Musings from the Heartland
                         by Richard L. Fricker

                              Quoting J. Caesar---Roman GI, the die is cast and as it tumbles through the
                      political space-time continuum until landing on a presidential candidate we
                      are left to ponder the world around us. While there are many uncertainties
                      about this primary, this much I feel is certain: George W. Bush et al are in
                      for the campaign of their whole wrenched, malformed, exploitative,
                      self-serving, resource consuming, lying lives.
                              Meanwhile, let us ponder the la danse e`rotique between Saddam and
                      Dubya as  recently revealed by weapons inspector David Kay. As Mr. Kay explained,
                      tossing kitty litter over Dubya’s Iraqi misadventure, Saddam “wanted weapons
                      of mass destruction,” Dubya wanted Saddam to have weapons of mass destruction.
                              Ergo and thus a dictator and a would be dictator are joined forever by the
                      same erotic slumber episode, even though they were a world apart..
                              Could “weapons of mass destruction” have a Freudian context? Missiles?
                      Maybe that’s it, mine’s bigger than yours, I want one like yours, I like
                      yours…yes maybe it was the missiles?
                              But, alas the missiles and bio-weapons did not exist. As admitted by
                      Mr. Kay,  they never existed. His attempts to provide Dubya with some semblance
                      of absolution for lying to the American people and bogging us down in another
                      third world fiasco have for the most part fallen on deaf ears.
                              Kay has attempted to redirect public anger and demand for answers
                      toward the various intelligence agencies while suggesting that everyone
                      thought what Dubya thought. Mr. Kay did not do a very good job.
                              Too many people remember the testimony of Hans Blix before the U.N,
                      just as too many people remember the reports of inspectors going to sites
                      submitted by our government as sure fire bio-weapons sites only to find the
                      equivalent of an abandoned coin-a-mat.
                              What we have in Mr. Kay is yet another example of administration
                      denyaruptus. Not to worry, just as the nocturnal jump start Dubya used
                      to ignite this war was a fantasy so are his hopes that the public will forget
                      the war and scamper blissfully off in another direction and another set
                      of half-truths, lies and deceptions.
                              For whatever reasons the public appears to have been energized by the
                      current primary race. It has become “OK” to speak out about the folly of
                      Iraq. It has become “OK” to challenge the administration on its economic and
                      social policies and most certainly the alleged homeland security measures
                      and wonder of all wonders, Halliburton.
                              Perhaps the American people have realized that George W. Bush, Dick
                      Cheney and John (I get it direct from God) Ashcroft do not set the standards
                      for patriotism in this country. “We the people.” set the standard,
                              If you look closely, I may be off base here but, it’s my column, I think
                      you will see that Dubya et al are starting to show something we haven’t
                      seen before, fear. The demand for lockstep obedience has shifted slightly as
                      they attempt to shower the public with good news and goodwill and redirect
                      attention away for catastrophic failures.
                              Example: When was the last time Dubya, Johnnie God’s Pal, or Quickie
                      Dickie talked about the capture of Saddam or Osama? Where is the crisis in
                      North Korea? What about China and trade problems? What happened to the threat
                      of a trade war with the EU? And, has anyone found those six million lost jobs?
                              All of these things, and a few more, have fallen by the wayside since the
                      Democrats began taking shots at Dubya and his gang. It’s not that the
                      problems have gone away, it’s the focus that has moved as the White House
                      attempts to offer Bread and Circus to a population it views as inferior beings
                      not worthy of  consideration except at election time and then only until a way
                      can be found to circumvent that process---hello electronic ballots.
                              Even the appointment of Judge Pickering might get challenged if the
                      Democrats win in November. I think they will drive the looters and fascists
                      out of the temple of the republic. This will be a nasty political year, but
                      the neo-cons have shown fear early.
                              Why? Who knows. One might wonder if something has happened or is about
                      to happen that will be really bad news over which the Dubya puppeteers have no
                      control. Maybe some GOP patriot awoke from a long sleep and decided to
                      jump the Crawford reservation and spill the frijoles. Perhaps somewhere in
                      the world events are spinning out of control leaving the administration
                      standing like a deer in the headlights, not the first time.
                              Whatever it is, something has frightened these guys, maybe it’s just
                      the early attacks on the administration caught them off guard. No matter,
                      when these people are scared they are dangerous.
                              Vigilance should be the watchword, these people will not give up power
                      easily. It is time for the true patriots to arise and vote to retain the republic.


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