What They Should Have Asked
 by Rackjite

Sen Leahy:  Senator Jite, you may address the witness.

Sen Jite:  Ashcroft you bonehead, I am going to treat you more ethically, kindly
and fairer than you treated Ronnie White and many others in the position you now
find yourself in. I will limit my comments to just a few questions.

First I would like your help with a personal problem I have in understanding so
much of today's Christianity. I was brought up a good Catholic, but it seems I
missed something, or perhaps, I may have been brainwashed by local priests. They
taught me to believe Christianity was based upon the mercy, peace, love,
compassion and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and his Virgin Mother; mostly in
regards to the boy's execution and his mother's subsequent sorrow and strength.
I also remember a short prayer we recited all the time. It ended with the words:
"And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." I
didn't know at the time that it was just a local ditty, unknown prayer outside
my little suburban Dioceses cult up North.

I understand what you are most about, your passion above all else is your
Christianity. Perhaps the most important of your political issues is your
promotion and what seems to be, intense personal thirst, for more and faster
executions [seeming to be the impetus in your borking of Ronnie White]. Also if
you will, explain your advocacy for the proliferation of hand guns, assault
rifles and the most deadly ammunition. Please rationalize these views in regards
to the teachings of your Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you.

Was your borking of Ronnie White because he judged against the death penalty three times out of 57?
Because he was an uppity Negro?  Or because slapping an uppity Negro around and pandering
to executions would help you get the vote of most people in Missoura?

You mean to sit there and look American in the eye and say you still don't know what
Southern Partisan magazine is all about? I suppose you have that right, but God man,
please don't ever give us any of your crap about lying on the stand, or table or whatever.

Do you have anything from either Jesus Christ or the Bible that references abortion?
I can't seem to find anything.

Considering your slack support of Civil Rights, your past defense of segregation,
your fight against busing and your strong opposition to Affirmative Action, I would like
you to read the following quote out loud for us. Then comment on what you think it means.
If you give us the honest answer I would appreciate it if you would tell us if it will affect
your present public support of the author.

"A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of
years must now do something special for the Negro." Dr. Martin Luther King.

And lastly, after you're confirmed by all of us White people here,
will you return home and pour Crisco over your head.
If so, could I be invited to takesome pictures.

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