What's Up with The Nude Samaritan Shooting In Tulsa?!?!


                      I got a link to this story out of Tulsa from a nutjob conservative website
                      www.boottotheskull.com  -
                      Careful, Bart, you may upchuck from the immature stupidity of this site!:

                      Full Story

                      I am reproducing the text of this story below, in case the link doesn't work:

                      It was another violent week on the streets of Tulsa Saturday as a naked man was shot
                      and killed after a bizarre argument downtown.  Just after eleven o'clock Saturday morning,
                      a good samaritan responded to a woman's cries for help near the Brady Theater.

                      When he arrived, a man she was fighting with struck both victims with his car.
                      Police say that's when shots rang out.

                      "After being struck by the car, the good samaritan, who was armed at that time
                      ...it appeared the suspect in the car was trying to back over him. At some point,
                      he fired shots into the back of the car, hitting the suspect, who is now deceased,"
                      said Sergeant Eric Dalgleish.

                      We're told the man was about 25 years old, but his identity has not yet been released.
                      As for the good samaritan, police say the shooting appears to be justified.

                      I have a few questions, Bart:

                      (1) Who was naked?  The good samaritan or the shooter?

                      (2) Why was he naked?

                      (3)Why was the samaritan armed? Is this fairly common in K-Drag?

                      (4) What was showing at the Brady theater?
                       A Clockwork Orange or Naked Came the Stranger?

                      Keep hammerin' away!
                      Steve in Minneapolis

  Steve, I wasn't there, but this is what I heard:
  Some dude was in the process of trying to rape the woman in a hotel.
  She bolted out the door into the alley, mostly naked and screaming.

  So her attacker comes running out after her, mostly naked, trying to
  pull her back into the hotel when the two samaritans happened by.
  They yelled, "Hey Dude, stop raping her," so somehow, Rapeboy
  jumps in his car and comes at them. The radio said he semi hit them
  and was backing up to run over them again when the samaritans
  decided he needed dying and did their duty.

  Sounds to me like a clear-cut case of him or them.
  In Oklahoma, you never leave home without your Glock.

  The Brady Theater isn't a movie theater anymore. It's the best damn place
  in the country to see a band. It holds like 1500, and the accoustics are perfect.
  Caruso (not David) used to sing there in the twenties, and Teri the Ghost Hunter
  has been invited to spend the night there and catch Operaboy's ghost floating around.

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