The Angels Are Crying
Issue #120

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

Great McWhore Quotes

The night of the ruling, Susan Carpenter McWhore was doing a remote
for Larry King, under an umbrella in the rain, outside Paula's house.
She said, "The angels were crying" at the "bad" ruling against Paula.

Ha ha

Susan, thank Koresh you're on THEIR side...

I guess I'm the only Democrat who's angry about the ruling.

Hey, Judge Wright!
What the hell took you so damn long?

"Plaintiff Jones failed to demonstrate she has a case."

Your Honor,
If Penthouse Paula didn't have a case, why did you drag the country
through 4 years of "What's the odd thing about Clinton's cock?"

In Knuckledrag, Oklahoma, they call that "Bullshit!"
What are you, like... stupid?


...I don't guess I can stay too upset about the ruling...
Victory can be intoxicating.

So can Kahlua and Stoli Gold.
We partied like teenagers that night.

True Fun Quotes

"This ruling has a devestating psychological effect on Starr's investigation.
Picking at the entrails of a dead thing is tough for a prosecutor."

--Steve Ryan, former federal prosecutor

Did you see Gennifer Flowers on the WrestleMania Pay-Per-View?
I missed it.

I heard just before the main event, the bout between Shawn Michaels and
Stone Cold Steve Austin, Gennifer Flowers had sex with her snake.

Can anyone confirm?

Now that she's yesterday's disgrace,
will Paula Jones will be doing wrestling events, too?

I know!

How about a tag-team match with Gennifer Flowers and Penthouse Paula
against Joey Buttafuco and John Wayne Bobbitt?

That way, the girls might gain a small measure of self-respect.

...and maybe Gennifer's snake could be the referee.

I think it's safe to assume Professsor Anita Hill reads RL-LNW.

She was on Meet the Whore with Tim Russert Sunday, the 22nd.
Tim asked her the difference between herself and Clinton's accusers.
She pointed out that Clarence "Slappy" Thomas, the Perv Supreme,
was an inept, unqualified quotaboy  APPOINTEE to a LIFETIME position,
whereas voters CHOSE Bill Clinton to lead us for a four-year term.


Russert: And you don't see any hypocrisy there?

Hill: I sure do.
        Trent Lott was just whining about how awful it is that the White House
        is defending the president, but I don't remember him defending me
        when the Republicans attacked in 1991.

Russert: Dammit.
               I was trying to trap you, and you got away.

Professor Hill had too much class to mention the obvious:

Unlike the whores who've accused Clinton,
she's never spread her legs for Penthouse.

I agree with her.
There IS a difference.

Great McWhore Quotes

"The only reason more women didn't come forward to accuse Clarence Thomas
  is because the Democrats couldn't find any other women to pay off."

-- Susan Carpenter McWhore, giving away GOFP secrets on Larry King

(Yeah, like there's a shortage of whores in America...)

Great GOFP Quotes

"The biggest difference between Richard Nixon claiming presidential immunity
and Bill Clinton claiming it is, with Nixon, there was evidence of a crime."

-- John Dean, Nixon's lawyer, on Larry King,
...and he should know...

 ha ha

Ed Koch, former NY mayor, former democrat, says he KNOWS...
he fucking KNOWS Clinton whipped it out for Paula,
and asked her for oral sex in a crude manner.

Excuse me?

Sir, you claim you "know" this?

Here at RL-LNW, we do NOT engage in personal attacks,
but does anyone "know" if Ed Koch owns horses?

...either we play by a standard or we don't.

Decide, GOFP.

I watched 60 Minutes this week and didn't see a Clinton accuser.

Do they have a new format?

The GOFP needs a good fax repairman.

Thursday, 3:40 CST, Micheal Medved was wailing at the democrats
for their hypocrisy for attacking Reggie White's racist remarks,



yet at the same moment, Limba was whaling about the hypocrisy
of those awful democrats for NOT attacking Reggie's racist remarks.

You ditto-monkeys need to get your story straight before you attack.
Check those RNC faxes -
Find out what you believe BEFORE you speak.

...speaking of faxes,

Dr. Laura Mengele's fax machine works perfectly.
Little Miss Opinion-For-Rent got the same fax Rush did about Jonesboro.
Limba and Doc Meng both said the pro-choice movement caused this.
You see, the liberals have so devalued life, with their abortion opinions,
that these kids had no choice but to register their outrage.


Kids 11 and 13 have a strong opinion on abortion?
Gee, how are they on the expansion of NATO?

And can you believe Doc Meng is PRO-assault rifles?
Hell, I remember back when she was pro-family. (I'm old.)

Apparently, the availability of assault weapons had NOTHING to do
with those kids cutting their classmates down from 200 yards away.
(Excuse me, I need a drink.)

Gun nuts always say,
"Should we outlaw knives and baseball bats, too?
They can kill, too.
Should we outlaw them, too?"

Maybe, maybe not.

You can't murder five people with a knife from 200 yards away.
You can't maim another 11 people with a baseball bat from 200 yards away.


You can't murder five people with a knife from 200 yards away.
You can't maim another 11 people with a baseball bat from 200 yards away.

Am I the only one who sees the obvious?
How does IQ-of-60-boy see what the smart people can't see?

According to Limba and Doc Meng, these kids were fed up with abortion.
Seems to me, if they were pro-life, they would've used bombs, right?

And while we're at it, we should be fair to the NRA.
They help teach our young children how to handle firearms safely.
The NRA was very effective in the Jonesboro shooting.

Neither of those little bastards was hurt in the slaughter...

(Sorry, need another drink.)

...speaking of faxes,

I wonder why Arkansas Governor Huckanut didn't get the "blame abortion" fax?

Remember this religio-nut?
He's the guy who REFUSED to dispense federal disaster funds to the needy
until the Arkansas state legislature changed the law so "Acts of God"
wasn't listed as the cause of tornadoes that destroyed a few towns.

Huckanut said "My God wouldn't send tornadoes to Arkansas."

Excuse me, I'm no Bible scholar, but isn't this the same God
who turned a bunch of people into salt, just for being curious?

That's almost... intolerant.

And why salt?

Is this the same God who once drowned most of the people on Earth?
Didn't that same God order untold trillions of people to suffer
because Eve tricked Adam into eating an apple?

How big a crime is eating an apple?
Maybe Kenneth Starr should look into this...

I'm surprised the fucking apple industry even exists,
considering the trouble those bastards caused humanity.

Just think - we could ALL be living in Paradise,
but Eve screwed it up for everyone.


Maybe Rush is right.

Arkansas Gov. Huckanut is blaming Jonesboro on "Hollywood violence."
(Whoa! Rush just said "...only an idiot would blame Hollywood."
Rush, meet Governor Huckanut of Arkansas.
Gov. Huckanut, ....the Lying, Nazi Whore.)

What do YOU think of when you hear "Hollywood violence?"

I think of GOFP contributor Bruce Willis and his Die Hard movies.
I think of GOFP contributor Arnold Schwartzenegger and the 27 cops
he murdered in the first Terminator movie.

"I'll be back," is what all the kids were saying.

Hey, if we start blaming the media for our problems,
wouldn't Rush be the first slug to wear a fiery tire necklace?

Can I say one more thing?

Beginning Wednesday, about 8 PM Eastern, it became a "fact,"
that Clinton, dropped his pants,

"and then ...FONDLED HIMSELF,"

...THEN asked for oral sex.

That "fondle" business never came up before.
You know why?
Susan McWhore didn't think of it until now.

Funny how "the president fondled himself" story stayed hidden,
in a whore-driven-economy such as we have today.
McWhore said that for the first time the night of the ruling,
and Limba, with his talent-on-loan-from-God,
changed that gratuitous assertion into "a GOFP fact."

Rush is a talented son-of-a-bitch.

The DOW hit 9000 today.

Thank you, Bill Clinton.

And, since Clinton added more points to the Dow Jones than any president
in history, why does the Whore Street Journal HATE him so much?

Koresh, the Whore Street Journal HATES Bill Clinton.
A few years ago, the WSJ sent me junk mail giving a free month of WSJ.
When I got it, I read a few pages. One of the "facts" not on the
editorial page was the "fact" that there are no good liberals.

When I called to say "Eat me,"
the guy that answered at the WSJ laughed and said,
"Yes, we get a lot of that."

I asked "When did Rush buy this paper, anyway?"
He laughed again. "Yeah, I know."

Great Rush Quotes

"I saw it coming.
 I knew the Judge would throw Paula's case out.
 I saw it coming, but I didn't mention it on the air."

Lying bastard...

How can they worship this fraud?

That nutty Judd family found another way to wiggle into the spotlight.
Vern, they love to see their family name in the newspaper.

Ashley Judd, the non-lesbian-harassing daughter of presidential-accuser
Naomi (Better Than You) Judd, wore a slit-all-the-way-to-there dress
to this year's Academy Awards Show, causing gasps at Oscar parties everywhere.
The audience saw something that no lady would want to show on television.
I hear Sharon Stone felt shame for her...

Two hundred beauty professionals at the Allure Magazine post-Oscar bash
awarded Ashley the "Peek-a-Boo Award for Indecent Exposure."

Things got so bad, Ashley's publicist, Annett Wolf, had to release a
statement saying that the world did NOT see what they thought they saw.
Her publicist said the sometimes-PETA spokeswoman, did NOT show fur.
It was merely "a shadow" everyone saw, compounded by "bad lighting."

We need to remember two things:

Just because Naomi (Better Than You) Judd raised a lesbian, sexual-harasser
and a fur-flasher with bad taste in men, she should still be taken seriously
when she says she "knows" Bill Clinton is guilty...

and can't trust your lying eyes.

Do we need another example of how badly-turned-whore
the national press has become?

Probably not, but this one pissed me off, so I'm going to offer
example Number 4,831 of slimey whore-ism in the press:

They recently retired the original Air Force One.

This was the jet first used by JFK.
This was the jet that brought his body back from Dallas.
This was the jet LBJ took the oath of office on.
This was the jet that Nixon took to China and,
according to the money-rakers at CNN,

"...this was the jet Monica took to Europe when she worked for Leon Panetta in 1994."

Vern, help us.

We are truly a nation of whores...

Great GOFP Quotes

"Bill Clinton is a better actor than anyone in Hollywood.
We spent three hours together at the same table and he pretended to enjoy my company."
-- Bob Novak, talking about the Gridiron dinner

Is that right, Bob?

"Republicans with manners" is unheard of?
 Republicans can't behave themselves in public?

Is that right, Bob?

Republicans are such shit to be with,
that anyone who claims to enjoy their company is lying?

Maybe that should be the GOFP campaign theme for 2000.

"We're so fuct, nobody likes us."

Speaking of Susan Carpenter McWhore,
Did you see the picture of her and Paula on the newsgroups?

Ha ha

With Vern as my witness,
there's nothing funnier than this picture.

Go there.

I'll post it again.

Ha ha.

True GOFP Quotes

"You liberal democrats out there...
If you want to take this Paula Jones no-case ruling as a victory, go ahead..."

-- Choco-nazi, Thursday

Thanks, Feedbag.

...we will.

Yoots Mail


>Dear Mr. BartCop,

>My name is Tim and I'm 11 years old.
>My dad lets me read parts of your newsletter and it's a lot of fun.
>I heard a joke at school the other day that sounded funny,
>but I don't know why. Could you explain it to me?

>Here's the joke:

>Q:  What's the difference between David Koresh and Bill Bennett?

>A:  Bill Bennett is still smoking.

>What am I missing?

>Timmy Parkhurst,
>Fort Bend, IN

Ha Ha, I can't breathe!
Call 911!
Ha Ha, I can't breathe!
Bill Bennett!

Ha ha!
Still Smoking??

I can't breathe!!

My sides hurt.
Ha! Ha!

Bill Bennett!
Still Smoking!!

Ha! Ha!

Timmy, man, far as I'm concerned, you're not missing anything!!
That's the best joke I've heard in three or four years...
Ha ha, ha ha

Sure, I'd be happy to try to explain.
Ha ha ha...,

Bill Bennett is always telling other people what to do.
Ha ha ha,
You see,
Ha ha,

He's Better-Than You and me.
Hoo Hoo!
Ha ha ha,
He says people need to practice more self-discipline and self-denial.
Ha ha ha,


Ha ha ha,


Ha ha ha,

...he smokes cigarettes.

Ha ha ha,

He knows lung cancer is killing him, but he's stuck in self-denial.
He preaches abstinence to the rest of us,
so his addiction to nicotine makes him a ditto-monkey.

Ha ha ha,


Bill Bennett, the ditto-monkey.
Can you picture Bill Bennett with a banana in his mouth?

I can.

Ha ha ha,
Ha ha ha,

Bill Bennett, climbing a tree...
Ha ha ha,


Ha ha ha,
Ha ha ha,



...let me catch my breath, ha ha

Ha ha ha,
Bill Bennett,
Better Than Me,


Ha ha ha,
Ha ha ha,


Timmy, thank you for that.
I haven't laughed that hard since the Dornan tape.

It also is a VERY sophisticated joke,
written for the very few people who follow the battle closely.

Thanks for writing,
and be sure you only read LNW with your Dad.

Some of this isn't meant for younger kids.
Ha ha,
ha ha,

stop it...

Bill Bennett,
Still smoking????
Ha ha...

Bill Bennett, humping Tarzan's leg,
Ha ha


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