More Terror from Bush?
      by Marc Perkel

I am concerned that Bush will launch another terror attack against an American target.
Here's why.

       This Enron scandal is the most serious ever. This company has bought and
paid for the current administration. And - even though the Republican owned
media is trying to cover it up - it's just too big to stop.

       So - how is the administration going to stop this? Only the combination
of war and terror. But - would they do that? I think so.

       First - what was the first think Bush said about 2002 - "A year of war!"
War? - where?  Afganastan - which was never a war - is over. We are not at war -
but the media insists that  we are ... the media is lying to us - to try to
falsely convince us that we are at war.

       We have an illegitimate government that is being supported by the
Republican controlled media - who is trying to convince us we are at war. But
war isn't enough. I mean - how are  we going to attack the "Axis of Evil" unless
this mythical alliance launches a terrorist attack against America. BUSH NEEDS A

       The question is - will Bush do something like that - just to hold onto power?
When he himself is predicting 2002 as a year of war?


       Will it be an airplane? I think not! Airplanes are so last year! What will he do?
Well - I could name some - but I don't want to give the son of a bitch and ideas
in case I thought of something they haven't.

       I am also concerned about the issue that there were no fighter jet interceptors
scrambled on 9-11 to go after those missing planes. And the American media doesn't
want to investigate that. (Canadian stations think otherwise.)

       I am hoping that this message will make it into the news because if the
media - at least the alternative media publish these concerns - it might cause
them not to do it. I may sound a little nuts - but I'm not nerely as nuts as the person
who is in charge of America. I would rather be proved wrong and admit being a fool
- if by some chance the fact it was posted here first might derail their plans.

       I think that San Francisco is likely to be Bush's next target. This is the highest
concentration of smart people and people who understand civil liberties than any place
in the world - not to mention political activism. And I think that the next attack with be
significantly bigger by a factor of at least 10 compared to New York.

       I believe that if you look objectively at the evidence - and especially the media's
lack of interest in the evidence - that it is the logical course of events. I am not trying
to claim psychic powers, this is about logical analysis. I challenge anyone to examine
the facts and come to a different conclusion.

       I therefore condent that the concerns expressed here are sufficiently real to
warrant public consideration and I urge everyone here to discuss this publicly with
the hope that we will be around long enough to be proved to be fools.

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