "Saddam was contained and posed no threat,"but sometimes when
a man has a raging hardon, nothing will stop him until he has his release, kinda like those House Managers in 1998.

On top of all that you have the gall to say there was no goddamn reason for the death of Osay and Qusay?
You frickin' idiot!!

Listen here, son, I'm going easy on you because I respect the uniform.
Don't push your luck, cause I can flame on without notice.

Maybe you and I think their deaths were justified - but who are we?
Why is it up to America to invade a soverign nation and murder the kids of the ruler?

What if we weren't King Shit of nuclear weapons delivery?
What if we were just a small country without any WMDs and the armies of Europe got together
(Hey, stop laughing - this is just an hypothetical) and said since Bush was killing black men at the rate
of one every other week, Texas should be invaded and George the-mass-murderer Bush would be
 chased into a spider hole and his kids would be hunted down by the invading army, then killed and put
on display so people around the globe could see pictures of the bodies of Jenna and Barbara Bush?

Would you be as gung-ho to see that happen if we were the weaker country? You seem to forget
that EVERY country in the world, save Tony Blair and whoever that guy is from Spain BEGGED
Bush not to act like a drunken cowboy shooting up a tavern in the wild west on a Saturday night.
The arrogance that Bush (and you?) think the whole world is wrong and we're right is further proof.

Open your eyes and mind and think of how many innocent people those two killed all by themselves!!

That is a failed argument, because it says we will invade and kill ANY tyrant who kills the innocent.
Why aren't we in North Korea, Syria, Eqypt and most countries in Africa?
More important, why was Cheney doing business with Ootie, Kootie and their father?

I might see it your way if the president's children grew up to be mass-murderers and started their own
little genocide campaign.

So explain why the civilized countries refused to go along with this "obvious" scenario of yours.
Our very best friends, Germany, Italy, France, Japan etc all begged Bush to put his prick away.
By the way, it turns out France was right. Are you one of those crazies who refused to eat French Fries
because you though what - out potatos* come from France?.

I miss Dan Qualye.
He was almost as stupid as Bush - but he didn't murder anybody.

You may or may not believe this but 9-11 opened our eyes and awoke the
public to one of the world's largest terrorist training grounds in the world.

Wrong again.
They still haven't found a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam and Bush has admitted that in public.
Don't you own a TV or read the newspapers?  Even Bush's good puppy media covered that disaster.

Show some respect for the man that the country chose to represent us.

I have respect for Al Gore - how did he get in this conversation?
Bush lost the popular vote, remember? If it wasn't for his crooked brother and a "Tenth Amendment"
court who threw out the Tenth Amendment, the guy with the most votes would've been sworn in.
I have no respect for the fool Poppy Bush's judges appointed over the wishes of the voters.

Gore would have invaded Iraq just like Bush did.

Not true. I believe Gore would do what Clark says he would've done, which is to invade Afghanistan and
hunt down bin Laden, whatever it took, something Bush promised to do. A big difference between our
positions is I want Osama caught or killed and you want to "save the children" who were sitting on Bush's oil.

The only difference is that Bush did it because he got elected and Gore didn't.

You know that's not true, but I won't change your mind, so OK.

You should just support our troops who are out there everyday supporting you.

I support the tropps, but they aren't there for me. There are there because they took an oath to
follow orders of their CiC, but they didn't know he was a crooked bastard when they took that oath,
They're being ordered to secure those oil fields for Bush at a cost of 496 men so far.

Let me ask you a few questions:
1. When they build the Iraqi War memorial in DC, do you think we should have more or fewer names on it?
2. How many lost soldiers are you willing to tolerate?     1,000?    3,000?    10,000?   25,000?
    Knowing Bush, the BFEE owns a granite processing plant near Washington DC.
3. Are you willing to put your life on the line to take out EVERY evil dictator, or just the ones with oil?
4. Do you admit or deny that America is now the world's most hated and feared nation?
5. Do you admit or deny Bush raised the terror alert level after Saddam was in custody?
6. If Saddam was high on our scary list, why aren't we safer now that he's behind bars?

I guess I must allow for the possibility that you know men who have died in Iraq, and thus have
told yourself that this MUST be a noble invasion or their deaths would have been seen as pointless.
If that's the case, I feel badly for you, but getting another 500 men killed isn't going to help anybody
but the stockholders in the BFEE mutual fund.

And another point, the next time you're at the gas pump filling your vehicle with some $1.65 per gallon fuel
and are pissed about the high prices and how terrible of a job Bush is doing with the economy, just imagine
your fuel prices being 3 or 4 dollars per gallon because some mass-murderering idiot in Iraq is being stupid.

Pure imagination - absolutely pure.
Saddam has been murdering the innocent since before he teamed up with Bush the Smarter.
Who told you gas would go to $4 if we didn't invade Baghdad - Rush or Hannity?

Then tell me that this war in Iraq is pointless

Yes, it's a very pointless, costly, unnecessary, bloody, family-destroying war.
Are you one of those soliders who likes war?.

and that you don't even care about all the Iraqi people who were murdered under Saddam's reign.

There you go again, using one of Bush's ever-changing lies about why we went to war. Bush said we HAD to
go to war, and RIGHT AWAY, and there was NO TIME to wait for the UN inspectors because Saddam was
about to launch.  When that turned out to be a big-ass lie, Bush and talk radio and the networks and the big papers
changed the reason to "we wanted to help the little children."

Can't you tell when you're being hosed?
You're willing to risk your life for a blood-thirsty crook who's lies killed 500 of your brothers?

That you can even think this war was not inevitable makes you and the UN sound bad.

I admit the war was inevitable, because once Bush made up his mind in January of 2001 that he was going to
"fuck Saddam and take him out," that was GOING to happen because Bush loves to kill when he's sober.

A ruler and his sons who kill 1000's of innocent citizens whether it be in his country or not, is not just the
business of that country it's the other countries' responsibilities to stand up for those people and put a stop to it.

So why was Cheney making Saddam stronger my selling him newer and better oil field equipment?
That's proof that they didn't care about the mass murders.
Cheney made the murderer richer and stronger.
What's wrong with you that you can't see that?

Are you claiming Cheney did NOT do business witrh Saddam in the 90s?
Or do you admit he did, but have a reason that explains why it was OK?
If it's the latter, I'd sure like to hear your reason.

No matter how much you love Bush, you have to admit Clinton's lies killed nobody, and they impeached him.
Bush's lies have killed 500 on just our side and maybe 10,000 on the side you claim he wanted to save.
Do facts mean anything to you, PFC Green?

Thank you,
PFC Green

You were mostly polite and I enjoyed the exchange.
I salute your decision to enter the Army and serve your country, but I wish you could answer
these very simple questions before you're forced to take a bullet for the Bush War Machine.

Remember, they can't make any money while we're at peace.
As long as we're at war, the Bush Family Evil Empire is making/stealing billions.


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