Musings from the Heartland
                       by  Richard L. Fricker

                              Well, what shall we talk about, there’s so much? We could talk about the
                      boondoggle war that keeps costing American and innocent Iraqi lives. I did
                      hear a rumor that scores of troops are being kept in camps for counseling,
                      seems Bush and his personal Coco, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, don’t want to send
                      armed men gone wacko back home before the election. No telling what combat
                      stressed GI’s might do, or worse yet---talk about.
                              We could talk about Democracy, one citizen one vote, remember those days.
                      We invaded Iraq---reason number 372, to, well I forget…was it to restore democracy
                      or establish democracy? Seems our current position is that they can have democracy
                      as soon as we appoint their elected officials, sounds like Florida.
                              No wonder the Iraqis are a little bewildered. We’re telling them how bad
                      the Saddam dictatorship was, that democracy is the pony to ride, but not so
                      fast my Muslim friend….first we need to select the winners, then you vote.
                              This is grounds for not only protests but I’ve heard of insurgency
                      movements made of such things. Do you think Ricky Sanchez thinks of these
                      things, or just of the next star on his collar as he ships the dead and wounded
                      off his plate and back to the good old U.S. of A.
                              We could talk about the space program. Any program that would encourage
                      George W. Bush to fly to Mars is fine with me. Did I get it wrong? Could this be
                      another military pork barrel with Halliburton getting to the space exploration business?
                              Surely Dubya and Dickie aren’t planning on leaving a legacy to planned spending
                      for the boys from Houston? Talk about a sky high budget, wouldn’t that be a hoot.
                              We could talk about the courts, particularly Charles Pickering. Here is a
                      time honored piece of racist fascist junk that has worn out more political
                      knees pads than Concubine Condie. Now he’s on the Appeals Court and
                      there’s little that can be done, save a vote in the upcoming congress. Don’t
                      wait folks, it would require stones  the Democrats don’t seem  to possess.
                      No, we’re stuck with this Bush baby and the sound of lock step jack boots
                      that will resound across the Fifth Circuit.
                              But, the Pickering appointment is really OK, after all we’ve dealt
                      with filth like Antonin Scalia and his butt buddy David B. Sentelle for
                      years---I truly believe they pass gas into containers and mail them to each
                      other. Surely you remember Sentelle, the guy who appointed Ken Starr to the
                      “non-partisan investigation” of  President Clinton. And Starr who spent a
                      gazillion dollars finding nothing. Don’t forget Clarence Thomas, he is so
                      low on the moral scale that Tom and Oreo are improvements.
                              But remember, Starr, Sentelle, Thomas, Scalia and the rest of the neo-con
                      fascist trash were appalled that Clinton lied about sex. One does wonder
                      that these people would know about actual sex.
                              We know their wives have sex, sometimes, we just don’t know with who,
                      sorry is it whom? Neo-con women have been known to jump the fence for some
                      mighty fine liberal naked naughty. Back in college the neo-con boys talked
                      about getting U.S. out of the U.N. while their women worked toward getting U.N.
                              As we know it’s not nice to talk about the sexual predilections of others,
                      right Mr. Starr.
                              Ultimately, it is the economy stupid. Here in the heartland, where they
                      elect the likes of John Sullivan (R-Facist gopher) even when it’s against
                      their own interests people are starting to think about the lack of jobs, the
                      jobless recovery, rising bankruptcies, foreclosures, rising taxes with
                      nothing to show for the effort and wondering…why are we dumping all
                      this money into a war---which we have to support or be tagged unpatriotic,
                      asked to spend another gazillion on a trip to Mars when we can’t keep the
                      streets clean, the schools open and functioning, have a near police state and
                      then being asked for more, more, more.
                              If the Democrats approach the campaign from the standpoint that it is
                      patriotic to be Democrat, patriotic to seek jobs, patriotic to help
                      immigrant workers, patriotic to provide health care for children without
                      expecting a lot in return, patriotic to make the court house accessible
                      to anyone with a grievance without making them feel like a pariah, if the
                      Democrats restore the idea of true patriotism to the American people,
                      then we may not have to have these conversations.
                              If they fail, we may not be able to have these conversations at all.


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