Bush and Cocaine
  sent/written by  DMullaley

Looks more, and more, like author J.H. Hatfield's claims that George W. Bush
was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972, but had his record expunged with
help from his family's political connections - Were TRUE.

Bush has fought very hard to not release his military records.
Even after the release today of his pay records. Why?

Most of the public is already well aware of his grounding &
suspension for his failure to take the annual miltary medical exam.

Examine the time frame.

It all fits the time frame gaps of Bush's military duty dates,
fits GWBush's suspension and grounding from TANG dates,
fits GWBush's assignment to ARF- the disciplinary unit.
Matches the dates of Bush's admitted community service time frame in Houston at PROJECT PULL
Fits why 6 MONTHS were added to Bush's final separation date

So then.....was Bush arrested for drugs in 1972?

The gaps in Bush's TANG records that do not match the records from Denver
(because ARF points do NOT count toward duty at TANG)
AGAIN this fits time frame of Bush being SUSPENDED and
GROUNDED from the National Guard for failure to take required
military annual physical, with drug testing- which had just been implemented

Bush looks to have been disciplined by his assignment to the ARF.
ARF is the reserves, and among other things it's where members of the
National Guard are sent for disciplinary reasons. ARF duty is NOT counted as
official duty by the Texas Air National Guard.

THEN - Read this from SALON -

excerpts -

The Texas governor had admitted to working at Houston's Project P.U.L.L. in
1972, and author Hatfield says he began to wonder if that was actually the
community service sentence.

Hatfield quotes "a high-ranking advisor to Bush" who confirmed that Bush was
arrested for cocaine possession in Houston in 1972, and had the record
expunged by a judge who was "a fellow Republican and elected official" who helped
Bush get off "with a little community service at a minority youth center instead
of having to pick cotton on a Texas prison farm."

Hatfield quotes a former Yale classmate who told him: "George W. was arrested
for possession of cocaine in 1972, but due to his father's connections, the
entire record was expunged by a state judge whom the older Bush helped get
elected. It was one of those 'behind closed doors in the judges' chambers' kind of
thing between the old man and one of his Texas cronies who owed him a favor
... There's only a handful of us that know the truth."

Another source named only as "a longtime Bush friend" described the situation
this way: "Say you get a D in algebra ... and now you're going to be required
to repeat the class the following year, but your teacher says if you promise to be
tutored during the summer by a friend of hers who's good in math, she'll change
the D to a C. You spend a few hours a week during the summer vacation learning
all about arithmetical operations and relationships, and then the teacher issues you
a new report card, replacing the old one on file in the principal's office ...
Something akin to that scenario is what happened with Bush in 1972."

Hatfield also says that when he asked Scott McClellan to comment on the
allegation of a former Yale classmate of Bush's that the presidential hopeful was
arrested for cocaine possession in 1972 and had his record expunged in exchange
for community service at Project P.U.L.L., the Bush campaign spokesman said,
sotto voce, "Oh, shit," followed by, "No comment."

McClellan denies that the exchange ever occurred. "I never spoke to the guy,
and I'm not aware that anyone at the campaign has spoken to him," he told Salon News.




Of course the Bushitas attacked the messenger with a vengeance.
And it helped the attackers that Hatfield had a very tarnished past.

Now Hatfield is dead. Suicide.
Convenient, or coincidence? Or both?


Final Summary of Bush's military records.
For the Guard, for the ranking officers involved and for Lieutenant Bush the
easiest and quietest thing to do was adding time onto his commitment and
placing that time in the inactive reserves.

Among these old documents there is a single clue as to how Bush finally
fulfilled his obligations and made up for those missed drill days. In my first
request for information I received a small three-page document containing the
"Military Biography Of George Walker Bush." This was sent from the Headquarters
Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC) in Denver Colorado.

In this official summary of Bush's military service, I found something that
was not mentioned in Bush's records from the National Guard Bureau in
Arlington, Virginia. When Bush enlisted his commitment ran until May 26, 1974. This was
the separation date shown on all documents as late as October 1973, when Bush
was transferred to the inactive reserves at Denver, Colorado. But the date of
final separation shown on the official summary from Denver, is November 21,
1974. The ARPC had tacked an extra six months on to Bush's commitment.
 - - - - -

Why was 6 months tacked on to George W Bush's military duty?
What was this punishment for? a punishment for not showing up?
A punishment for his "grounding" and "suspension" for Bush's failure to
take his required military physical?

Or something worse? drugs? drunk? assault?

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