Vol 174 - Ain't Politics Funny?

February 28, 2000

Sweet, Monkeyette Mail

From:  mshel@web-host.com

Subject:  I hate your web site

I think your site is very hateful and typical.
I would like to know what exactly Rush Limbaugh lies about
and why you feel the need to say such mean and nasty things about people.

Michelle Byte

Isn't that the sweetest damn letter you ever read?

I'll bet this sweet young lady is only 12 or so.
Her spelling and grammer are fine, so she could be Catholic,
but her sentence structure suggests an unsaved, secular eighth grader.
(All homage to Betty Bowers)

I changed her e-mail addy so she couldn't be traced,
I feel she needs some protection from the real world,
but wasn't that letter an eye-opener?

Gosh, she was so sincere, so from-the heart.
It's so rare to see a Republican female - expressing an opinion...

Legal Battles

I'd like to thank the dozen or so people who wrote to tell me I don't have
a chance in Hell of getting anything out of Salonmagazine.com for "borrowing"
the title and content of my Sista Souljah story.

I confess, I wasn't really serious about taking Salon to court.
Hell, I don't even know where they are, and they have been nice to Clinton,
so there's no real need to pursue the "Missed Opportunity" thing other than
if it happens again, it'll be real tough for them to claim coincidence a second time.
That "Missed Opportunity" will be "Exhibit A" if they steal from me again.

By the way...

Do you play chess?
An old chessmaster once taught me something that applies to chess and the courts.
The threat of doing something is as good as doing it.
Had I chosen to pursue the Salon matter, I couldn't guarantee myself a victory,
but the other side doesn't know that.  They have to assume the worst.
Had I pressed them on this, there's no telling how it would've come out.
Salon could've lost $500,000.  They have to factor that in when deciding
which legal battles should be fought, and which should be settled quickly.
Personally, I felt they were guilty, but I didn't press it.

Moving onto to a related subject, I realize people don't hang on every word I write.
Some of these stories are written at the speed of sound and I'm sure many of you
are reading them very fast, too.

Do you remember Vol 157 - "Blame It On Rio?"
This paragraph introduced the Las Vegas part of that issue.

We had a Jurassic Park moment, a legal battle, good news and bad news
concerning food and the really important things in life.

Nobody asked about the legal battle, which is OK.
I know you all have lives to lead and when all is said and done,
BartCop's little treehouse isn't the high point of your day.

Let me tell you the story of the legal battle.
The words in blue are false words, changed to hide my identity.

If you remember,
we drove to Las Vegas in Mrs. BartCop's newly purchased touring sedan.
When we reached Flagstaff, I thought I noticed trouble with our transmission.

We took it to Aamco and they said we just needed transmission fluid, but of course,
we had to pay a "rack fee" and a "computer fee" totalling $80 to find that out.
The total bill was $94.

We're on vacation, fix the damn thing - I'm in a hurry.
Back on the road, between Flagstaff and Las Vegas, I felt it slip again.
That means we paid Aamco $94 for nothing.

When we got to Las Vegas, we took the touring sedan to a Vegas Aamco Service Center,
figuring to get a free repair job since they already charged us once.


"That's a different store. Do you want the car fixed or not?"

"Yes, asshole!" I replied.
 "I live four very large states away from here, and we just bought this car,
 and it won't fit on the plane, so yes, fix the damn car."

 Son-of-a-bitch getting huffy with me?
 Am I not the customer?

Aamco messed with the car for four days - constantly changing the reason the tranny
wasn't working right, constantly raising the price of the repairs.
Changing and raising, every day.

So here we were - stuck in a casino in a Las Vegas casino with a great view,

a bottle of The Goose, two bottles of Chinaco, a big-ass bundle of ADM cash,

and a Mexican restaurant that specialized in multiple culinary orgasms.
Oh, Christ!
It was terrible!

Finally, Aamco calls and says, "The sedan is ready, but the total bill is over $1,000."
I gotta tell you, I felt like we were getting hosed.

Out of town tourists, stuck without any other options, and Aamco kept
piling on the charges, one after another until we ended up just under $1100.
Hey, this mook knew I knew nothing about cars when he explained the problem.

"You know how the U-clip holds the slide bearings at 9/16ths?" he asks me.
He's prodding, getting the feel of what I know about underneath a fine touring sedan.
So I said, "No, Dude, I don't know Smirk about the damn transmission."
I just wanted the car fixed.

But, I didn't like the guy's attitude.
He failed to give me the respect I truly deserve, and punishment was called for.

I slapped my AMEX card on them and we started home.
On the way to K-Drag, with our new transmission, I thought I might've felt a lil' slip.
When we got back home, I had a local mechanic check the tranny and guess what?
There was a part that was a little bit loose!
I felt like, for just under $1100, they should've checked everything,
so I wrote a hot lil' letter to American Express.

I told AMEX I was not happy with my repairs.
I told them I was very upset and shouldn't have to pay for the new tranny.
I told them I had half a mind to ask the Las Vegas district attorney to file
charges against Aamco for "reckless endangerment."

And if they didn't settle quickly, I'd have the DA file charges against them for
"depraved indifference," for sending us out into the desert with a tranny job
from Hell that had not been properly post-inspected like the manual dictates.
(I always think of Angie Harmon when I argue "depraved indifference.")

It was maybe the most convincing letter I've ever written.
Surely in financial terms, it's in the top 10,
and I did it all without my expert spell checker, David.
I nailed it and mailed it.

About 3 weeks later, I got a letter from AMEX saying they were looking into
the matter, and they would not charge me any interest on the $1100!!

So far, so good.

What I was looking for here was a negotiating tool.
Usually in a case like this, the offending merchant either digs in for a big fight
or they offer to split the difference. This is what I was expecting, that they'd
offer to eat the labor if I bought the parts.

About 30 days after the first AMEX notice, I got another notice that showed
I had been given full credit on my card for the entire just-under $1100.
I assume Aamco fought the charge reversal, but I had the better letter
And nobody wants to go to court because judges and juries are more
stupid and unpredictable than the average Carolina voter.
If you're guilty, you especially want to avoid court at all costs.

Why did I put you through this long-ass story?
Because I'll bet Aamco has better lawyers than Salonmagazine.com.

I didn't pursue Salon because I'm a nice guy.

(Just to repeat,  Aamco has never ripped me off.
 I haven't been in an Aamco store in 10 years.
 It was a competitor of Aamco's that felt the searing sting of the BartCop whip. )

Letterman Says he has Smirk on Wednesday

Can anyone confirm?

 Happy Anniversary
  Not written by BartCop

 A woman woke in the middle of the night to find her husband missing from their bed.
 In the quiet of the darkened house, she could hear a muffled sound downstairs.
 She went downstairs and looked all around, but still - no husband.

 Listening again, she could definitely hear moaning.
 She went down to the basement to find her husband, crouched in the corner
 facing the wall, crying.

 She asked him, "What's wrong with you?"

 He replied: "Remember when your father caught us together, when you were 16?
 Remember, he said, I had a choice: I could either marry you, or be sent away to
 prison for the next 20 years."

 Baffled, she said "Yes, I remember. Why?"

 The husband bawled, "Today's the day I would have gotten out of prison."

The Bob Jones Screw Up

After saying, "I don't apologize for anything I do on the campaign trail,"
after waiting 24 days, why did Smirk decide to apologize for Bob Jones?

Paul Begala has the answer:

"Because we're only 8 days away from the New York primary,
 and the GOP electorate in New York is 46% Catholic."

Smirk is such a vote whore.

 Gore - Internet Update

 Vice President Al Gore, who the GOP has repeatedly accused of  claiming he invented
 the Internet, got his e-mail messages first hand during a live interview on AOL Friday
 as he took questions from AOL subscribers.

 Gore was quick to set his Internet audience straight when interviewer Kathleen deLaski,
 a former Pentagon spokesperson, asked him if he was, indeed, the father of the Internet.

 "That phrase never passed my lips," Gore replied.
 "What I said - and I have previously apologized for it -  was that I took the lead in the
 Congress, starting more than 20 years ago, before the word 'Internet' even existed.
 I promoted the idea - and the metaphor - of the 'information superhighway.'"

 Too bad setting the record straight doesn't work anymore.
 You watch, the fascists will continue to spread this lie again and again.

 Because the truth doesn't sound stupid enough - so they change it.

Oh, Hell!

Pigboy is attacking Lindsey Graham for being a dirty, rotten bigot
and I just pissed my pants laughing.

Mail Bag Update

From:  MBAKER@wcco.cbs.com

Subject:   Ditto Help
Searched your archives and I can't find that debunking of the
"Gore invented the internet" deal the repugnicans are so fond of quoting.

I have a serious dittohead quoting it on a posting board I frequent,
so if you could find it quick I'd love to launch this guy to the moon!


I don't think Gore has answered that directly, and there's not any reporter
in America that can generate enough independent thought to ask Gore that question,
so I'll give you my take on it in the absence of the facts.

First, I don't believe he used the phrase "invented."
The Republicans like to use the word, "invented," so you'll get the mistaken idea that
Gore claimed he personally wired the first two computers together back in the forties.

I believe the phrase he used was "took the initiative to create" the Internet.
And it's my belief that while Gore was a senator, he was instrumental in
pushing through legislation that enabled the Internet to be in regular homes
instead of just the Pentagon and a select group of universities.

Tim the Catholic (Who lies like a persian rug, so beware!) said the other day
when Clinton took office, there were FIVE personal home pages on the net,
and there are over FIFTY MILLION today.

The reason you and I are having this conversation might be directly related
to Al Gore's getting his vision of the digital future passed into law.

That's the best I can do without all the facts.

One other thing:
They're going to be talking about this all through the first four years
of the Gore administration, so we'll just have to get used to it.

Update from the Daily Howler

SCHWARTZ: Vinton G. Cerf, the person most often called “the father of the Internet”
for his part in designing the network’s common computer language, said in an e-mail
interview yesterday, “I think it is very fair to say that the Internet would not be where
it is in the United States without the strong support given it and related research areas
by the vice president in his current role and in his earlier role as senator.”

How was my weekend?

It started badly.
My Archer Daniels Midland bag o' cash for December failed to arrive.
My bag o' cash for January didn't come in, either, so I called my contact
and asked him what the problem and he promised to check into it.

Saturday I got my answer in the mail.
Instead of a canvas bag full of worn bills, I got an envelope with one hundred in it.
On the hundred dollar bill was written, "Good Luck."

I think they finally figured out that I did not have a webpage called,
"Bill Clinton - Lying, Nazi Whore," like I claimed.

So, my looooooong ride on easy street has come to a close.
Koresh, if I'd known this money spigot was going to shut off
I wouldn't have taken this lesser-paying but more-fun job.

So, I was down to my last hundred dollars of GOP scam money,
so I did what anybody would do with that last hundred.
I bought $100 worth of very expensive tequila

I give you two words Worm Bottle


This tequila is smoother than Chinaco Anejo.
There aren't enough o's in smooth to do it justice.
This is Casta Oro Reposado tequila and it's expensive.

I won't be able to drink much of this anymore, since it looks like
my ADM money is a thing of the past, so I just had me a good cry.

I guess my next vacation report will be from Branson, Missouri.

We May Be in Serious Trouble

John McCain has balls. He took the late Barry Goldwater's advice
and told the Coathanger Coalition to take a fucking hike.

Koresh, you talk about a gutsy move!

This may change everything.
I have no idea how the rank-and-file Republicans will react to this.
If they had any brains, they'd applaud McCain's frank-talk express
and tell the racist, money-making bandits to go straight to Hell.

There's a big difference between a man of the cloth and a money-grubbing,
power-hungry, lying son-of-a-bitch like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

If the Republican party has the brains to realize that, my theory that
Gore couldn't lose this election if he tried could be in trouble.

What am I talking about?

The Republican party using their head?
The Republican party using logic and reason instead of hate and fear?

ha ha

I just played a trick on myself.

Gore is going to win by 12 points.


I'm sure it's my fault, but I'm getting a lot of mail congratulating me
for landing that great talk radio gig in New York.

Not only do I not have my own talk show lined up in NYC,
my phone interview is still in the planning stages.

bartcop.com  regrets the confusion

Poor Bob Dole

Sitting in his small frame house in Russell, Kansas, Bob Dole must be pulling his hair out
knowing John McCain is everybody's favorite because he's a certified war hero.


I'm sorry, Dole is not in Russell, Kansas.
He wouldn't be caught dead in Russell, Kansas.
He's in his luxury condo in Loserville, Florida.

Hey, Bob, you never told us...

Who paid for that luxury condo?

February 27, 2000


They say your e-mail is disco.
Come back!

Something New!

Lo Phat Ham - Rogue Reporter!

Click Here

Smirk Flip-Flop

You read it right here on  bartcop.com

"I don't make any apologies for what I do on the campaign trail."
   -- Smirk, after his visit to racist Bob Jones University


In a Feb. 25 letter to New York's Cardinal O'Connor, Bush stated his profound
respect for the Catholic Church and said the criticism of him is unfair and unfounded.

"It's not fair! It's not fair!" he whined on his plane, over and over.
He couldn't calm down, so Smirk wrote a letter and sent it to O'Conner.

"On riflection, I shood have ben more cleer in disasoshiating myself from anti-Cathilic
sentlment and rashal prejudist's,"  Smirk said in a letter his campaign released Sunday.
"It was a mised oportoonitty causing needlis afence, which I has deaply regret for."

Gov. Smerk

"missed opportunity?"

I guess I have to sue Smirk, too.

A Lovely Carolina Sonnet

by Steve Bennett

Fox News - Ambush News

Smirk campaign  manager Karl Rove was explaining how Ronald Reagan had been to
Bob Jones University to speak, just like Dan Quayle had been, just like Jack Kemp, etc.
But as he's making his plea, Fox News is running their "Fun Facts" on the screen as he speaks.


The "Fun Fact" this time was, "In the 70's, Rove used his opponent's stationery to
send out invitations to people offering "free beer, girls and a good time."

Fox broadcast this while the poor bastard was trying to save the sinking Smirk campaign?

America's time-line is teeter-tottering on the Gore/Smirk axis, and this phoney handjob's
dirty trick from 30 years ago should be the deciding factor in our country's future?

Why make decisions in your life, if the Smirk/Gore axis,
with all their dirty deals to blackmail others into an electable coalition,
is going to impact your future more than any decision you'd ever personally make,
I mean, ... why fucking bother?

Your future and mine depend on dumb-ass Smirk's current handler's dirty tricks from 1971?

(Hold on, I need a shot after that...)

Hey, there's lots of reasons to hate Smirk,
but let's not ambush any guest with unseen, phantom charges that can't be addressed,
because the guest never got to face his goddamn accuser!

What a rape job!

Lissen up!

Smirk Campaign!

This is BartCop speaking up for Smirk's premier Butterboy!
Fox News ambushed you with a charge you didn't know existed until you got home.
Where's your outrage?
Do you give Fox a break, because they hate Clinton x 500?

This ambush crap isn't right.
When I think, "ambush,"
I think,  "Pigboy."

This is another stupid, stupid thing Pigboy encourages.
While someone is speaking on TV, paste "Fun Facts" up
on the screen to remind the brain-dead viewer just how bad of a
rat-bastard everybody says he is.  How does every stupid Pigboy idea
become de facto gospel for whores like Fox News and Tim Russert?

Does this mean Fox News is behind McCain's candidacy?
Or will they ambush the McCain spokesman, too?

Fox News
We Whore - You Call Us On It

Sunday Morning Quotes

Fox News: Was it a mistake to go to Bob Jones University, Mr Rove?

Smirk Boss: It was a missed opportunity

Missed Opportunity?

I guess I have to sue Smirk, too :)

More Sunday Quotes

"When I got my honorary degree from Bob Jones University,
  it was the happiest day of my life."
   -- Lindsey Graham, (C-Racist Dog)

Hey, Lindsey!
I'll bet your wife and kids really enjoy hearing that the best day you ever had
was getting a for-nothing, bullshit diploma from Racist University.

I understand Sen. John Ashcroft (MO-Racist) is mighty proud of his diploma, too.

Do you realize how pro-Catholic I am compared to
the racist, mouth-foamers in the Republican Party?

February 26, 2000

Molly Ivins is Always Good

GAYBC Radio: Bill Bradley Blasts 'Dr. Laura'
 Says Schlessinger's Rhetoric 'Makes Me Sick in My Stomach'

    SEATTLE, Wash., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Bill Bradley joined the growing
fray over controversial gay-bashing talk show host Laura Schlessinger today.
Bradley, appearing on a gay radio program, said Schlessinger's anti-gay
statements "makes me sick to my stomach."  Bradley also said Paramount
should drop its plans to offer "Dr. Laura" on TV this fall.

    Bradley made his comments in an appearance on the GAYBC Radio Network
(http://www.gaybc.com), during nearly 30 minutes of interview, online chat
and phone calls on GAYBC's "The Signorile Show."

    Schlessinger has called homosexuality "deviant," referred to gays and lesbians as
"biological errors," and has suggested that most gay men are predatory on young boys.
Bradley called Schlessinger's anti-gay rhetoric "a kind of homophobic extreme that indicates
not only unfairnness, but a kind of deep-seeded, border on hatred, and a total misunderstanding
of what it  means to be gay and lesbian."

This is the first thing Bradley has gotten right in this whole campaign,
but he's wrong about that nasty Laura woman hating gays.

She doesn't hate gays - she's a whore.
She gets piles and piles and piles of money every time she slurs the gays.
That's how hate radio works - that's its function.
Hate radio reinforces the sick, scared opinions of the weak-minded.

If this was about politics, there'd be more liberal talk shows than conservative,
because there's more liberal voters than conservative, right?????.

Otherwise, how'd we get Clinton - TWICE?

You don't think Rush really hates Clinton, do you?
These extremely-well paid whores have a Brink's truck at their door
every week with more money than your parents made in their lifetimes.

This has never been about politics - it's about cash!

Poor Smirk
Under so much pressure, and no hard liquor?
I'll bet he could use a line of Medellin Marching powder right now.

If he gets elected, (I know, I know)
who's going to watch him?

Cartoon-O-Rama Two

Check the look on the bride's face!
Another loser for the GOP!
And Smirk is wearing Bitchigan underwear!

ha ha

Remember in 1996, that smug bastard George Will had a great line,
"Bob Dole has given the GOP nothing but buyer's remorse."

So what does the stupid GOP do their next time at bat?
They make the same goddamn mistake as last time.
They push the weakest candidate in the herd.

You think Clinton is using those pilfered FBI files to blackmail these dorks
into promoting only their very worst candidates for high office?

How else can we explain a party run by Barr, Lott, Delay, Burton,
Dole, Smirk, Largent, Inhofe, Uncle OJ Watts, Helms, Thurmond etc.

...and once again, the loser GOP has nothing but "Buyer's remorse."

ha ha

A year ago, maybe two, I posted a quote from Clinton that caused a stir.
I didn't see this quote anywhere else.
At some cocktail party, I think it was, someone asked Clinton to name his greatest enemy.
The way I remember it, he said, "I don't really have any 'great enemies.'"

Then he thought about it a second and said,
"I take that back. Religious extremists are my greatest enemy."

Here it is, his last year in office, and look what's happened to his 'greatest enemies?"
Smirk is going to lose this nomination because of Bob Jones University,
and because Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed are calling his shots for him.

Hey, Smirk, didn't you see what Ralph did to Dole in 1996?
Are you too blind to be president?
You might want to read Volume 50 - "When Ralph Reed Says No, He MEANS No."

Look where Clinton is now, and look where his enemies are.

How many national election losses in a row is the GOP willing to eat
before they take the advice of  Mr. Conservative Barry Goldwater
and kick the nutty religious fanatics out of the party
so they can get back to winning a national election?

Hey, GOP - take your time!

Get Real Quotes

Trent Lott is telling senators that he will quit the Senate
if John McCain wins and turns off the pork barrel spigot.
   -- Al Hunt on Saturday's Capitol Gang

...and the ditto-monkeys thought it was about less government?

   Oh, please!

Can't Smirk Stop Screwing Up for a Second?
 From the New York Times

Although Mr. Bush has tried to demonstrate his grasp of international
affairs, he managed to underscore his own weakness in that field today.

After he had failed a reporter's pop quiz last fall about foreign leaders,
including the name of the Indian prime minister, Mr. Bush winced today
when a moderator mentioned the words "pop quiz." Jokingly, Mr. Bush
dared the moderator to ask him the name of the Indian president.

"Do you know who the president of India is?" the moderator asked obligingly.

"Vajpayee," Mr. Bush said, grinning and looking pleased with himself.

Sorry, Smirk!

Atal Behari Vajpayee is the prime minister of India.
The president is K. R.Narayanan.

What's New in the Beltway?


Tom Delay Teaches Pigboy and Trent Lott a New Trick

Anyone know who's on Larry King Monday?

Guess who made a rare, public appearance?

@ Lord StarFyre


 From:  latzmark@erols.com

 Subject: Death Penalty

 Just thought I'd weigh in on the Betty Lou Beet's issue. It's been noted
 ad-nauseum that she was a great-grandmother to stir the compassion of the
 weak-minded liberals into thinking that a murderess shouldn't be put to death.
 She's a Mom, everybody loves their Mom.
 It's been published that this was a woman who had suffered spousal
 abuse from her five husbands, at least two of which died by her hand.

 I'm curious, what possible benefit could it have been to the
 general public to keep this murderess alive?

 Karla Faye Tucker MURDERED with an AXE;
 Even if Betty Lou and Karla Faye were abused, their victims didn't have the
 luxury of a trial, and they most certainly didn't have an opportunity for an appeal.
 Again, I'm curious, does any crime warrant the death penalty in your view?


 MJL, certainly.
 I'm not angry so much about the death penalty as I am the incredible
 idiot who serves as the "safety valve" if the system makes a mistake.

 Smirk is running for president in a party where you have to be
 a bigger son-of-a-bitch than the other guy to get elected.

 McCain met with the Log Cabin Republicans, Smirk didn't.
 That means Smirk is "more right-wing" than John McCain.
 Smirk is less tolerant of gays than McCain is,
 so he's the "winner" in that SOB contest.

 Same way with the death penalty.
 If Smirk was running against another governor, and that governor had
 only executed 60 prisoners, Smirk would call him "soft on crime" and
 win that SOB contest.

 It reminds me of something that someone said about the Republicans
 holding hearings on every goddamn pretend problem they can find.
 It's like a 6-year old with a hammer.
 Suddenly, everything needs hammering.

 Below, you'll see some stats on how Texas went from a state-sanctioned
 murder every other month to TWO a month, because Smirk wants to be
 more-law-and-order than the other son-of-a-bitch.

 That's what I object to.


 The Boot Newt Sing Along Page

Ask BartCop

From:  sniper@cei.net

Subject: Pigboy

Rush claims that he isn't taking sides in the Bush/McCain process but how
many humor bits has he run on Bush? I think its equal to the number of
pardons Bush has given in Texas.

How's Rush going to handle this if McCain wins?
He's slammed the man a hundred times, so isn't he screwed to the wall
if he suddenly has to start saying nice things about a guy who he keeps
saying is "just like all the liberals?


Dear Sonny,



Ain't Politics Funny?

I wasn't on the Diallo jury, and I didn't even follow it much, but I love
to hear people say, "The poor cops were just trying to do their jobs."

Ask those same people about Waco and they explode in a rage about how
"the evil government is taking over and murdering innocent people!"

Did those cops give Diallo 55 days to think it over?

Mail Bag

From:    reedhome@worldnet.att.net

Subject:  Where can I find her?

Hey Bart, do you know what chatroom I might find Marta Limbaugh in?
Obviously she is a very bored woman.
I would love to bring some excitement into her life.

Tex Liberal


Sorry, I don't.
But aren't you the nice guy?
Helping others the way you do is so nice.
I'm going to ask Betty Bowers to pray for you.

...and a Shot of Chinaco for Tex!

Something New!

I'd like to introduce Lo Phat Ham - Rogue Reporter!

Click Here

This guy's good.
I'm going to sign him to a long-term contract!

The Mad Texacutioner

Since Texas resumed killing people in 1982, there have been 208 killed.
Got a calculator?

From 1982 until 1994, they murdered 88 presumed-guilty prisoners.
In 144 months,  or 624 weeks, Texas killed 88 people
That's about one execution for every 7 weeks.

...and then along came the Mad Texacutioner.

That idiot Smirk decided he was presidential timber,
(there's a joke there, but I'm trying to make a point)
so he had to appear to be extra-tough on criminals.

Since 1995, when the silver-spoonboy became governor,
Smirk has murdered 120 people that he claims were guilty.
He says he personally went through their records and personally
found them to be legally guilty under Texas law.
(Can anyone tell me where he got his law degree?)

But get that calculator out.
Smirk has only been governor for 61 months, and he has ordered 120 executions.
That's a Smirk-ordered execution every 2.2 fucking weeks!!

The state of Texas went from killing a prisoner every other month
to killing two prisoners a month under that pinhead partyboy?
If there's a better example of compassion, could I hear it?

My question for you:

Does that prove George Butch is a blood-thirsty bastard?


Does it prove the death penalty doesn't work?

I mean, if the death penalty is a deterrent,
why do they have to TRIPLE the rate of executions lately?

E-Mail BartCop  with your answer

Great True Quotes

"George W. Bush is a wimp! Jesus, man, give me a break:
 This is a spoiled-rotten kid who doesn't have a clue - who doesn't have a heart!
 He's a very dangerous man. He makes his father look like a raving liberal."

  --President of the United States Josiah Bartlet

Something New!

I'd like to introduce Lo Phat Ham - Rogue Reporter!

Click Here

Lo Phat has style!

My Trip to BJU

From:  daath2@bellsouth.net

I visited BJU in 1977 with two friends to see their big collection of European religious art
from the early middle ages.  Do they realize this makes the collection Catholicart?

I was a young man with long hair and the women I was with, well,
we all rode in a van and looked like "hippies"!
The main gate had a concrete guard shack with a 50 caliber machine nest sand-bagged on top!
The guard made us wait, show ID and then were escorted by a police-type car to our parking spot.
The man inside the car then followed us all the way through the museum.
Guess they thought we were radicals come to bomb and maim people or slash their
valuable Catholic art collection.  Or maybe even hold hands on campus!

The whole thing was so surreal that back then I figured this type of institution and the
thought behind it would be gone in another 10-15 years.
The jokes on me and all of us who would rather think for ourselves, huh?
Wonder if they've burned the collection yet?

Sel in Jacksonville, Florida  where Jeb!Sucks!

Smirk Makes Everything Clear

Governor, because of your erratic speaking style, your erratic speaking style,
you seem to be on all sides of the Bob Jones policy towards inter-racial dating.

Could you tell us, once and for all, what your position is on anti-Catholic bigotry
and inter-racial dating, inter-racial dating?

Smirk Eargasm

Excuse me, Gov. Smirk, but you just said you support inter-racial dating and then you said
you spoke out against it.   If you're going to be president, do you think it might be important
to be able to communicate clearly with the American people, the American people?

Now, tell us one more time, and be as clear as you can.
Do you support inter-racial dating or did you denounce it, denounce it?

Smirk Eargasm

Smirk told a big, fat lie!
"I spoke out against inter-racial dating the day I was there."

No you didn't!
No you didn't, not while you were there.
That's why you caught all that flak during the debate.

I don't think America wants a lying bigot who can't speak clearly
or make up his mind in the White House, in the White House.

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