Larry King vs James Dobson
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Larry King: "You're against abortion...yet in favor of a war in which Iraqi children will die.
                      How do you balance that?"

James Dobson: "Well, the reason that I'm in favor of the war with Iraq is to save lives..."

Larry King: "But children will die and..."

James Dobson:  "I'm sure they probably will, but certainly fewer of them than if we allow
                             this man to have WMD"

Larry King: "But it's still the killing of a child which you regard as a sin.
                     Abortion is a sin. The killing of one child is a sin.

James Dobson:  "It certainly is and I wish that it were possible to take Saddam out without killing anyone.
                             But it's like surgery for cancer. There are times when you have to undergo something
                             that's very painful and very life-threatening in order to accomplish the better good.
                             And my goodness, I don't know how we can relate that to abortion..."

Larry King: "See, you are balancing it by saying that's OK because we'll take out Saddam, but you won't
                      let the mother abort her child. For whatever reason she wishes to, but your reason in Iraq is OK,
                      but her reason is not. How do you equate that? It's still killing a child."

James Dobson: "There is a moral issue involved here."

Larry King: "Is there a moral issue in that Iraqi child?"

 ha ha

 What could be worse than losing a debate to Larry King?
 No, ...I mean besides losing a debate to Alan Colmes...

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