Subject: An Open Letter to George W Bush

Mr. Bush,

You have forfeited the right to be viewed as a legitimate president should your attempt to steal this election and
deny the people their voice in this matter prove successful. You have conducted yourself in the most undignified
fashion in forestalling the counting of valid ballots throughout the last several weeks. Because of your actions,
many millions of Americans will work tirelessly against you personally and the policys that you advocate. They
will speak through the media, they will spend their money to finance your opponents, and they will do every
thing legally permissible to show you again and again to be the despicable, ungracious, inarticulate, and
unprepared buffoon that you appear to be. That task will not be hard.

I urge you to immediately concede the election to the man who has received more votes nationally,
the man who has more electoral votes, and the man that has had more votes cast – but not counted
– for him in Florida. The choice is yours. Do the right thing, or get ready for an onslaught that will turn
your mommy’s hair back. Each and every decision that you will be called upon to make as president
will be questioned even more ferociously because of the way that you and your campaign has stood
in the way, at every turn, of fairly and completely counting the votes in Florida.

Most Americans will wish that you had claimed the presidency only after a careful review of the vote, the process
provided for in county after county and state after state throughout this country. We all realize that it was your
side that has repeatedly gone to court in hopes of changing the law in Florida so that ballots could be ignored.
The only legitimate result will occur after either a state-wide hand count, or a counting of the 10,000+ ballots
that machine in Dade county spit out and so have never been counted…notwithstanding your false claim that the
votes have been counted and counted again. Florida law dictates, and the Florida Supreme Court last week
again affirmed that once a problem of qualifying significance occurs, as was the case in Dade, a hand count must
– must – be done. It is the law. Instead of respecting the law, however, you have taken unethical, cynical
measures in order to avoid the law.

How disgusting.

There are, of course, issues aside from your systematic efforts to exclude valid votes.
One of these issues emanates from Seminole county: Republican election officials there illegally gave access
to 15000 absentee ballots to Republican operatives for the purpose of converting ineligible ballots.

Clearly illegal.
Clearly wrong.

Again, you are silent. Mr.Bush, winning an election by any means necessary is both unbecoming to you
and below the dignity of the office that you believe so deeply you are entitled to. Reconsider your position,
concede the election. Remember that the other guy really did receive more votes than you did.

You even had the benefit of a 15000+ vote head start in Florida due to the 19000+ Gore/Buchanon votes
and the 3500+ mistaken votes Buchanon received by harvesting that untapped vain of neo-nazism among
Jewish senior citizens; yet you will still lose if and when the spit-outs in Dade are properly counted.

Come to your senses, man. For the last eight years Republicans have savagely attacked Mr.Clinton on
the basis of his alleged illegitimacy. Alleged illegitimacy. You are actually illegitimate. Actually illegitimate. Think
about it. The main reason that congressional Dems won’t fight you till the death now is so that they can kick you
around for a few years, until the midterms and beyond. Take a look in the mirror, do you see the ability to run
the most complicated entity in the history of civilization? What happens if dad is away when the world comes to
call? What will you do about the economy when it inevitably ebbs? Who will you turn to?

Can you recognize good advice when you hear it? Will you rely on the same "kitchen cabinet" that was
responsible for your dad’s tumble from a 91% approval rating to being thrown off the horse midstream
by a smart, but tragically flawed and quite beatable Bill Clinton? These same men led the country into
the largest yearly deficits and therefore greatest national debt in the history of humanity.

Be serious, George. Perhaps you are a good man simply running with a bad crowd.
Or being run by a bad crowd. Stealing this election is hollow victory indeed. Please do yourself, your party,
and the American people a favor and rescue some sense of dignity from this episode by stepping aside now.
The influence of money on the process of politics and the political power of your last name, combined
with the sheer number of well-intended folk who have neither the time nor the inclination to pay all
that much attention, all insures that we will likely be treated to "W-the sequel" at some point.

Perhaps in that next election, you will not go to California during the crucial final days; perhaps there will
be another Colin Powell available then to choose as your running mate, instead of one of your "uncles"
…an uncle with three cardiac incidents under his belt already. Maybe in the next election you will have
the good sense to stand before the American people and ask your campaign chair to stand aside and
spare the country the effect of the appearance of a conflict in the wake of her partisan actions.

Are these missteps simply oversights on your part or do they reflect an utter inability to make sound judgements?
Or worse, do they represent an effort on your part to win this election, regardless, in fact despite, the will
of the people? Do the American people have the right to expect better? You can save us, Mr.Bush.

Insist on that all the votes in Florida are counted (including the 10000+ spit-outs in Dade)
or concede  to the winner of the popular vote and the electoral vote save for the only state
where all the ballots have not been counted.

David Glazer

Glendale, California

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