Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

  Dear Bartcop,
     I am a 48 year old father of four sons, one of whom is serving in Iraq.  I have never contributed to any campaigns
before this year because I could not afford it.   With the rise in fascism in the last twenty years here in America
(yes, even during the Clinton years! cheap labor policies were pursued even then), I felt I could not afford NOT to do
what little I can.

     So I sent in two $25 and a $50 donation to Howard Dean because he was the ONLY candidate getting his message out
against all of the lies of this Bush neo-nazi administration.   I personally had all of the information on PNAC, the Centgas
pipeline project in Afghanistan,  the info on how the US sold Saddam the Anthrax, VX nerve agent, etc he supposedly
still had (thanks to Barbara Boxer on C-Span).  Most of this information was widely available on the internet long before
the war.   How is it that I could be more informed than Senators Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman and Gephardt??????

     Howard Dean was a light in the darkness, fighting back for what was right.  Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards sound
more like Howard Dean every day NOW.  I hate to say this but I believe Dr. Dean's campaign is done.  He will fight on,
but Gephardt, Lieberman, Rush Limbaugh, and the controlled TV media have done him in.  Our country is led by what is
shown on TV.  It takes a deliberate effort to stay informed and you are totally misinformed by television news.  Only the
internet provides true news instantly, not at a later time, when it is too late to affect events.
The American people are oblivious to this.

      Those things being said, I believe Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards are good men and real Democrats.  I wonder if
Edwards is up to the task of challenging Bush one-on-one.   A "nice guy" with a "feel good" campaign of hope is one thing.
Challenging a constant barrage of lies and disinformation takes bluntness and toughness along with a quick mind.  I believe
John Kerry can take Bush on and hold his own, and I believe he will work for all Americans, however it does bother me very
much that he is a member of Skull and Bones.  Then again, his S&B connections could protect him from some of the smear tactics
used against John McCain and Max Cleland, true war heroes who were made to look treasonous and unfit to serve our country.

        I live in Maryland and our primary is months away, but Wesley Clark is looking better to me all of the time.  The worst criticism
I have heard of him is that he is a "Republican".  All I can say is that I was once a Republican too, before I realized how much was
"trickling down" to me.  And I am totally committed to the Democratic party today.  Wes Clark has stature, intelligence, honor and integrity.
I believe Howard Dean has these same qualities, but the media will not allow him to be President.  I can picture Wesley Clark on stage
debating Bush and getting the TRUTH out.  I will vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination.  But for now I throw my vote out
to General Wesley Clark.

Leon A
Bel Air, Md.

PS- Bartcop does a great service keeping America informed!

Leon, thanks, and tell your son I said he's a hero.

A shot of Chinaco Anejo to him..

While out west, I read a book review of "Flyboys."
It might be a puff piece on the "greatness" of George Herbert Herbert Bush, I don't know,
but the way I remember the review, there were 8-10 pilots shot down in Bush's squadron.
Bush was picked up by our guys before they could get to him, but the others were captured by Japan.

They were bayonetted and beheaded - for fighting for America's freedom.
Out of that group, only one came home.

So the next time you hear a dove saying bad things about men in uniform, do me a favor
and remember those other eight men who didn't get the nice, cushy life that you and I have had.

You can say anything you like about the idiot who sent them to Iraq for no reason,
but don't go after the heroes who put everything on the line because they wanted to help.


  Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 There's no doubt about it--I'm voting for Clark.  Not only is he a decorated veteran, he understands what it means
 to be a patriot, unlike that baby bush who just decided not to show up in the Texas Air National Guard!  Clark has
 also made his stand on women's issues and, as the president of my university's chapter of NOW, that's rather important.

 It's not too often that you find a white male candidate that admits to the press that he's pro-choice.
 On top of everything, he's being endorsed by THE Michael Moore.
 Clark was my choice before the endorsement and he'll be my choice when all is said and done.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I'm voting BUSH!!!

 Who else but a Texas Republican would have the cahones' to start 2 wars!!!
 Bombs in storage are useless.
 So what if we lost a couple Army grunts...can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.

 We got the guy responsible for 9-11...Sadamm!!!!
 Who cares if the world hates America...they're all just jealous that
 we have the right to total world domination.

 Besides all that, Bush has created all sorts of jobs, he's helping the environment,
 educating the right children, keeping money in the family with Halliburton contracts
 and paving the way to Space domination.

 I watch Fox news so I know what I'm talking about!!!

 Random Ditto-Monkey

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Why Bush, of course.  Why? -s-

He looks so good in a flight suit.  God wants me to.  The right to life fundamentalist preacher with
the large caliber pistol pointed at my head wants me to.  The priest with his hand on my knee wants me to.

Five members of the SCOTUS want me to, so they don't have to appoint him again.  And Diebold wants me to,
even though they tell me he's gonna win anyway.  Jay Leno and Dave Letterman want me to.  So does Dennis Miller.
They can't be wrong.  Might as well go with a winner.  -s-

Crazy Larry in SC

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Just in case you find it amusing -

I wrote last week about who I am supporting and why.
Then I went out and volunteered to help with the NM Democratic caucus 2/3,
thinking I'd just be some goober watching the gate or handing out pencils....
got a call last nite that I am a site manager for one of the caucus sites. LOL.

Anyway, it's all your fault, for turning me from a vaguely interested bystander
to someone willing to get off my lazy butt and out there to make a change.

Think I'll put in an app to be a state delegate at the convention this summer, just for shits and giggles.

Holly C. in Albuquerque

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

i have become a fan of your bartcop blog and will contribute when there is more $$
in the household again ( partner out of work for a year now; we have a child ).

i take your media message to be one of a sensible human being trying find policy and
practice in life that is humane and benevolent.  i appreciate your viewpoints and attitudes
toward our political upheaval.  i trust what you say - generally, that is - but am rather
befuddled by your Clark endorsement ( as others may be ).

Are we sure that Clark is not part of the plot to make sure that the "military-industrial complex"
is still in control of the nation's destiny.  What if Clark comes in and plays the same game, and we
have Halliburton still running Iraq, none of Bush's heinous laws repealed, etc. ?

Please write another article addressing your Clark endorsement.  i think a lot of us "lefties" need
more assurance from you, perhaps much more.  i'll get behind Clark if i can trust him.

Tell me why, or tell -us- why ( your readers, that is ) we should trust Clark.
We are a cynical bunch, you know.

Many thanks for your consideration and response.


Sheapdog, my biggest reason for backing Clark is I think he has the best chance to win.

You asked, "What if Clark comes in and plays the same game, and we have Halliburton
still running Iraq, none of Bush's heinous laws repealed, etc.?"

If Bush wins, we have a guarantee that the Disaster Monkey will continue the plundering
of weaker countries..  With Clark, we know we'll have change - and we need that very much.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Well, I have recently changed my mind. I will be voting for Clark, but I *REALLY* wanted to vote for Kucinich.
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Kucinich will be doing very much, so I'm following logic on this one and picking
the guy who CAN kick Bush's ass on every issue. He may not be my ideal choice, but he's got what it takes.

If he's smart, he'll pick either Hillary or even better - my own state's governor (Jennifer Granholm) as his running mate.
It's about time we had a woman Vice President, and Granholm is one smart liberal!

Wilder K.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I will be voting for Clark.  Partly by his lack of experience.  He has no old "bill's" to
political parties.  Kerry is a wimp and in my opinion will be walk over by Dubya.
Dean talks before he thinks and that will win quick numbers in the polls but in the end
someone like him will slip up and say something that we will all regret.

Plus Clark although most people do not think so, a military man can see the big story
and not just one little detail, will act quick and dicisive.  There is true honesty when he talks.
Not some half-ass speech.  It is the type of thing that you can beleve in.
Also I would rub it in the face of Dudya that he ran from the war of bananas.

Sam Martin

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I don't care who is "electable"...I'll leave that blather to the cowards.
My right and my duty as an American citizen is to support the BEST CANDIDATE.
Letting the corporate media tell me who I should, or should not support....well, again I'll leave that
to the Democrat cowards who are jumping at the chance to give up their souls for some protection
from the boogie man. I almost vomit at the thought of these people.

In the primaries I'm supporting Dennis Kucinich. Except for Dennis's illogical support of a flag
desecration amendment, he's an FDR Democrat with the solutions to get our country up and
running again ( chime in your "unelectable" cowards blather here )

As it look now in November 2004 I'll be supporting, voting for, Ralph Nader.
This is an easy call, as Nader will be the only DEMOCRAT running by then...
Ralph Nader vs. the 2 headed corporate whore.

NADER 2004 !

Lance Del Goebel

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

As it stands today I am still in favor of Dean.  I would love to have the faith in Clark that you do
but there's something about him being able to say anything about Bush & co, without retaliation
that makes me wonder why?

Why is it that the press vilifies Dean for trying to rally his team after Iowa, but makes little of team Clark
declaring Bush the deserter he is?  Not having a leg to stand on has never stopped them before.
Also Clark did give the commencement speech at the CIA's school for terrorists.  No mainstream media (US)
has made mention of that fact.  By themselves and before 2000 the media would have had a field day with this info.
Theres just something about having a General as president and the whole military industrial complex that scares me.


Wait, President Clark scares you more than Bush?

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Dear Bart,

You probably wonít post this as it is not very clear cut.  But I had to share with you my on the fence attitude
as I donít think I am the only Dem having trouble making a decision.

I am having a lot of trouble deciding this time.  I have not voted in the Dem primaries before.
Last two general elections I voted for Nader.  (My state was blue so donít blame me please).

As of today, I am leaning towards Dean as he is closest to me on the issues except for Kucinich who is such a long shot.
I have some problems with Clark: He used DU in the Kosovo conflict which may not have been his call but he was in charge
and he also bombed Serbian civilians, again he was the guy in charge and does not seem to think there were any problems with
those decisions, which troubles me a lot.  As I reside overseas I probably care a lot more about foreign policy than your average
US voter, which makes it a harder decision for me. However, on the plus side for Clark I love that he came out completely
pro-choice with no cowardly caveats and that he did that interview with the gay mag saying that he supports gay civil rights
completely.  So I will go with Dean in the primary but if Clark wins the nomination I will be voting for him in November and
may the best man win.  Someone has to get Bush out and any of the Dems would do better than him.

So why the hell am I for Dean?   Pro-environment, pro-choice, pro-labor and anti-Iraq war and also involved with the youth vote
instead of being condescending to them. His positive attitude towards young people Ė as people Ė means a lot to me as I have
two pre-teen children who are going to inherit the mess we are creating right now.

Anna, Oregon voter living in Cairo Egypt

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

In order: Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Wesley Clark, John Edwards ...

Kucinich is the most pro-labor and this country is in real deep kimchee hemoraging middle-class jobs.
I was unemployed/underemployed for 18 months after getting laid off from IBM.
I'd still be unemployed if the National Guard hadn't called me up to go to Iraq.


I have ZERO job prospects when we get back.

I'll vote for any other REAL Democrat,  but if they nominate Lieberman,
I'll use my absentee ballot for toilet paper and mail it back.

Maybe we should start a "Draft James Carville" campaign.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I've been a fan of John Edwards since Day One.  He's charasmatic.  He's a Clinton-style moderate.
He's a great speaker.  And, he's a Southern Democrat, to boot.  I think he can take Dubya in the general election.

But, General Clark has me enamored.  I know he has what it takes to beat the Chimp.  He's everything that
Senator Edwards is plus a veteran and a four-star general.    I think my "dream team" would be a Clark/Edwards ticket.
Two Southern Dems on one ticket??  Are you kidding me??  Bush would be wearing diapers at every debate.

Nik from VA

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I am enthusiastically neutral, and I will vote for anyone but Bush and Nader and Lieberman.

-- David Bruce

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Dear Bartcop,
 I'm voting for Dennis Kucinich.  I'm a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, a Rocket Scientist and a father.
 I like most of  these Dems over Bush, but Kucinich is the real deal.  He's got more integrity in his pinky than Bush has in his whole family.

 Kucinich (and Sharpton) are the only two candidates with a plan for Universal Health care. It is widely acknowledged that our "for-profit"
 health care system has failed. Kucinich speaks the truth - and he was against war in Iraq since the beginning.  Kucinich is a known quantity,
 with an extensive (and awesome) voting record. As co-chair of the Progressive Caucus, he has a *proven* record of fighting for all Americans.
 He's also the only candidate that wants to trim the Pentagon budget and set new priorities in our nation.  We don't need new nuclear weapons,
 but we do need to invest in our schools.

 I don't put much faith in these horse-race polls. I want to vote for who I think is the best candidate, with a clear eye on the prize.
 I've spoken to so many people that say "I like Kucinich the best, but I don't think he can win".  I think people need to worry less about
 who other people like, and more about who they think is the best choice. In my opinion, Kucinich represents the clearest choice from Bush,
 and will invigorate new voters, and will stomp Bush.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Yo Bart,

I'm voting for Dean.  Why? Well, I'm a self-employed small busines owner.
My husband & I work hard and make enough to live on. We can't afford health care for ourselves.

But for the last 6 years our children have had health insurance thanks to Dr. Dynosaur and Dr. Dean.
When you hesitate to take your child to the doctor's office because hearing the doctor tell you to give them
over the counter medicine and drink plenty of liquids, costs $75., you tend to not go.
And sometimes it's more serious.

I'm lucky, so far, cause my husband and I are pretty healthy.
I know it's a gamble but at least the kids are covered.
Dean did that.
Kerry/Edwards/Lieberman have had plenty of time to raise a ruckus and do something.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Dean all the way, ok his outburst was a little different but c'mon, if thats what it takes to put a little passion
 and a backbone in the democratic party then so be it. I like Clark and a Clark Dean ticket would be a Karl Rove
 ass-whompping team if there ever would be one.

 No MORE FAKE Democrats.

 Did you ever notice that Lieberman is like the slower, less cool version of mush mouth
 from Fat Albert that you never have a clue what his mealy mouth is saying.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Because I am firmly convinced that nothing less than the very fabric our nation is at stake, I am voting for either Clark or Kerry.

Currently I am leaning toward Kerry, because of his long record of supporting reasonable legislation and voting against the hard right
wing-nut proposals sent up by that c---sucker Delay.  This whole estate tax issue absolutely drives me bonkers because it goes
completely against the grain of what our founding fathers fought so hard for.  Remember, they specifically did away with primogenture
(leaving one's estate to the eldest to ensure the aristocracy would always have an estate, and to keep it out of the hands of the lower
classes, while the second son usually just joined the army).

By eliminating the estate tax, which was at one of its lowest rates in our history of taxation, the annointed has ensured that affirmative
action for the rich will live on and has created our own  aristocracy of the haves.  I saw one of those a--holes actually bow to the queen
of England, when anyone who has actually studied the causes of  The American Revoloution would know that one of things we fought for
was not to have to bow to any man or woman.  We are all equal, and none of us is subservient to anyone.  Ever.  But, if the s---bag gets
elected, I would not be at all surprised if a courtly bow was introduced into the White House.  The way the press corps already kisses
the butt of the selected and his minions, reminds me of nothing more than the courtiers of old Europe.

When the chimp was selected, I figured that since the repugs knew they had not received a majority of the votes, they would at least
attempt to govern from the middle.   Instead, they have chosen to disenfranchise over 50% of the population by ramming their cuckoo
radical right positions down the throats of the majority of the population who is working so hard, it barely has time to keep up with their
family obligations, let alone be involved and aware of how our country is being hijacked right out from under us.  All in the name of
partiotism and of course, 9/11.  As one was actually injured by the attack, and has to travel to that area every working day,
I feel I have the right to say that the attack on a country that did not attack us, thereby, throwing 200+ years of history
out the window is reprehensible, immoral, criminal, etc., etc.  There are no words that I know that express the rage
I feel at this group that have hijacked the country.

Maybe, if the FBI had spent less time investigating Clinton's private life, and more time on anti-terrorism, 9/11 would never have happened.
But that would not serve the BFEE.  In the meantime, the Taliban is coming back and bin Ladin is free to stage another attack.  But Cheney
and Haliburton are doing quite well, thanks.  And instead of working to ensure health care for the population, they are worrying about what
people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Fuck em all!

I for one will never get over the 2000 election
EB in NY

EB, thanks for that.
Your letter put a lump in my throat.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

When I first heard about the campaign to draft Wes Clark, I knew I had found my candidate.

After watching the Sunday morning talk shows, reading the various web sites,forums, and magazines, I still feel that way.
I know Dean is popular, but for me, it comes down to electability. The conventional wisdom is that Dems are not trusted
with national security, and keeping a strong military. The same wisdom says Republicans are also better on the economy.

Any one with a brain cell can see how conventional wisdom is conventional stupidity. However, I live in Texas, so I have
found it prudent to keep my mouth shut. People, we need to keep our eye on the ball,and get that whole thieving bunch out
of Washington. To do that, we have to appeal to moderate Republicans, Democrats who have wandered away, and anyone
else we can get our hands on.  To do that, I think we have to learn from the past by: not attacking people in our own party,
run a positive campaign, attack issues, not people. This would also apply to the campaign after the convention.

The Repubs are a nasty, negative bunch and will attack constantly. We have to answer the attacks promptly, and then attack
on the issues again. Wes Clark is a person who can keep going forward, eye on the goal. He has stature, experience, and I
would love to see a debate between him and Shrub. That being said, I will vote for any Dem, though I would have to hold my
nose if it ended up being Lieberman. While I have said the nominee needs to stay positive, we will need attack dogs, and plenty
of them.  Finally, in this age of constant polling, I would like to see  candidate say what he really believes with passion and sincerity.

Terri K

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I will vote for John Kerry, (when the primaries finally get around to a large democratic state like Illinois, but that is another story...)
mostly because I believe in his vision and his plan for energy independence, and community service for education, and the way he
invokes a challenge to the American People the same way the other JFK did.

He has the plan to get America to invent its way out of the oil dependence, he wants to fund it in much the same way the Government
did in the race to the moon, but this race will matter to all the people of the world, and America needs to be first, not behind Japan, in this.
He combines all the conservation ideas, raising MPG limits and imposing the emissions restrictions on the SUVs, and a plan to incorporate
ethanol into powering vehicles.  Also, his pledge to protect the ANWR, no matter how many times it was brought up.

Also, because of the stand he took as a Veteran against the Vietnam War, to stand up to a highly paranoid congress and war-loving Nixon
to speak for legions of Veterans who knew the truth, and that, that war was wrong, no matter what, and it might have very well swayed the
decision to withdraw. I also believe in his Foreign policy experience, that it will be the difference in getting the US Allies to help clean up
the Bush mess in Iraq, and eventually help us to get Osama and stop Al-Queda.

I also believe he connects with the Veterans, in a way that the General never could.  Since when did you ever meet a military man who
would rather hang out with a General than a fellow jr officer or an NCO or a fellow grunt.  Clark was always a West Point boy, Kerry was
one of the ranks, he commanded a small group of men, not a whole division.  The support of Veterans for Kerry over Clark is overwhelming ,
and it shows in the way his former comrades come out to support him, and the Big name Veterans support him, like Max Cleland and Bobby
Muller, President, Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.

And that brings up another point, of a lot of highly regarded people believe in Kerry,


Scott, you know me - not one to argue - but Clark wasn't a general when he took some bullets for his country.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I would vote for Howard Dean.  To be honest, I was holding back a bit from him for some reason,
but since they made such a big deal of the Iowa thing, I have been paying close attention to what he is saying.

I like him because he is not corporately backed.  All of his campaign is based on individual contributions.
He also is not promising the world, but is talking sound policy not just campaign promises.

Howard Dean is the most attacked candidate, therefore, it seems to me like the smear campaign is starting a bit early.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I honestly have no idea who I would vote for right now, and I since we don't have a primary here I see no
reason why I need to make up my mind.

What I want, more than anything, is to see this process work the way it is supposed to.  A campaign
may seem like a long slog, but we learn so much about these guys in the process.  I'd have never given
Edwards a second look if I had to make my mind up in a flash, but I really like him.  Clark still has to
make his case as to why he should be Pres, and I want to give him time.  Kerry had the time to recover
and get a campaign going.  Dean had a chance to show he's kind of a prick.

The point is that the longer this goes on, the more people know the candidates.  Sure, a big fight can create
baggage, but these guys are staying in the news every day.  And whoever wins this will be a WINNER, end of story.

The process isn't perfect, but it's better than no process and the rush to "get it over with".  I think it's working
remarkably well so far.  I don't know who I'll go with eventually.  That's the way I like it, at least right now.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I base my vote on the character of a man.
Bush can't stand on the same stage as Kerry or Clark because he has led a life of leisure
and irresponsibility versus two guys who served their countries and were almost killed doing it.

They earned the chance at the Presidency. For Bush this is just another free ride in a long list
of free rides and favorable treatments because of who his Daddy is.

I'll admit it.  I cant stand Bush because he hasn't earned my respect nor has he showed any
character or hard work throughout his life. Clark and Kerry have. That's an easy choice for me.

Keith Miller

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I am sick of the culture  of blood and killing since Bush/Cheney have been installed in office.
Bush enjoyed executions so much here in Texas that he would not even allow DNA testing for
Death Row prisoners about to be executed.

I will vote for Dr. Dean or Gen. Clark or John Edwards.
It would be heaven if they were to run as a team.

Imagine them debating the sadistic killers in office now, on foreign policy, stem cell research etc.
In Texas "W" has replaced Jesus Crist, but Clark and Dean could beat him in a fair vote.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 This is in direct response to Michael Hawk, the 5th generation southern Democrat.

 Last month, here in Jackson Mississippi, Wesley Clark was on stage at the old Capitol.

 While he was speaking, a very rude republican troll interrupted him, asking what his stand was
 on the Confederate flag issue.  General Clark reached into the crowd and picked an American flag
 from someone's hand and said, "This is the flag I support, the only flag."

 I was standing on the stage behind him when he said it.
 I am so voting for Clark if I get the chance.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Maybe I'm being bull headed, but I'm going to stick with Dean despite a nagging doubt that I can't put my finger on.

 Dean had the balls to get in Bush's face early and often. He seems to bring the possibility of energizing new voters
 who are sick of cookie-cutter candidates who all talk and act the same. After sticking his neck out and giving the
 Democrats the shot of testosterone they have sorely lacked, it must have been real frustrating to see "have it both ways"
 Kerry and light weight Edwards out poll him in Iowa.( thanks in large part to the media.) No wonder the guy screamed!

 Clark is interesting,and stands up to Bush, but I fear he's too one- dimensional, and an "October surprise"
 by uncle Karl will render his candidacy moot.

 Larry in Ohio

 Larry, Chris the Screamer said the same thing Monday morning, making me wonder if he reads
 Matthews said, "All last year, Dean was fighting the fight - where was Kerry then?"

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'm for whichever candidate includes a proposal to encourage unwed mothers to carry their babies
to full term and adopt them out.  They can still be pro-choice and take action to reward unwed mothers
for participating in their program that encourages adoption. This will win one hell of a lot of votes from
independents and those who don't like Bush but would vote for him only because of his stand on pro-life.

Melvin in Pensacola, FL

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

  I loudly and, in the eyes of my colleagues, obnoxiously support General Wesley Clark for the office of
 President of the United States. General Clark is the premier Democrat and leads the current field in
 charisma and overall electability. Not a professional politician, he is closer to the people and is a highly-trusted
 and decorated patriot, not to mention a powerful and compelling public speaker.

 Mr. Clark is a Rhoades scholar with an impressive resume who is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with anyone
 for the good of the people. Unlike Republicans, who truly love their offices, General Clark truly loves America
 and has already sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as an active duty commissioned
 officer in the military. He's already proven that he can be trusted to put his country FIRST.

 If he wins the nomination, General Clark can and will upset the failed Bush regime and wage a political war against
 the current administration in his quest to bring the nation back to it's roots as a republic FOR and BY the people!

 And if that doesn't work, we can always crown [Bush] King.
 Jim Henderson

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