Vol 141 - Over There

You know that show, "Highway to Heaven?"

This ain't it.

Great Fascist Quotes

"Kosovo is a carbon copy of Vietnam."

-- Slobodan's buddy Pigboy on his lil' Hate Radio show


I'm going to try to do this whole issue without using the word "whore."
It'll be tough, because I'll be talking about Rush and Republicans.

A Joke not Good Enough for RL-LNW

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Terry Nichols, serving a life sentence for his federal
conviction as a conspirator in the Oklahoma City bombing, was charged Monday
with first-degree murder in state court and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Operator: Senator Nickle's office, may I help you?

Inmate:    I'd wike to speak with Senator Nickles, pwease.

Operator: What does this concern?

Inmate:   I want the Senator to get me a good wawyer.

Operator: Who's calling please?

Inmate:   Terry Nichols, from the Federal Wockup in Colowado.

Operator: Are you related to the senator?

Nichols:  We have the same wast name...

Operator: Sir, just because you're Terry Nichols and he's Don Nickles,
                that doesn't mean you're related.

Nichols:   I don't know... We think an awful wot awike...

How Ugly Can It Get? Quotes

"I'm so upset about that man, we should all vomit on his house.
 I mean it.
We should all go over to his house and vomit on it.
Listen to me.
I sound like a vulgar FM-radio talk show host."

-- The very ladylike Doctor Laura, March 31

Yeah, Doc, you DO sound as vulgar as a five-dollar prostitute.
When Stern says something shocking, he's trying to be funny.

When you nazi dogs get hateful and vulgar,
you mean every goddamn word of it.

Chamberlain Was Right

...at least according to the GOFP.

I have some questions:

Did we have an exit strategy for Normandy Beach?
Did FDR have an "End Game" on June 6, 1944?

Was France worth a single drop of American blood?
And if they were, was it because they're white?

What was our exact plan for stopping Hitler?
How will it look if we attack Hitler and he stays in power?
Won't that make America look weak?

Germany is well-armed, much better than Saddam.
Germans are defending their homeland - they'll never give up.
Germany isn't a desert, they have hills and mountains,
so they have lots of places for snipers to hide.
It's suicide to attack an enemy like that.
It's always better to wait.
Somebody might get hurt.

Can't have that...

Yep, the GOP and Chamberlain are correct.
Never solve a problem while it's manageable
Why do it now, when you can wait till it gets even bigger?

Wasn't that their motto in killing health care reform?
That it was "too big" a problem to tackle?
It was, what, ...one seventh of America's economy?

No sense in trying to stop a hemorrhaging, endless money-pit
if it's only chewing up one out of seven dollars, right GOP?

That could only cost us a few hundred billion per year.
Why bother to tackle THAT problem when we have that
nutty anti-flag-burning amendment to consider?

Koresh, they drive me to drink...

Or, we could do things THEIR way:

Wait until it's a full-blown theater-war before we address it.
We should only fight wars in places like Grenada.
If we do that, we get to Wag Reagan's Dog.
That way, the naive press scumbags ignore Reagan's Lebanon Massacre.


...some of us remember.

Those 241 Marines we lost in one day?
Didn't need to happen.
Reagan thought it would be "more symbolic" if the Marines stayed on land
rather than on ships where they would have more protection.
Reagan's hands-on fuck-up got 241 Marines killed.

Think of the shit Bill Clinton would have to deal with
if HIS personal fuck-up cost even ONE Marine his life.

Remember what Reagan said to the Beirut bombers?
"You can run, but you can't hide?"

There was NO NEED to hide.
Ollie North had their home address!

Sorry, I need another drink...

What did Reagan do for the Beirut bombers?
What did Reagan do for the cowards who killed 241 marines?

The son-of-a-bitch sold them Stinger missles,
then lied about it,
then stonewalled Walsh's investigation,
then testified he couldn't remember anything about it,


fucking then...

George Herbert Traitor Butch pardoned the whole sorry lot
just to save his own ass and bury the truth.

But Ohhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, if it had involved Clinton's cock,
then the "Rule of Law" might've been a factor.
But since it's just Ronald Reagan and GHT Butch selling weapons to
the religio-wacko bastards who murdered our Marines, it's nothing,

...and the all-white jury agreed.

Go figure.

Marines, 241 of them, buried alive by Islamic Jihad and Ronald Reagan
gives them two planeloads of Stinger missles as a reward.

A fucking reward for Islamic Jihad for murdering those men.


Clinton gets a blow job, and the GOP is outraged at the lawlessness.

Dirty Nazi Pig Quotes

"There's no difference between Milosevic and Bill Clinton.
They are two men cut from the same cloth."

-- Tales From the Cyst

Pigboy, can't you be on America's side?
Just once?

So, Air Power Alone Can't Make 'em say "Uncle?"

Let's say you live in Belgrade.
Let's say in a average sortie, NATO drops 400 1-ton smart bombs.

Bomb #1 takes out the electric plant.
Bomb #2 takes out the water purification plant.
Bomb #3 takes out the dam north of town.
Bomb #4 takes out the television station.
Bomb #5 takes out the airport runways.
Bomb #6 takes out the main bridge over the river.
Bomb #7 takes out the phone company, killing the Internet.
Bomb #8 takes out the main building at the military base.
Bomb #9 takes out the command headquarters.
Bombs 10-20 take out various military installations.

...and we have 380 bombs left to drop, and it's still the first hour of the first day
of a pounding like Milo's never seen.  Seems to me that an air war would be effective as hell.

These aren't rice fields we're bombing.

Don't worry, tho.
Rush says America's forces are commanded by a weak, lying traitor.
Rush says the this madman is incapable of telling the truth.
Rush says Clinton is helping Milosombitch achieve his goals.
Rush says Clinton, with soldiers in harm's way, cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

You want the truth?

I'm mad at myself for being so goddamn naive.
I thought things would eventually get better.

Clinton and Monica was three slurs back.
Three slurs back.

Since then, Clinton sold out America to the Chinese,
he raped "Where's-my-book-deal?" Juanita Broddrick,
and now President Bill Clinton has INTENTIONALLY started this
"next world war," and do you know why?

Do you know fucking why?

Why would President Clinton intentionally cause this crisis?

Rush said Wednesday that Clinton intentionally caused this crisis hoping he could drag it out
for 18 months causing worldwide-panic until November 2000, ...that way...

that way...

that way...

Clinton can say, "The world is TOO UNSTABLE to have elections,"
thereby he and Hillary seize permanant control of the government and all our lives and the lives
and freedom of your children and everything else and the American way-of-life would all
boil down to forced-homosexuality for your kids.

"Talent on loan from God" never lies.

Monkey Mail

From: sidetrak@raex.com

Subject: rush not fat

jerkoff stick your head up your asas I
think thats where your brain? is

Bob S

Great Patriot Quotes

"You think Vietnam was bad?
Vietnam is nothing next to Kosovo."

-- Tony Snow, Fox "employee", on the EIB 3/24

Tony, you "employee..."

55,000 Americans died in Vietnam.
As of this writing, NO Americans have died in Kosovo.
So, 55,000 deaths is NOTHING compared to no deaths?

Is this another one of those Fox Network "you decide" facts?

More Great Patriot Quotes

"I'm on the Senate Intelligence Committee, so you can trust me and believe me when
I say we're running out of cruise missles. I can't tell you exactly how many we have left,
for security reasons, but we're almost out of cruise missles."

-- Senator Pissquick Inhofe, (R-Traitor)

Remember that Michael Del Giorno AM-Radio Ditto-Monkey?
He interviewed Senator Pissquick on Knuckledrag radio
the very day our troops went into combat, March 24.

Monkey: Senator, President Clinton is going to speak tonight.
              Any idea what he'll say?

Pissquick: No, but whatever he says, it won't be the truth.


How goddamn patriotic can two fascists get?

Senator Pissquick lets Milosombitch know that we're running out of cruise missles and our "Liar-in-Chief" is lying about the reason America is stopping a holocaust in Europe.

The Cro-Mags should run a Barr-Inhofe ticket in 2000.

Wednesday, Paul Harvey said that Barbara Butch was in the hospital
in Houston suffering from a bad back.

According to Matt Drudge and Here, Piggy-Piggy, the old "bad back" excuse is what
First Ladies use when they catch their Presidential husbands cheating on them.
You've all heard them say that, right?

So, according to Harvey, Drudge and Mr. Dirty-Ass,
George Herbert Traitor Butch has been cheating on Bar.

It figures.

A man who'd sell weapons to the group that murdered 241 Marines
can't be trusted to keep his wedding vows, that's for sure.

I, for one, am behind our men in uniform.

I'm so fucking tired of hearing how OUR military intentionally bombed
an innocent aspirin factory just so Clinton could wag the dog.
This is another goddamn FACT on the "you decide" Fox network.

I'm so fucking tired of hearing how Clinton "betrayed America"
by giving our best missle technology secrets to China.

Clinton doesn't even HAVE that technology.
Do you think Clinton has missle blueprints?
The Defense Department is in charge of that.

Why does the GOP relentlessly attack our men-in-uniform?
Clinton doesn't send our soldiers into battle.
He tells the Joint Chiefs and they tell the Pentagon and they tell the Generals in the field
and they order the troops to certain locations to take certain actions.

Are they ALL trying to help Clinton wag the dog?
Are they ALL putting lives at risk, just so they can contribute to Bill Clinton's poll numbers?

Sure, the House and Senate voted to get behind Clinton on this,
because they don't have the balls to go against him.
Remember all that talk about what a lame-duck Clinton was?
They said Clinton was toothless after their impeachment fuck-up,
but when Clinton barks, they have to ask "How high, Sir?"

Besides, Clinton is so smart, if he was trading them nuke secrets for campaign funds,
he'd change the diagrams and make the Commies pay millions for something they couldn't use,

...kinda like what Madonna did to Pepsi in the 80's.

Every goddamn day, they repeat what Clinton wrote in his
ROTC letter quoting that "loathing the military" out-of-context
back when Mai Lai was on the front pages of every newspaper.

and THEN....

and THEN...

they explain how the Joint Chiefs conspired to murder civilians.

Tony Snow helped Milo, too. Tony said
"Clinton has DECIMATED our armed forces to the point where we can't handle Milosombitch."

Either this is treason,

...or I'm a negro named Ned.

The GOFP is now a little white dove begging "Give peace a chance"
since a dictator needs his ass kicked, but they looooooooooooved it
when Reagan invaded Grenada just to turn attention away from Beirut.

The Democrats are no better.
They hate war, but they're afraid to stand up to Clinton.

We all saw how seriously Congress takes their duties during that kangaroo impeachment
sideshow of a bullshit circus. We have small men with personal problems and political
penis envy deciding important issues that effect all of our lives, yet...

...yet these spineless bastards will sell you out, they'll sell me out,
they'll sell out their party, their religion, their country - ANYTHING,
just as long as they can trash Clinton in the process.

When I look at the House and the Senate, I find myself looking
back to the White House for somebody I can respect.

When we did the DC trip last year,
and yes... there's a story that remains untold...
I had a chance to go inside the Capitol.
I was alone for a few hours and I walked around the Capitol.
You remember my "conversation" with the Capitol police...

I could've taken the time for the tour but I thought,
"take away the architecture, and what is there to see?"

I might get to see Bob Barr and Jesse Helms and Trent Lott
accepting bags of cash from the C.C.C. "anti-nigger" groups.

What fun.

I got a little sick looking at the Capitol dome, knowing these
petty, white-sheeted, bootlickers have control of our Congress.

And these partisan scumbags can't even put away their hate long
enough for Milosombitch's ethic cleansing to be shoved up his ass.

Big surprise that Rush and the right-wing, white-power lug nuts
are for ethnic cleansing, as long as Clinton is against it.

Big, big surprise there.

Koresh, I need another drink...

Internal E.I.B. Memo to All Call Screeners

Two important matters:

1. Ask all ditto-callers if they're military or former military.
    If they claim they are, ask them if they trust Bill Clinton.
    If they say "no," find the one who foams the most and put them
    next on the caller list. We need hate NOW, more than ever.

2. Be sure to salute Mr. Limba SHARPLY when he wears his
    Lil' General Uniform in the E.I.B. Building.
    Mr. Limba says some of you have been saluting "like fags."

    end of memo

Reagan's Grandson Admits Stolen Property Charge

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) The grandson of Ronald McDonald Reagan
pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property last week.

Cameron Michael Reagan, 20, entered the plea Monday, the day his
trial was scheduled to start in Los Angeles Superior Court.

He faces a maximum penalty of three years in jail and prosecutors
said they would ask for a term of at least one year.

Reagan, son of talk radio nazi-puta Michael Reagan was arrested
on two felony counts in Van Nuys, California.

Question for Michael Reagan:

Is felonious behavior acquired or inherited?

Either this little prick inherited the felony-Reagan genes
or his Nazi Dad never taught him anything about values.

I'm just giving you the facts, like Fox.
You can decide if that little shit was born from bad seed
or if his father just failed to teach him any values.

True Pigboy Quotes

"I'm going to try to clean up my mouth.
 I've been getting a lot of complaints about my language."

-- His Oinkness

Rush, clean it with a 9mm, OK?

Recent Military History

Reagan invades Beirut, 241 dead, "big success"
Reagan invades Isle of Nutmeg, "big success"
Reagan bombs Libya, kills Khadafy's daughter, "big success"
Under Reagan, Lockerbie explodes, "big success"

Butch invades Panama, a few dead, "big success"
Butch orders Randy Weaver's wife assassinated, "big success"
Butch bungles Iraq, exposes 550,000 men to birth-defect toxins,
over 110 dead, but still considered "big success"
Butch send troops to Somalia, 22 dead, but "big success"
because deaths blamed entirely on incoming Bill Clinton


Clinton sends troops to Haiti, no dead, "big failure"
Clinton sends APC's to Waco, 87 suicides, "Clinton's fault"
Clinton sends planes to Iraq, no dead, "big failure"
Clinton sends troops to Bosnia, no dead, "big failure"
Clinton sends planes back to Iraq, no dead, "big failure"
Clinton sends planes to Kosovo, no dead, "big failure"

Rush says, "With Clinton, the military never gets any glory."

Hey, Pigboy.
Fuck glory.
Let's talk about lives that weren't lost.
Clinton has never sent a man into battle that didn't come home.

Clinton has never sent a man into battle that didn't come home.

Name for me another president who can say that.

Go ahead, "Truth detector," name one.
I'll wait.

Again, they'd rather their sons die under a GOP bungler
than have them come home under "sinful" Bill Clinton.

If I had a kid in the military,
I'd just as soon see him come home alive.

I guess I'm alone on that.

Make Her Stop Quotes

"The First Commandment is to go forth and multiply."

-- Doctor Laura, author and lil' radio she-nazi

"Go forth and multiply?"

Doc Meng, haven't we been down this road before?
That's NOT the First Commandment.
The First Commandment is "Worship Me or Die like a Davidian."

Spread 'em, you wrote a BOOK on the Ten Commandments.
Why don't you have a clue what they are?
Are you, like, ...stupid or something?
Who helped you with your lil' book, Bill (still smoking) Bennett?

Remember, Home Wreck 'em, when you said the Sixth Commandment
was "Thou Shalt Not Murder?" Maybe God made a mistake,
but on His tablet it says "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

So, Doc Meng, if you don't have a clue what you're talking about
give ol' BartCop a call and I'll straighten you out, slut.

Crossfire March 31

PRESS: Senator Inhofe, you wanted to make a point?

INHOFE: Yes. The two powers that have ICBMs that can reach the United
                States are Russia and China. Here we go in. We're taking on not just
                Milosevic. We can't just say, "that little guy, we can whip him."
                We have these two other powers that have missiles that can reach us,
                and we have zero defense -- thanks to this president.


Senator Pissquick, what are you talking about?
Right now there IS NO defense against incoming missles.
We can start funding the development of such a system,
but even that old horse molester Paul Harvey said this week
that the most recent tests in New Mexico FAILED, Mister P.

James Pissquick Inhofe is too ignorant to be a Senator,
but he hates Clinton so he's Oklahoma's hero.

The idea that it's Clinton's fault we have no missle defense is
solid proof that you, Pissquick, are an insane ditto-monkey.

Back to Crossfire:

PRESS: Senator, how much of your position is dictated by
              your hatred for Bill Clinton, and how much of it is
              dictated by what's best for the United States?

INHOFE: It's not hatred for Bill Clinton, but I don't feel very
                  kindly to a president who has stopped us from being able
                  to defend America against an incoming missile.

I repeat, Senator Pissquick,
There may be one someday in the future,
but there isn't one now, and if you don't know that,
how did you get on the Intelligence Committee, Pissquick?

Oh, that's right.
Snoot put him on that committee.
Pissquick's last important committee assignment was the Fish and Wildlife
Committee before America's future was put in his hands...


You watch.

We'll spend the never-ending trillions on Star Wars, then Iraq
will float a bomb into San Francisco Bay on a freighter.

Good thinking, Pissquick.

This Sunday is Easter.
It's also the start of Daylight Savings Time.


Jesus rolls back the boulder an hour later this year?

Great Pigboy Quotes

Our armed forces isn't HALF of what it was in 1988.

-- Forked Tongue Boy, April 2

Hey, Slobodan,

Clinton's 1999 armed forces could outgun Reagan's
1988 armed forces any day of the week.

Clinton's army may be smaller, but they're smarter, they're faster,
they have better technology, more intelligence, better weapons,
better communications and we're the only superpower left, thanks to
Tip O'Neill and Tom Foley. (President's can't spend money, remember?)

Christ, to hear Pigboy tell the tale, if Haiti and Cuba launched
thousands of bathroom-door "boats" towards America's shores,
we'd lose that naval battle because our ships were out-numbered?

Pigboy, get on America's side, please.

Why is it the duty of Rush and the GOFP to proclaim America
"unfit and unprepared for battle" when we have troops in harm's way?

Right now the Grand Old Fascist Party and the nasty press whores
are praying for bodybags so they can exploit the families.

THAT would make them happy,
and that makes me sick.

Monkey Mail

From: Jaryd1027@aol.com

Subject: you fag

fuck youand your stupid tallk bullshit fuckin dick for brians



When I saw this headline, I got my hopes up, but no...

Judd Nelson is still alive.

Poor Bob Dole on Meet the Catholic

RUSSERT: What would you say to an American mother today, why she
                     should risk her son and daughter in Kosovo?

DOLE: Well, we stood by in World War II and let genocide occur.
             And said we'd never let it happen again. Both Clinton and Bush said
             that we would not let happen in Kosovo what we let happen in Bosnia.

Sure, that's one way to answer a stupid question from Tim the Ho.
Here's another:

Timmy, we spend billions every year to train our people to be the
best fighting force in the world. We don't spend that money so they
can tremble like bunnies when some punk-ass dictator needs dying.

Besides, we're not sending Mrs. Wilson's second grade class to Kosovo.
We're sending the fiercest fighters we have, Timmy.
Why bother to have a fighting force if keeping them safe is our primary concern?

Great Huh? Quotes

"...so that's why our Coward-in-Chief is lying to you.
Feeling good? Don't worry about it.
I'm telling you, despite all this, it'll be OK."

-- Cornholio, who did not explain himself, April 2


If I were a religious man, I'd be praying for those three
Cavalry men that Milosombitch had snatched from Macedonia.
But, they don't need any of my superstitious fantasy.
They need their asses back in America.

Because he's NOT a religious man, I think Milosombitch is a foe we
can outwit. If he was one of those strap-on bombers like they have
in the middle east, concern would be greater. The White House doesn't
seem over-flustereded with their capture, which is the right move.

But let me say this...

Milosombitch fucked up BIG time putting those 3 on TV.
He should've held them secretly for weeks. Then we would've gone nuts
trying to figure out, "Where are those missing men?"

First, by showing them on local TV, he proved he's a small town,
garden-variety throwback criminal, even smaller than Saddam.

Second, it was a huge mistake showing the 3 in good health.
That tall guy was a little beat up, but if all they get out of
this is "a little beat up," they'll be OK.

But, if they DON'T get out of this, if they are tortured or killed,
I predict our armed forces would become a well-trained Luca Brasi,
and even Bill Clinton won't be able to call them off.

Since he put them on TV once, he'll have to do it again to prove
they're OK. If they aren't OK, I predict thousands of young men
will enlist in our military for the single purpose of going
to Belgrade and go door-to-door and "yank" Milosombitch off of
his lil' throne and take their revenge piece by piece.

Milo, you fucked up.

If you piss us off enough, you might end up seeing America throw
a temper tantrum like we haven't thrown since the mid-forties.

I suggest we give Milo an ultimatum:

We want our boys back by August 5th.
What happens if we don't have them back by August 5th?

Well, the day after August 5th is August 6th.
How's your history, Milo?

There's your goddamn End game, GOP:

And we won't come back till it's glowing over there.

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