Idea to get Bush out
    by Brannon

 We all know that Bush stole the election.
 We all know he is running the show and there is little, if any,
 legal recourse for the people of this great country.
 We all know we have been screwed…
 However, I have a couple ideas that may help if we were able to implement them.

 1- A new law -  not allowing the son of a man who was the president to become the president…
     This wouldn’t help us now, but at least he could not be re-elected, nor could Jeb (shudder) be elected.

 2- Insanity charges ­ if it were PROVEN in court that the President was actually insane
     due to the environment in which he grew up,  ie. he was trying to live out the fantasies
     that his father instilled within him from birth in addition to trying to be the man his father
     never could be, instead of caring for the wellbeing of  the US as his job description states.

 3- Get him fired ­ We didn’t elect him, but can we get rid of him???
      Doesn’t he work for us???

 Note: No, he works for the B.F.E.E., The Carlyle Group and Halliburton

 If the man in charge isn’t working for the benefit of the populous
 what modern recourse does the populous have…seriously….

 HE controls the media, (thank the ISP for, HE is trying to control the world's
 resources as we know them, and now HE is fulfilling the Biblical prophecy of WWIII and
 because of HIM the United States…IS the Great Satan?


 I grew up reading in history books that WE were the “Good Guys”.

 What does it take for the average American to wake-up???
 What do WE have to do to get rid of this “good-old-Boy”?

 I really have to hand it to “Boy-George”  though… it does take a lot of help, corruption,
 and fatherly love to bring a country to it’s knees in under 2 years…it might even be a new
 world record…somebody should call Guinness
 But, I think, the most intelligent thing he has been able to do, is blame everyone else…
 My hat is off to him.

 A drunk, opinionated Californian artist… soon to be profiled in the name of National Security,

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