Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 if clark wins the nomination, i'm voting for him,
 if not it will not be bush

 Terry G

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Hi Bart,

I've liked Kerry all along and I'm glad he's doing well.  No one I know gets excited by him, but I do.
He may not be super-charasmatic and may not make a great first impression, but he has the experience,
the qualifications, and the clear record of concern for the public good.  I think he is simply the most qualified to be President.

I know there are those who say, 'Yeah, but without that charisma, he can't win, qualifications or not'.
Well, Kerry is a winner.  He's won 2 senate elections when he was behind in the final month.
He won Iowa, not exactly a bastion of northeastern liberalism, by winning over the undecideds.
He seems to be good at that, and that's very good for us.

Consider this: maybe what we need is a responsible, experienced, sober ADULT to come along
and take control of the situation and send the brat to his room without supper.  Dean and Clark can
do that, but I think Kerry's the best man for that job.  Take a closer look at him.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I like first-in-his-class at West Point, Rhodes Scholar, Four-Star General,
Supreme Allied NATO Commander, and next president of the United States Wes Clark.
No matter what, the sight of a real warrior and statesman debating Bush the prevaricating
wimp would be kick-ass memorable.

Brings to mind the JFK-Nixon debate back in '60...where JFK came across like a genius
version of Robert Redford while Nixon looked like a syphilitic-snake version of Al Capone.

A repeat performance with Clark and Bush oughtta be one for the ages...

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Well, Bart, the Nader folks are rearing their ugly heads again, warning us that they're gonna bolt
and vote Green in November if the Dem of their choice doesn't get the nom (and hold their breath until they turn blue).

Ooooooooooh, I stand warned.

Look, who has time for perfectionists who are content to throw a tantrum, sit and tap their feet
impatiently and wait for perfection while the world gets blown apart for another 4 years?
Who the heck needs fair-weather Democrats? I'll vote for the Dem, even if he is only 1/8" to
the left of Bush, because that 1/8" will still save some lives, maybe even mine, maybe even yours.

There is no time for perfection.
Because there is no such thing as perfection.

After I hit age 40, I've learned to settle for half a loaf any time I can get it. I know which side
my bread is buttered on. Heck, the Repubs know which side their bread is buttered on, they're
extremely good at standing together, and as a result, they have achieved total world power,
for cryin out loud. I refuse to sacrifice the planet and my son's future just so that I can feel all
warm and runny inside that "I've got my principles." Principles won't feed my child when he's
hungry. I can't pay my bills with principles.

We know for a fact that about 48% of the voters in this country are inbred freaks (they happily
voted for Bush last time). Even if the rest of us were Mensa geniuses, we still have to compromise
with the inbred freaks; ergo we will never have our perfection. Never. Because this is a democracy,
we will always have to compromise.

The Repubs are enjoying an enormous banquet while the Dems sit on the sidelines starving because
we don't like the brand of jam and the meat's a little tough. But by God, we've got our principles!!!!!!

This election isn't about me or what makes me feel good. It's bigger than what makes me personally 100% happy.
(And since when has a Dem been more concerned with his own personal happiness anyway? That's what the
Repub party is about... "Screw the world, as long as I'm happy.") I'm frankly not 100% happy with any Dem
that is running... so what? I've agreed to vote for your "dreamboat" (whoever it may be) in the general election
if you'll vote for my "dreamboat." That's the deal, isn't it? I'm kinda disgusted with the Dems who fully expect me
to support their boy in the G.E. but won't do the same for me and my boy. If your half-eaten hot dog wins over
my stack of bricks, then I'll vote for your half-eaten hot dog. But either one is better than the pile of cow dung currently in office.

All I can say is that if we don't learn to put aside our differences and rally around the Dem who wins the nom in the end,
we will continue to sit on the sidelines bitch-biting (and clutching our ever-holy principles to our bosoms) while the BFEE
continues its path to Armageddon. We Dems are proving ourselves to be more stupid than the inbred freaks, who at least
have the brains to unite. Look at what they've got that we haven't got. Let's fight about the other stuff later, after we've
gotten all 3 branches of power back. I want to get the Dem in there, and then we can quibble about policy thereafter.
But we've got to get the Dem in there first!

A Clark supporter who is an ABB yellow dog Dem!


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Like many of your readers, I'll happily support any Dem who wins the nomination.
Well, okay, if it were Lieberman I wouldn't be happy about it, but what are the odds?.

That being said, in the upcoming Missouri primary I'm voting for Clark.

1.  He has the Bartcop endorsement.  No, I'm not turning into some kind of BC
dittohead, but when you find someone with so many opinions close to your own,
it's wise to pay attention to those few that aren't.  Thus did I discover Chinaco and
the South's Finest Chocolate - each sufficient to make an agnostic thank God.

2.  We really must concentrate upon who has the best chance to beat Bush.  This
may mean selecting a candidate who's not quite as far left of center as I would like,
but it's that old idealism vs realism debate.  This is what the Naderites still don't seem
to get - by sticking to their principles, they are blocking effective change in this country.
We can't afford to do that.

3.  Clark seems to have figured out the media's game, which means he's best equipped
to avert their b.s.  He's already proven that he's not afraid of the BFEE, and I think that
includes the propaganda branch.  This is why they're afraid of Clark - he bites back.

4.  On the strength of the rumor that he'd draft Hillary as his veep.  This alone would be
worth the vote - so many RWN heads would explode over this that the entire country
would sound like it was Chinese New Year.

5.  I don't buy into the idea that a military man shouldn't lead the country, any more than
I did the notion that someone without military experience can't do so.  Clark's spent a
career defending the nation - that shouldn't be a mark against him.  I believe he'd spend
the presidency in the same way.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...


John Kerry wore the pink tutu for Bush at every moment when it mattered.  He has 59,000+ brothers' and sisters'
names on a wall in Washington.  That's 59,000+ names that are there because gutless senators and congressmen
wanted to be "patriotic" and were afraid of what the press would say.  That's 59,000+ people who died because those
gutless senators and congressmen gave the president a blank check.  That's 59,000+ reasons why John Kerry should
not have voted for war.  His excuse now is that he voted for a "process."  What bullshit!

John Kerry voted for war, voted for the Patriot Act, voted like he was afraid of Bush.

And now, voters in Iowa and New Hampshire have voted for Kerry because they think he will stand up to Bush.

Ever since the majority of Americans agreed to let five Republican appointees choose the president, I have been stunned
and amazed.  Noow I am also afraid.  I am afraid because the American Democratic Party voters have shown that they
will walk willing into this election with a Prima Ballerina leading the way.

All the Kerry supporters who cheered on the BFEE media's destruction of Howard Dean will learn that they have only
made their real enemy stronger.

This is going to be really bad.


James E. P

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Hello from behind the Zion curtain.

Living in the sheep state of UUUUUUTAH I do not have a vote.

Ask any Utah sheep if they are a Repub and they will respond "you better fricken
( Utah speak) believe it. They believe Bush is a "Moral" man.  SCAREY.

If I could I would vote for Clark.  Smart, polished,poised, looks.
Let him take Bush down.


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

General Wesley Clark: Because he understands the meaning of DUTY and will do it.

He did his duty for 34 years in the United States Army from Vietnam to the Balkans.
Clark was drafted to run for president. He answered our call to service - because it was his duty.

When he takes the oath,  "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President
of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
of the United States.",  he will mean it. He will do his duty.

If Kerry and Edwards did their duty they would have voted against the Iraq invasion and the Patriot Act.
If Kucinich did his duty he would be filing for Bush's IMPEACHMENT in the House of Representatives.
If Dean did his duty he would lend his support to Clark, the candidate who can beat Bush.

I am working my ass off to elect The General because it is my duty to my country and humanity.

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I am hopeful that I will have the opportunity to vote for Dean. I am distressed that
the FACTS of his life have been ignored in the media attention to the "fact-esque" analysis of his temper.

His request for African-American roommates as an undergraduate at Yale shows more
intellectual curiosity and empathy than our President has ever exhibited. This is a privileged
man who rejected a life of purely economic striving to go to medical school and set up a
small town practice and help individuals. He didn't just talk the talk......

As Governor, he established many programs providing health care to children and fiscal
responsibility to the state. I LOVE the way he says social justice is not possible if the budget
isn't balanced. His bravery in speaking out against the invasion of Iraq, his prescient concern
about Valerie Plame, his statements yesterday about Alan Greenspan, and almost everything
he has said and done in between, convince me that this man is the best choice Americans
have for our next President.

Amy C

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Dear Bart:
I am voting for Dean. I was attracted to his candidacy last year when he spoke out in a clear
and forceful manner against the war in Iraq. Since then, the events that will become a part of
the historical record have proved him right. President Bush brought us to war under false pretenses.
Dean continues to speak with intelligence, reason and foresight; he demonstrates an exemplary grasp of the issues.
His opponents portray the passion he exhibits as anger. And it is. He and millions of others are downright mad
about the war and many of the other policies and decisions of the W. Administration.
A. J.

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I am voting for Wes Clark!
He is simply the candidate with the best total package for this time in history.

Clark is a patriot and a hero:  I won't go into the details of his service here, but nobody can dispute
that he has exhibited a great deal of bravery and focus in his military career.

Clark is an independent thinker:  He was retired early because he was willing to work around the military
bureaucracy in order to make progress.  I'm sure that we can all think of someone who was punished for
doing the right thing instead of following procedure and chain of command.

Clark believes in diversity:  Most importantly, diversity of opinion.  I was watching CNN when Clark
defended Michael Moore's right to dissent. That moment wasn't calculated to win Moore's support,
it was a glimpse into how Clark thinks.  We need a leader who has the intellect and the will to examine
various points of view (unlike GWB).

My list could keep going, but I think those are the most relevant points.  I wish I could elaborate on why
I think that the other candidates aren't strong enough, but you didn't ask for that analysis.  In any case,
I think we must remember that we are all running against the Republicans who are fortifying themselves in our government.

Nasir in San Francisco

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'm voting for Wesley Clark.
He's brilliant, well respected around the world and he gave a wonderfully candid interview to the Advocate.
Not many politicians would have the balls to say the things he said.  I like Edwards, Kerry and Dean, and I
really respect Dean for building momentum going into the primaries.  But, the ideal ticket will have Clark on top.

Carol B

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'm enthusiastically supporting Doctor Howard Dean for the democratic nominee for president.
We have the choice of Dean, whose screech I found to be inspiring, by the way, OR a bunch of
republo-crat butt-kissers in congress whose only inclination to fight has been to fight to be at the
head of the line to polish gee-dub's knob.

Bart himself coined the phrase "pink-tutu-democrats" to describe them to a "T".
Don't forget the honorable General Clark, who until 2 years ago was a lifelong republican,
also a well-paid G.O.P. lobbyist,  who  magically "saw the light" somehow.
NOT a very good resume, IMHO.

All the democrat/leftist websites have been whining for three years "if we only had
a democrat who would FIGHT!"   Well we do, man, his name is Howard Dean.
And if you have to screech a bit in the middle of a fight, well, it just shows that you mean business.
There seems to be two choices: Doctor Dean, and a colorful collection of imposters...

Ken Bailey

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Howard Dean.

For all his alleged gaffes, he has the best political instincts this side of Bill Clinton.  Moreover, he was the
ONLY serious candidate to have the balls to stand-up to Bush & Co. while messers Kerry, Edwards, and
Lieberman were whoring for the administration, and that counts for something.

When Dean wins (or even just places second) in New Hampshire, he'll be viewed as the comeback kid.
As for Clark, he may be great in townhall meetings, but he has no political savvy, and sucks as a campaigner.
He is lost on domestic issues, and would be a disaster running a national campaign against Bush.
I wish he was better on the trail, but he's not.

And Kerry & Edwards?
Please, that's like bringing a plastic knife to a howitzer fight.

Mike G.

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Definitely Clark.


1- He defuses any soft-on-terror, soft-on-defense lies that BushCo will surely deploy against anyone else
(except possibly Kerry).

2- He did not attain the position he did in the military without being able to negotiate, compromise
and build consensuses (consensii?). I cannot imagine him telling our NATO allies that he speaks for the US
and if they are not with us they are against us.

3-  He did not attain the position he did in the military without learning how to fight back against innuendo,
backstabbing, badmouthing and lies. He is not likely to go all wallflower nice-guy wimp Dem loser on us.

4- I suspect and hope that he takes seriously that oath that people take when they join the military, to
defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States, not the Republican Party.

Unfortunately I fear the he, or any other Democrat, if it appears that he may win by a margin that makes
stealing another election by the RNC/Diebold untenable, will suffer an unfortunate small plane crash, or get
depressed and commit suicide all alone somewhere deep in the sticks in a red state. Optimism is not my
strong suit, I admit, but I fear we will 4NEVER be rid of these bastards.

OTOH, could be interesting times if they DO attempt to Diebold their way into another term. ...


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'd be interested in an explanation of Clark's craven performance in response to Peter Jennings's question
(New Hampshire debate) concerning Mike Moore and "Deserter" issue.  Instead of disowning the statement
and backing away from it, he should have pointed out that it was the truth, even though the mainstream media
won't report it. Do you really expect Clark to stand up to Bush when he won't even stand up to Jennings?
Who am I for?  I put principle ahead of strategy and was for Kucinich.
Now I'm leaning toward Edwards since Kucinich seems to have endorsed him.
G. Wallace

GW, if you have the proof Clark ignored, I'll give you $1,000 for it.

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I appreciate the way Dean jumped on Bush's case from the git go.
He said what no others would. He drove the right wing nuts simple and now
they're over reacting to the Dean Pep talk. By the weekend all the buzz about
the screech speech will be history. Then Dean can continue. I don't dislike Kerry.
I just can't savvy why he voted for that mindless war.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Being a Viet-Nam veteran, I have to vote For Wes Clark.
I think it is absolutely necessary to have a President that has seen the pain and sorrow of war.
This way we won't be so fast to send someone else's sons and daughters to die in a needless war
Peace to you all......
Tony D

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Thanks Bart, for the best commentary on the web

When I found out Clark was a Democrat, or at least running on the Democratic ticket,
it felt like finding the winning lottery ticket.  What a rare creature this guy is - a progressive,
intelligent, Democratic, certified ass-kicker.  From the south!

I will gladly give my support, money and time to whoever the Democratic nominee.
That said, this is no ordinary election.  This is a must win or we all move to Canada.
We can't follow a candidate because he best represents the policies we'd like to see....

We've GOT to beat Bush.
We've got to send up the one person we think stands the best chance to whip Bush.
That's Clark.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

General Clark, baby!
From Arkansas, same as one of the best prez in recent memory and Rhodes scholar as he.
Bulletproof, doesn't break and red butts the Repugs in a classy manner.

Michael H.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Hey Bart- This is an extremely interesting political season, and it shapes up
to be one of the best in years.

The reason is because this is one of the best bunch of men to choose from on
the Democratic side, probably ever.  All the major figures at this point are very
educated and articulate, and even Dean's abitity to get a little pissed off at the current
situation does not hurt the party. What they are all managing to do is to throw the repugs
a great big curve ball.

I will vote for a Dean- Clark, or a Clark -Edwards ticket, as Clark will bring the
American Veteran vote back home to roost with the Dems !

- ross from texas

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I plan to vote for Howard Dean if I get the chance.
He had the guts to be against the war in Iraq when even I was waffling.
He was the first to have the guts to speak out against what the Bush cartel
was doing to America when Kerry and others were voting for bad legislation.

I know that Dean had a setback when he was attacked by the entire media
establishment plus the right wing.  (Anybody know how many sushi eating,
Volvo driving, Hollywood loving freaks there are in Vermont, anyhow?)

I refuse to jump ship just because Dean got Gore'd.

That said, my plans for the November election are that I am willing to vote for
whichever of the Democratic candidates wins in the primaries, unless some alien
pod virus or robot impersonator can be proven to have taken over as that candidate.

The worst of the Dems is still a gazillion times better than Bush.
We must all remember that.

Ginny in Annandale (VA)

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...


I plan to vote for Edwards in the New York primary, if he's still viable, and I think the best ticket is Edwards-Clark.
I like Kerry, but he's a stiff on TV, and that counts, too much maybe, but it counts.

An Edwards-Clark ticket should pick up a couple of Red states and win every state Gore won.
Most Deanies and supporters of other primary candidates will vote for this ticket, as long as
the nominees are strongly anti-Bush. And they will be, because that's the only way to win.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Well, I agree with Kucinich on almost everything....but we need to win.
I've been extremely impressed with Edwards lately, especially his positive message,
something the Dems need to harp on.   But, he's too young.

Dean has done an amazing job organizing and enlarging his support. We'll need that talent
in the campaign. But, I think he's a sitting duck for the Repubs and their media. I love the way
Al Sharpton can frame an argument and produce effective and often hilarious soundbites.
His voice needs to be heard in the campaign. But again, we need to win.

I hope Clark becomes smoother and more presidential, as he is going to come under increasing
scrutiny and attack. But, I worry about his lack of experience in government. I think Kerry is the
man who can not only deal with the dirt that is sure to be flung in this campaign, but can also
articulate a positive vision for the country. A northeastern liberal yes, but also a decorated soldier.
Kerry/Clark or Kerry/Edwards could be just the ticket to getting our country back.

Don in Indy...

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Hey Bart and Bart Readers!

I've just returned from the Iowa caucus. I felt so strongly about what is happening to our country
that I volunteered for Governor Dean.  It was an incredible experience and I am so glad that I took
a week of vacation in freezing temperatures to help take my country back.

I have been involved with many democratic presidential, statewide and local campaigns for the past
twenty-five years. I am a lifelong Democrat but I have to tell you -- I have become so disgusted with
the Democratic Party and its standard bearers. I even thought about becoming a Green.

Then I heard Governor Dean speak and something inside my heart told me to get involved.
This campaign is different. Seeing so many Americans joining together this past week in Iowa
has restored my faith in our democracy and in our country.

Please do not believe or listen to the media, the pundits, the naysayers and the special interests that
want to keep the status quo. They want to keep the country the way it is because it benefits them.
I truly believe that Howard Dean's campaign is changing this country's politics for the better.

A loyal reader in California,

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Bart -
I am voting for Kerry because I have a fifteen year old son and I trust Kerry to beat Bush.
I also trust Kerry not send my son to die in a few years to occupy oilfields.
Thanks for asking,

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

As an Australian I won't be voting in the Diebold election obviously,
but if I were to it would be for Dean or Clark, preferrably Dean AND Clark.

Down here though I will be changing my vote for the first time ever from the
conservative Liberal party to the Leftist labor party. John Howard as Prime minister
has firmly planted our national noses up Bush's stinking corrupt arse (ass?) and
opposition leader Mark Latham has stated on the record his belief that Bush is
the most dangerous president America has ever had.

The Labor party have a great record for screwing the Australian economy and
shovelling taxpayers money into the hands of drunken unionists, but these days,
opposing Bush and his nasty nasty Israel first minders is more important than
anything else.  We can always fix the economy later.  Saving the planet is a
tad more important just now. 


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I am voting for Howard Dean.  I also think that a Dean/Clark ticket will send the unelected loser
back to Texas where he belongs and they should win so big it wonít matter how much the repugs cheat!
A Dean/Clark ticket has something for everyone. (except the hard-right-religiously-insane-war-hungry,
-sex-obsessed-anti-abortion-homophobes and Bush can keep them!)

Media pundits have been spewing their manufactured outrage over Deanís ďangerĒ.
Of course Dean is angry.  So am I.

Iím mad as hell about what these thugs have done to our country.  Bush was not happy to reverse only
the Clinton miracle, heís trying to reverse every progressive gain of the 20th century.  This week the media
whores told us we should be outraged by Deanís post-Iowa rant.  Why would we be outraged?  Would we
be outraged when the coach pumps up the team during halftime when theyíre down by twenty points?
Maybe I got it because Iím from Detroit (Lions anyone?).


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