G'day Mate

 You constantly hold your self up to be a ballsy guy, a "fear nothing American" guy,
 a guy ready to rip a new one for anybody who challenges you, but you wouldn't publish
 this photo because, "your readers would give you a hard time".
 Then you say your Democatic reps have no balls!

2) Ms Ashrawi is one of the bravest women in the world. She has a well-to-do family,
 and does not have to live in Palestine, but does so to be with her people, whom she
 represents peacefully, with dignity.

3) She was awarded the Sydney Peace prize for '03, and when she spoke at theNational Press Club
 the next day, her simple honesty and moving dedication to her people earned her a standing ovation .
 This is a rare accolade from the cynical journalists at the Press Club.

4) Ms. Ashrawi does not make a habit of promoting websites, especially those as radical as yours
 ( let's not forget the computer morph of Bush being bonked by Osama!). She did so after my
 assurances that you were honest, and striving to bring peace to America and the world.

5) Having supported Sen Kerry for many years now, I was proved at least partially right by the Iowa result. 
 I believe that you and your readers can help defeat Bush, and that John Kerry is the "real deal" who can make this happen.
 If I am really 'your friend", publish the photo, and I'll write again.


Kerry/ Kucinich in '04


A Biography of Ms Hanan Ashrawi
(First thing I found under Google)

Wal, I may have used those words, but you drew the wrong conclusion.
My reluctance to publish this photo was due to the fact that I can see into the future.

In the next 24 hours, I will get dozens of e-mails calls me A, "Sharon's murdering toadyboy,"
and dozens more asking why I'm B, "so willing to blow up Israeli school busses."

This subject turns sane people into John Ashcroft.
This subject turns longtime friends into enemies forever.

Say 500 people read the page - 100 will hate me for A and 100 will hate me for B.
I've lost 40 percent of my readers and what did I gain?
Why would I want to get involved in that mess?

This subject turns readers and moderators into never-heard-from-them-again wisps of smoke.
This subject divides like crazy and, as a guy who mostly wants to just have a good time,
and maybe sheer some sheep, there's just no up-side to being dragged into a 6,000 year blood feud.

Seriously, I think I'm the only guy left who can speak about the Middle East without passion.
Well, me and the Disaster Monkey.     He thinks the Middle East is where Padre Island is.

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