Glick interview on O'Reilly

                      O'Reilly, you have hit a new low even for yourself.
                      You were unprofessional in the extreme in your
                      "interview" with Jeremy Glick.  You couldn't be
                      bothered to actually discuss or refute Glick's
                      viewpoints.  Instead, you attacked him *through his
                      father.*  How do you pretend to know anything about
                      Barry Glick's father?  How dare you or anyone else
                      tell this young man what his father would or would not
                      approve of?  Did you personally know Barry Glick?

                      You then cut him off by telling him you didn't care
                      what he thought, insulting him and every victim of
                      9/11 by telling him that "you've done more for the
                      victims of 9/11 than he would ever hope to do."  Did
                      you forget who you were talking to?  This young man
                      lost his father in the attacks.  Who did you lose?
                      What gives you the right to attack him so viciously
                      when he espoused opinions different than yours?  You
                      give him about a minute of air time to say his piece
                      then call him "warped."  You even tell this man, to
                      his face, that you were angrier about his father's
                      death than he was.  The arrogance just steams off of
                      you, O'Reilly.

                      You add insult to injury by bringing his mother into
                      it, telling him repeatedly to "shut up," and
                      hypocritically saying that "in respect for his father"
                      you wouldn't continue to discuss this with the son.
                      "Cut his mike.  I'm not going to dress you down any
                      more, in respect for your father."

                      Who in the hell do you think you are?  You pompous,
                      bloated, miserable little popinjay!  You show just how
                      little you care for the victims of 9/11, just how
                      little you know about the underlying root causes of
                      the terrorist attacks, just how little you are able to
                      actually debate a leftist with a few facts at his
                      disposal -- instead you retreat to the usual personal
                      insults, demands to "shut up," and actually pulling
                      the plug on the guy instead of standing toe to toe
                      with him.  For someone who pretends to be a "standup
                      guy," when you had the chance to stand up and state
                      your opinions and assert your worldview in a rational
                      and sane manner, you sure blew it.  You came across as
                      a little cock-a-whoop who couldn't debate with his
                      opponent in a straightforward fashion, so you attacked
                      him, insulted him, and pulled his mike.  What a
                      victory, O'Reilly!  Gonna go debate some mutes next?
                      Are you so insecure in your beliefs that a single
                      minute of Glick's assertions can cause you to lose
                      every semblance of rationality and maturity that you

                      This was by far the most blatantly unprofessional
                      display of journalism I have ever seen, even on Fox,
                      which has long since set new lows for journalism
                      everywhere.  You should be ashamed.  You should
                      apologize publicly and profusely.  You should invite
                      Glick and other victims on your show and let them have
                      their say, unencumbered by insults and demands to
                      "shut up."  You ought to be fired and sent back to
                      Inside Edition or wherever the hell you came from.

                      Be a man, O'Reilly.  Admit you were wrong in the way
                      you treated Glick.  Do it for all of us to see.  We
                      sure would appreciate it.

                      Max Black

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