Subject: Your language

 Bart, Why do you have to call a female columnist a
 "whore" and a "slut" when you take issue with her?

 I think it's clear.
 In my opinion, she sold her pride and her dignity to the highest bidder and I think
 that makes her a whore.  In my opinion, she's telling poorly-written lies and she was
 so lazy - she didn't even put any thought into it. She didn't put half of the work into
 that third-class column that I put into a no-time-to-read-it rant on

 That resonates with the same sort of ancient thinking that permitted Clinton to
 nearly get run from office over a blow job.

 You're saying I need to be more polite?
 I've heard that from others...

 It is also incredibly sexist.

 How so?
 I call the Pigboy and Hannity "whores" all the time.
 How is it sexist?

 You are quite capable of articulating your points with verve and wit without
 bringing things to such a base and anachronistic level.

 I was angry when I wrote that.
 You could probably tell.

 This is a true, Pigboy flashback:
 A long, long time ago, maybe ten years back, he was being horribly unfair to somebody innocent,
 maybe it was around the time he called Chelsea, "the White House dog," and someone called in and said,
"Rush, why do you have to be such a vile and disgusting pig? You're better than that,"
 and without thinking, Rush said, "I am not!"

 ha ha

 If you can't keep from expressing such misogynist views...

 In case you didn't know, misogynist means "hatred of women."
 I submit your diagnosis of my attutude towards women is in error.
 I believe your opinion of same is based on something other than the record,
 and your knowledge of my inner thinking can perhaps best be described as parochial

 ...for any other reason then please remember that women represent a crucial
 (not to mention gigantic) portion of the coalition we need to put together to beat Bush.

 Who said this was about her being a woman?
 If you see "whore" and "woman" as the same word, maybe the problem's not on my end. (mostly joking)

 Each time you lazily reduce your arguments to derogatory sexist remarks, you severely compromise
 all the rest of your good work as  well as insult a large portion of your readers and listeners.

 I should've called her a "prostitute" or a "sellout?"
 Where can I get a list of acceptable phrases to use that express outrage - yet anger nobody?

 And hey - call me anything but lazy.
(Clinton's voice) "I've never worked harder on anything in my life than I'm working now."

 We should be working for a world in which women can state their opinions without fear of being called
 inaccurately vile names. I like women  too much to reduce them to sexually demeaning slurs
 and if you think about it, I bet you do, too.

 There you go again.
 I wasn't attacking her for being a woman.
 I attacked her for her assertion that wearing a sweater in New Hampshire in January
 means Clark's going after the goddamn Madonna vote.

 You think that horseshit should remain unaddressed?
 Whoops, ...I did it again.

 And while we're at it, I understand that you have at least tried to provide context for your use
 of the "N' word but it doesn't always work. When it doesn't, it inflicts needless injury on many
 more innocent people. Why risk injuring innocents? 

 The only way I can avoid "injuring" somebody is to stop writing.

 It's not like I'm grabbing ancient history and pulling it back onto the stage.
 I'll bet Bush and Cheney use the "N" word as often as I use "Dude."

 If a women or a minority happens to be in the wrong, then by all means they deserve to be hammered.
 With logic, wit and reason. It would be bigoted to fail to challenge such individuals. But even the most
 scurrilous behavior does not justify the continued use of terminology that has been essential to
 oppressive scum for centuries.

 I realize you're trying to be clear, but where is the danger of reminding readers that we're up against
 ...gee, I'm afraid to use any harsh words...

 ...people who dislike black people they've never met with an intensity that would seem to defy logic.

 Who wrote that last sentence?
 That wasn't me talking.

 Just some thoughts from an ally and a friend.
 Glad to see you found some help with the computer nightmare.

 PS- OK, OK. Coulter is the exception that proves the rule!

 Hmmm. so it's OK on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but not on the weekend?
 I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this subject.

 To some extent you're asking me to candy-coat THEIR rhetoric and I don't think they deserve my protection.
 Maybe "nigger" isn't used every other word in NY, but in Oklahoma they use it like "Y'all."

 In my mind, I'm pulling the mask off the GOP.
 People should be reminded of how they really think.
 Some people think severe racism stopped in 1965.

 Maybe you see less of that where you live,
 Thanks for the pointers.



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