Otter's inquiry into Hutton

Lords aren't born anymore

Over here in the colonies, you seem to be unaware that Lords are no longer born but are now minted.
"Lord" Hutton is a political appointee, not some ninth generation landed aristocrat - though why the heck
anyone would trust someone just because they were an upper class twit with a snooty accent and a very old
house in a large field, Zeus only knows.

Who appointed him?

To his various posts, Hutton's appointments have been made by Blair or one of his predecessors, those
Republican bastions (is that how you spell a child born out of wedlock?) Margret Roberts or John Major.
That would be Maggie Thatcher of union busting and economy destroying fame or John Major who now works
with Bush Senior at the Carlyle group.

If you didn't see it, there was a hint of the hair splitting and legal sleight of hand that was to come when Hutton
ruled last fall that the inquiry was public but couldn't be shown on TV. He used the following absurd logic:

If I say you can't film the inquiry, you don't have the material to disseminate and it is no longer a
question of free speech since you are not free to disseminate that which you don't have.

You think I'm kidding?

Read it and snort with laughter at this:

As for absolving Blair and, by proxy, Bush of blame for lying; that is hardly what this Shrewsbury School
former pupil has done. The Hutton report doesn't deny that the claims made to get us to invade Iraq were
lies. Trying to follow his purposely Byzantine and misleading logic, it seems he found insufficient evidence
to show that Tony Blair personally made up those lies.

The obvious internal inconsistencies of the Hutton report are being ignored by the US press.
They are instead regurgitating the sound bites provided by the Republican myth makers.

For example:
Hutton found that
a) The Blair government WAS NOT responsible for the way  Dr Kelly's name was leaked.
b) The MoD WAS at fault in the naming of Dr Kelly.

Doctor Kelly was the arms inspection expert who blew the whistle on the Bush-Blair fake intelligence scam.
He wound up dead under mysterious circumstances, not the least of which was that he had 20 pills in his
stomach but was morbidly afraid of taking tablets, he was part of a religious group morally opposed to
suicide and he had sent emails to friends saying he thought his life was in danger.

Now here we see one of the problems that Lord Hutton of the Pocket Whitewash Hundreds worked so hard to hide....

The MoD is the ministry of Defence, a part of the government. At least it was the last time I checked.
Sorry Hutters old bean, but your two 'findings'  cannot both be true.

On occasion, it's hard to tell if the so called Hutton report might not have been written by that other
Shrewsbury school old boy - Michael Palin of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

To get a Pdf of the whole convoluted mess pretending to be a report:,13812,1133876,00.html

Faun - who has read the report which is more than any
US reporters seem to have bothered to do.

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