Does Anybody Remember Forests?
Issue #123

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore


"My Country Does the Hanky-Panky"


Welcome to the RL-LNW Cyber-Gospel Newsletter,
now published quarterly, it seems.

Much has happened, and it's all good.
The ADM money is coming in like Viagra.
So far in 1998, ADM has sent me $31,600.
They think I'm anti-Clinton.
(see Vol 94)

I have a good time every day.
My biggest problem is not becoming Richard Corey.
Nobody has fun like Ol' BartCop.

I've been busy buying toys.
Bought Mrs. BartCop a Cadillac,
and got me a mother-bear of a computer.
A Pentium II 400 Bad Boy, 4X4, extended cab
with CD writer, scanner, moon roof, zip drive, etc.
Can you tell?

I have 96 Meg memory.
Will that make me more smarter?

The guy at the computer store said I'd be funnier
with a Pentium II 400 smoking between my legs.
The salesman said my Pentium was so damn hot,
it needed it's own special fan, ha ha.

But the BIG news is my religious conversion.
I've been agnostic for so many years,
but since we last talked, I've seen God three times.

(Go to the kitchen - pour a big shot of Jack)

In Oklahoma City, ...Kansas City and St Louis.
There's nothing quite like seeing God live.
He's touring America with Robert Plant.
I don't know if you've ever been in His presence,
but from the third row, it's one hell of a religious experience.

Jimmy Page!

If Bill Clinton and Jimmy Page are ever in the same room,
I hope Clinton understands why I go to Jimmy first.
I mean, Clinton saved America from the Reagan error,
but Jimmy Page plays the guitar.
I mean, c'mon...

Between music and politics, music wins.

Perhaps as the tour winds down, we can get back to
regularly paced issues of RL-LNW. And after all,
there's really been nothing going on, right?

Let's look at the facts:

So far, no evidence has surfaced that suggests
either of the Clintons broke the law in Mena-Gate,
but how do we KNOW they're not guilty?

Shouldn't we investigate?
Don't we have a right to know?

Right on, Kenneth Starr.

So far, no evidence has surfaced that suggests
either of the Clintons broke the law in File-Gate,
but how do we KNOW they're not guilty?

Shouldn't we investigate?

Don't we have a right to know?

So far, no evidence has surfaced that suggests
either of the Clintons broke the law in Whitewater,
but how do we KNOW they're not guilty?

Shouldn't we investigate?
Don't we have a right to know?

Go GET him, Judge Starr!!

So far, no evidence has surfaced that suggests
either of the Clintons broke the law in File-Gate,
but how do we KNOW they're not guilty?

Shouldn't we investigate?
Don't we have a right to know?
Is this an imperial oligarchy?
Isn't this why we fled England?

So far, no evidence has surfaced that suggests
either of the Clintons broke the law in China-Gate,
but how do we KNOW they're not guilty?

Shouldn't we investigate?
Don't we have a right to know?


This bit goes on for a fucking WEEK!
Might as well cut it short.

No sense mentioning EVERY dumbshit, unsubstantiated,
stoopid-ass charge the GOFP was able to gossip into print.

Pictures of Clinton's cock...

...for Koresh's sake!!!!

This just in...

CNN says Ken Starr has indicted Web Hubble's dog.
Hubble's cat, meanwhile, has fled to China.

More on this as the facts come in.

Trust me

You heard it here, first.

Before this is over, Linda Tripp will be forced to admit
she wrote at least part of Monica's "talking points."

She'll say she "pretended" to help Monica with them
in order to "further gain her trust."

Trust me

My sources say Tripp's literal fingerprints are ALL OVER
the talking points, and you can take that to the bank.

Poor Herr Starr - he doesn't know yet.
Poor, clueless schmuck...

His ONLY witness has faked critical evidence.

I see the GOFP has opened an office in Jasper, Texas.

Those bastards.

Can you believe there's even a goddamn contest
as to which party should be running this country?

One party consists of what THEY call "nigger-lovers,"
the other party claims they mean blacks no harm.

Then, the "no harm conservatives" pass legislation:

...that outlaws Affirmative Action,
...that cuts funding for jobs in poor neighborhoods,
...that kills low-interest loan to minority businesses.

Then, PigBoy gets on hate radio and says,
"Go ahead, call us racists, homophobes and bigots."

OK, Feedbag, we goddamn sure will.

The Grand Old Fascist Party is run my racist, homophobe,
bigot-asshole-throwbacks who need to take two things:

1. A great big breath,


2. their bible more seriously.

Answer me this:

Which Commandment says "Hate the Blacks?"

Is it the First Commandment?

No... that's not right.

The First Commandment says,
"Bow to me.
Bow ONLY to me or I will burn your flesh forever
yet... I love you, my children."

How Koreshian.

I'm not very up-to-date on modern religion...

Which Commandment says "Women are inferior?"
That shit won't fly at stately BartCop Manor, trust me.

Which reminds me, there's a severe ditto-monkey who follows
Rush on AM radio every day in Bedrock, Oklahoma. He's such
a devout Christian, who "just can't help" sharing his feelings
of faith each day as we're trying to jump the chasm between
LardAss's sign-off and quitting time, when the clock moves
slower than Danny Quayle's cordical synapses.

So, who helps us with this leap?
Religio-Nut Micheal Del Giorno, drive-home-AM-Radio-boy.
Del Giorno tells his drive-home crowd:

"It's only natural that women submit to men -
it's what God revealed to us in the Holy Bible.
Women should submit to their husbands."

(Note to reader: Del Giorno is divorced and alone.
BartCop is married 23 years.)

Holy Koresh, Mother of Murrah!

Gee, it's almost like...
America is half Cro-Mag, and the other half is liberal.
The Cro-Mags are stupid, but they're heavily armed and
they have the advantage of their religious insanity.

"Hate the blacks" and "Force women to submit," is the creed
they live by. (That, and "more guns and less education.")

The CroMags had an office in nearby Vidor, Texas for years,
but didn't move into Jasper until this latest "opportunity."

Seriously, does anyone doubt those killers voted for Dole
in the last election? Can't the sane minority take control
back from the now-dominant McVeigh wing of the GOFP?
You watch, the Turner Diaries will be the GOFP plank in 2000.

Steve Largent, (OK-Jesus Twin) declared at the GOFP caucus
in Iowa "We are winning the battle of ideas."

Koresh help us if these God-fearing, white supremist,
pickup-draggers get control of Congress AND the White House.

Not to worry, tho...

Al Gore could get caught with a dead girl,
a live boy,
AND a Buddist Monk
and STILL beat whichever fascist they nominate.

Great GOP Quotes

"What the Republican party needs to do is kick
Jerry Falwell in the ass and escort him out."

--Barry Goldwater, the last good Republican

Susan McDougal Out of Prison

When I heard the news, I went to the Susan McDougal site,

and promised them I would donate $1,000 of my ADM money to
her fund if I could shake her hand at a dinner or something.

Susie, we're PROUD of you!!
You kicked Starr right in the nuts.

Then right after she beat Herr Starr, a federal judge kicked
Starr's balls really hard AGAIN, and freed Web Hubble.

Whitewater is officially over.
Filegate is officially over.
The Travel office "scandal" is over.
Herr Starr's balls are history.

As I predicted a thousand times, there's NO evidence that
crimes were committed by anybody and the GOFP has to eat that.
That have to eat it with a Limba-sized spoon, too.

For fifty-four long, goddamn months we've had to live through
"scandal" after "scandal" after "scandal" after "scandal,"
even though none of them ever existed.

I heard some Republican jerk-off saying "Clearly, the federal
prosecutor law has failed, and will be abolished soon."

No, not on your fucking life, GOFP!

We'll charge the next Republican president with child rape
and drag it out for 6 years, and RUIN his reputation,
without even the slightest bit of evidence...

...and THEN,

...THEN we'll drop the special prosecutor charade.

Don't think for a second that this makes us even.

It all started with Nixon the Guilty Felon.
Then, you couldn't find SHIT on Jimmy Carter,
and that pissed you off!

Then your side had to endure Reagan/Butch's treason.
So, you went berzerk/apeshit and decided to ultra-slur
the next innocent Democrat, Bill Clinton, the guy who
reversed the Supply Side Spending Spree and saved us.

Well, it's over.
Clinton was TOO SMART for you.
At every turn, he beat you to the punch.
Let's face it - the modern GOFP fights like a woman.
You lightweight hatemongers don't need to feel bad,
you just need to bow to the champ - Bill Clinton.

One other thing:

When will our best President get his apology?

World-Class GOFP Quotes

"In the 2000 elections,
the Republicans are going to defeat Bill Clinton."

Who else?
The Indiana Spud, swear to Vern.


Subject: Conviction


I would like to address the conservatives that read this letter.
If you can't think of an intelligent response to the points raised
by our host, please keep your keyboard quiet.

BartCop doesn't need any help.

Conservatively yours,


Great GOFP Quotes

"I know that man.
I've.. I've seen his picture on television.
He's... he's a famous man..."

--Ronald Reagan, pointing to George Schultz,
his Secretary of State

Can you guess which year this happened?

Was is 1987?
Was is 1992?
Was it 1997?

The answer later in this issue.

Could somebody explain Kenneth Starr to me?

Herr Starr says America has a right to know everything
about Bill Clinton's penis.

There is NOTHING out-of-bounds when it comes to Herr Starr
and his 100-attorney army of sex police.
If it's Clinton's penis, Herr Starr wants everyone to confess,
reveal, disclose, uncover, display, divulge, expose, exhibit,
and lay bare EVERYTHING, because it's "important" we get the facts.



Herr Starr is a Tobacco Whore.
Tobacco kills 400,000 people every year.

When it comes to children and tobacco, it's none of our
business if Big Cancer illegally adds ammonia and
formaldahyde to make the addiction stronger and faster.

When Herr Starr is whoring for Big Cancer,
it's his job to hide, conceal, cloke, obfuscate,
obscure, mask, disguise, shroud and bury any facts
that might save a few hundred thousand lives.

When you compare Clinton's sex life to hundreds of
thousands of deaths by emphasema and lung cancer,
it's... it's ALMOST like the GOFP is willing to trade
those lives for power in Washington.



Limba says it's the Democrats who "crave" power,
and his talent is on loan from God,
so he CAN'T be lying, right?

This is the paradigm of all bullshit,
but we have no choice but to endure it until
America tells the GOFP to knock it off.

So, let me get this straight:

Clinton's penis?

We must know EVERYTHING.
Tobacco illegally hooking teenagers?

None our goddamn business!!!!!!!

...and ANOTHER thing:

Hitlaugh says we can't trust anything Steven Brill says.
(He's the publisher of that new "Content" magazine that
says Herr Starr is a dirty, rotten son-of-a-bitch.)

He says we can't trust Brill because Brill gave $1,000
to Clinton, $1,000 to Gore and $1,000 to Guiliani.



Yet we should believe EVERYTHING Herr Starr claims about
our best president, while he gets OVER A MILLION DOLLARS
each year from the Cancer Lobby, sworn enemies of Clinton.

Can somebody explain that?


DMA Militia Mail



Subject: Lincoln

You sure are on awful liberal; anyhow thanks for the hemp
quote regarding Lincoln, it is one more paece of amunition
when I defend the Confederasy.

Once people get over their Lincoln worship they will see him
for what he was; a zoned-out, drug-infested, fascist-racist,
anti-Christian-industrialist, money-loving, pro-rape,
pro-church-desecration, unamerican, bigoted tyrant who
deserved execution after a fair southern trial.


Dear Sir or Madam,

Lincoln was "pro-rape?"
Koresh, you McVeigh types are so vivid with your rhetoric.

One thing tho...

In your brief-but-fun rant about President Lincoln,
you forgot to call him "nigger-lover."

They say Barry Goldwater had "no political enemies."

Barry Goldwater was a giant, especially when compared
to today's Republicans such as Snoot Gingrich, Tom Delay,
Scumbag Burton and Armey, the foul-mouthed dick.

The last time I saw Barry, he was on the Tonight Show.
He told Jay Leno, "Bill Clinton is MY president,
and I want to see him succeed."

He was a Republican with principles.

More Monkey Mail


Dear BartCop

Your a fucking idiot grew up and relize that gen X is conservative

David Hutchinson

Have you seen the X-Files movie?
(Great movie, spend the money.)

I've been a fan since day one.
Matt Roush, former TV critic for USA Today was a great judge
of which shows to watch. He recommended X-Files as a smart and
spooky sci-fi show, so we got hooked from the very first show.

Why do I bring this up in a anti-fascist newsletter?

In the X-Files movie, towards the end, we find out certain
factions have conspired to sell out the human race to aliens.
The proof that Mulder and Scully need is being spirited away
in a goddamn Archer-Daniels Midland truck!!

When I saw that, I burst out laughing in the theater.
The others patrons must've wondered what was so funny.

On the side of the truck, it said something like:
"ADM and Corn - America's Future."

I thought of oooooold Bob Dole, and the Billion-dollar
tax break he gave to ADM, which is based in Bob's state,
the flat, square state of Kansas.

Doesn't it figure that Gingrich and Dole and Delay and
Armey the foul-mouthed dick are all involved in not only
selling out America, but they're involved in the selling
out of the goddamn human race?

When it comes to the GOFP,
you can Trust No One.

Monkey Mail

Dear Smart ass,

You Clinton apoligist blame Ken Starr for spending millions
of our tax dollars should think about this how many millions
of our tax dollars could have been saved if President Clinton
woiuld be more forthcoming with evidence that would convict him
many of the lawyers are tax-payer funded, and they deny that he
Clinton has committed any crimes what kind of lawyers are they

(Can't argue with logic like that...)

Random Thoughts

If you felt SURE someone was guilty of a crime,
who would you rather have as the prosecutor?

Marcia Clark or Kenneth Starr?

I'd go with Marcia.

At least the jury would get lunch.

I think of myself, first and foremost, as an honest man.
I must say this, to the chagrin of my fellow liberals:

Bill Clinton is BAD for the security of America.

Oh, I know I'll catch hell for speaking the truth,
but if the liberals can't stand the truth,
then they can blow me, too.

Bill Clinton is BAD for the security of America.

You know why?
Clinton has brought us too many years of peace.

Year after year after year after year after year.
We've gotten fat.
Not fat like Limba, but fat nonetheless.

Younger kids, those 15 and younger, can't even remember
a time when America has been at war.

Oh, sure,

That dork/idiot George Herbert Traitor Butch bungled us into
a war in 1990, because he was so goddamn stupid, but the
15 year-olds were only 8 back then, and not paying attention.

This is BAD for Merica.

Under Red-Ink Reagan and Traitor Butch, we ALWAYS had to be
at a state of readiness, because they're idiotic BUNGLING
was always getting us into foreign policy disasters.

This proves Clinton is BAD for America.

In 2000, we need to elect a bungling traitor for president,
so we can have our troops maintain peak readiness.

We need to elect the Indiana Spud.

(Please, Vern, let Danny run.)

Breaking News...

Kenneth Starr has been awarded "Fisherman of the Year"
by the Branson, Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

(Another win for Ken Starr.)

Armey, the foul-mouthed dick, has introduced legislation
to earmark $47 million to develope a master plan to build
ovens for gays, teachers and "liberals that are too smart."

Not to worry, though.

Monihan says it won't pass the Senate.

True, Exact Rush Quotes

"Toilets used to have three gallon tanks. Thanks to Al Gore
and the tree-huggers, the new toilets have a 1.5 gallon
capacity, and now you have to flush 15-20 times."

--Rush Limba, Talent on Loan From God

Gee, Rush.
Since your talent if deity-based, you CAN'T be lying.
If you're really having to flush 15-20 times, you should
see a doctor about what's coming out of your big ass.

Mgr: Welcome to Meineke Muffler, Sir.

Customer: I need a muffler put on my car.

Mgr: I can do it for you, but we're about to close.
Can you come back tomorrow?

Customer: I'm a very important man.
I have important work to do.
I need that car done tonight.

Mgr: Mister, it's 5:45, it'll have to be tomorrow.

Starr: Look at me, asshole.
Have you ever seen me before?

Mgr: Wait, I've seen you on the TV.
You're that guy who's trying to get Clinton.

Starr: I'm just after the truth, but what do YOU know?

Mgr: Me? I don't know anything about nothing.

Starr: Who's the president of the United States?

Mgr: Bill Clinton.

Starr: On your knees, son-of-a-bitch. You're under arrest!
You have the right to remain silent, but if you do,
you're going to prison like the others who crossed me.

Mgr: Under arrest? What did I do?

Starr: I'm going to drag your wife and your parents in front
of one of my grand juries and grind them, squeeze them,
grill them, and threaten them until they break down
and agree they witnessed your felony, smart ass.

Mgr: My felony? What felony?

Starr: How old is your mother?

Mgr: My mother? Why do you need to know...


Mgr: She's 71, why?

Starr: How do you think she'll handle prison?

Mgr: Prison? What in the world...

Starr: That's right, motherfucker.
Your mother will die in prison unless I get
my muffler put on in the next 30 minutes.

Mgr: Please, I'm willing to cooperate.

Starr: I'll give you an hour, boy.
If you don't have that car fixed soon,
I'll make you famous.

Mgr: Sorry, Mister Starr.
I'll get started on it right now.

Starr: That's better, you son-of-a-bitch...

(Should this kind of man have that much power?)

True Rush Quotes

"The Secret Service is NOT here to protect the president.
The job of the Secret Service is to enforce the law."

-- Hate Radio, July 7th

So, if the Secret Service is guarding the president at,
say, a basketball game, and they see a kid with a joint,
they should leave the president and chase that kid?

Welcome to Rush Limba's America.

The Baptists and Doc Meng's "two-way street."

Doc Meng said the liberals have it "all wrong" about those
wacky Baptists demanding that women submit to their men,
the "smarter" half of the team.

Doc Meng says the liberals just can't understand that
"it's a two-way street," that the woman does what she's
told and the men, in return, act "Christlike."

Whoa, Cheeses!

Hey Doc, I got a thunderbolt for ya:

Decades ago, before my brain developed, I was an altarboy
in the Catholic army. As part of our training, they
taught us a dead-for-centuries language - Latin.

In Latin, Doc Meng, the "sub" in submit means "under."
Under is the OPPOSITE of over, or above.

To ask a woman, who is told to submit to her husband,
to believe that "under" is actually "a two-way street"
to "over" is about as perfect an example of religious
insanity as I have seen in the last few years.

Under and over are NOT equal, you lying, nazi tramp.

Why are you lying to your sheep?

...and do they believe the crap you sell them?

I don't understand how it keeps happnin.

Snerdly is trained to screen callers.
If a liberal calls, he gets put on hold.
I understand that.

If a stupid liberal calls, he's up next.
I understand that, too.

Rush isn't about politics or idealogy.
He's about keeping his listeners tuned in, so he
talks like Dornan with a tequila monkey on his back.

He says the wildest, craziest things,
that are easy for anyone with a brain to poop on.
Rush supplies the ammunition, I party - and type.

Unfortunately, those ridiculous shit that Rush spews is
the same wild crap that spurs the McVeighs into action.

Dragon Supreme explains to the Murder-Our-Government,
right-wing cabal (that Goldwater warned us about,)
that Clinton is selling us out to the Commies.

Having an IQ of 66, this doesn't bother me.
I know Rush is an entertainer, making millions.
But most right-wingers have an IQ of less-than 60,
and when "Talent on Loan From God" tells them that
Hillary just ordered America's enslavement,
...well, I can understand why they panic.

Rush stated as a fact...
he didn't say maybe...
he didn't mention possibly...

Hitlaugh said that our president sold us out to the Chi-comms,
to get big-money donations for his campaign,
...even though his opponent was Bob Dole.
(ha ha)

I'm not making this up.


Rush has to eat it when one slips through Snerdly's net.
Last Sunday, I heard the "Best of Rush" going to the store.
Some liberal was pasting Limba to the wall.

Caller: Rush, you KNOW there's no evidence to suggest Clinton
sold us out to China. That's wild supposition.
Take some ammonium nitrate out of your imagination.

Rush: How do we KNOW it's not true, without investigating?

Caller: Fine, let's investigate. But until there's a shred of
evidence, why don't you ease back on the hyperbole?
After all, Reagan and Bush both signed waivers, too.

Rush: That's the trouble with you liberals.
You always claim "The OTHER GUY did it, so why can't I?"
Don't you have ANY sense of personal responsibility?

Caller: But, Rush, there's no evidence, none at all...

Rush: Wait! What about October Surprise?
There was no evidence of that,
and you Democrats raised a whole big ruckus.

Caller: Rush, look at what you just said:
You just said "The Democrats did it, so why are you
getting upset now that I'M doing it?"

Is that your sense of personal responsibility?
Claiming others did it, too?
Rush, you sound just like the Democrats you hate.

(This is Porky's brain at work.
Listen to the "Brain of the Opposition")

Rush: Well, ...then, ...I ...I'll just take your precious
leader's advice to the Pakistanis and say,
"...two wrongs don't make a right."


Ha ha.

A Democrat gets through and catches Truthzilla lying
worse than a chicken caught in a tractor's nuts,
and the wounded Bacona says "two wrongs don't make a right?"

Koresh, thank you for giving me my brain,
and giving the Limba Monster his Abby Normal brain.

Paul Harvey weighed in with a big, nazi lie.
He said that teacher was fired "for mentioning God's name.'

That's a big, fat, nazi lie from a toothless horse molester.

Even the teacher admits sharing her personal religious beliefs,
stating them as facts. First, she explained to the class where
your soul goes when you die, THEN she led them in prayer,
which has been illegal for decades.

Why is Paul Harvey lying?
Why is Doc Meng lying?
Why is Limba lying?

They're making HUGE deposits in the bank.
HUGE deposits.

You can't make HUGE deposits if you tell the truth.
You just can't.

And speaking of lying naziettes...
I've caught her red-handed.

This newsletter archives certain events and milestones.
The UPS strike was what, almost a year ago?
Wasn't it the summer of 1997?

Butterfly Kisses was the big rage on Fascisto radio.
All 4 (Limba, Liddy, Meng and Harvey) mentioned this song
with the same words, the same sentences on the same day.
Read about it in RL-LNW Vol 101, in your "saved" files.

Doctor Laura Mengele, especially, went on and on and on
about this "great song" that was soooooooooo perfect.

Flashforward to last week:

Caller: Hi, Dr. Laura, thanks for taking my call.

Doc Meng: Get to the problem, honey.

Caller: The other day, my 6 year old was minding her own
business listening to "Butterfly Kisses" when..

Doc Meng: What's Butterfly Kisses?

Caller: You know, that Christian song about growing up.

Doc Meng: So, Butterfly Kisses is what, a religious song?


Doc Meng, you are BUSTED!!!
What does this tell us?

"Butterfly Kisses" is the ONLY religious song to break into
the Top 100 since the Singing Nun sang "Dominique" waaay back
when Doc Meng still had her virginity.

Doc Meng spent 3 hours praising this sappy song last year,
but now she doesn't have a clue what it is?

Either Doc Meng is Slappy-like in her intellect,
or ...she reads whatever shit the GOFP faxes her AS GOSPEL!

Of course, we know the latter is true.

Doc Mengele is NOT here to tell the truth or to help people.
Doc Meng, like all entertainers, exist to make a bank deposit!

She can't do that without mindless sheep.
She can't do it without red-meating the idiots.
She can't do it without Limba's base.
To keep that base, she must bark when ordered to,
even if that includes blindly endorsing EVERYTHING
they fax to her office because she knows she's one
screw-up from going back to private practice.

Doc Meng, you are BUSTED!

An All-Time Great GOP Quote

Larry King: Senator, you support gays in the military. Why?

Goldwater: Because their bodies lie at Normandy and Iwo Jima.

All-Time GOFP Retort:

See? Gays lie. I TOLD YOU SO.
--Lying, Nazi Whore

Great GOP Quotes

"When I ran for president back in 1964, they said I was
too scary, too conservative to be president.

These days, the Republican party is so far to the right,
they think I'm a socialist."

--Barry Goldwater, the last good Republican

It was so damn funny...

I'm watching a Law & Order repeat with Mrs. BartCop.
They detectives are searching for a child molester
who worked in a department store. One Republican suspect
had a PHD, but he was working as a stock boy for Macy's.
The detectives asked the store manager why he wasn't
suspicious that a dude with a PHD was working as a stocker.

The store manager said,
"In THIS economy? People will take any job they can find."

Ha ha.

This was a repeat, no doubt from the Reagan/Butch era.
You won't find that quote in the Clinton era.
Matter of fact, the OPPOSITE is true.

The papers are full of want ads that say
"We need people. Where are the workers?"

Under Reagan/Butch, I managed a small company in Bedrock.
We always had former American Airlines quality-control techs
offering to do hard, sweaty labor for minimum wage,
because Reaganomics broke their last job to pieces.
And the bitch is, we had to say "No."

Some dude with a PHD, moving refrigerator-sized units
in the hot, Oklahoma summer for minimum wage?

No way.
We told the over-qualified people 'No."

We HAD to.
A Republican was president.
Thank Vern, the Reagan error is over.

Under Clinton, everybody who wants to work, can.
Seems to me, the best thing that could happen to us is for
Herr Starr to retire and let Clinton work his magic.

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