Subject: Democrats returning public monies

"The Democrat hasn't been born who would return
  an over payment of the public's fund's to the taxpayers."

Mel Carnahan, governor of Missouri (you know, the dead one who beat the
prince of darkness out for the Senate) returned millions of dollars in
surplus taxes to the residents of Missouri in 1997. I got a check for  $150.



Subject: VCR Alerts

if only ONE in every TEN Bartcop VCR Alerts is as good/funny as Chris Rock
on Larry (old white man) King tonight they must continue.

The ones that don't pan out could well be pretenders who fold under the
pressure of being put on Alert.

If ya handle the pressure ya must be a real gem. eh?
Keep it up BC

TJ Lee

He was funny as hell on both shows.

Larry: How old are you

Chris: I'm old, 35.

Larry: What do you mean, old at 35?

Chris: Well, I'm 35, so I'm middle-aged, because at 70, ... how old are you?

Larry: I'm 67

Chris: See? You could go any time.


Subject: tax cuts

Why is there always this ridiculous bickering over who should get the tax cuts??

The solution is simple, just keep raising the threshold at which we all start paying taxes.
Then everyone gets exactly the same cut and the people that need it the most will benefit the most.
Now, who could argue with that??

It seems extremely hypocritical, to me, that the rich are crying about how
much tax they have to pay and at the same time are asking people making
around six thousand dollars a year to pay income tax.

I feel that the threshold should be around the twenty five thousand
dollar mark for a single person with no dependants.

How about it, Georgy Porgy, you say that you want to be fair with the
"amurican people".  Let's start with the tax structure.

Now, I'll just hold my breath until it is passed into law.



Subject: Iran-Contra

We lived in Germany from 1987 - 1992.
The BBC was often made comments on the "October Surprise".
Bani Sadr was on the radio saying they had made a deal with the Reagan people during the 1980 campaign.
The BBC commentators couldn't understand why Oliver North was never asked about it.
Being naive, we couldn't understand it either.

PBS's Frontline also did a story on the October Surprise in 1992.
Unfortunately, it is one of the few programs they don't offer for sale.
They list it in the archives but for some reason it is not available in video.

Also, is anyone else creeped out that the CIA named their headquarters after
George Herbert Walker Bush?  I thought you had to be dead before
government buildings were named after you (or in the case of the Ronald
Reagan Airport, brain-dead).

Malakay Betor
Richland, WA


Subject: Military Review for Smirk

Kept hearing about Smirk's trip to Ft. Stewart, Georgia, all day today.
Heard he got a rousing ovation and all that.  Yeah, right.  I'm sure
probably zero of our not-so-stupid men in uniform are going to openly
oppose a member of their chain of command in his presence - and that of
their commanders and sergeants major for that matter.  This is what you
can expect from the Smirk Administration.  Lots of Third Reich style
pagentry with large captive audiences.  Where have we seen that before?



Subject:  Fox network

Now I'm not complaining about this one but remember the weather girl on
the Sunday morning NFL show?  It is should be just another dagger in
Dr. Whora's lying diatribe.  Fox has to be the sleaziest network on TV.

I even heard insanity Hannity while subbing for the Cyst say that Temptation Island
could be a good thing if it helped these couples learn if they were right for each other or not.

Nothing about the morality of several couples who are obviously having premarital sex being
the core of the show, nothing about the promos being provacative.
Murdock's whores one and all.

Alaska Tom


Subject: The Rich Pardon

Has anyone seen the picture of Marc Rich in the Feb. 5th issue of time?

He is sitting with his CURRENT wife, Gisela Rossi.  Now I may be a
petty, 43 year-old housewife BUT even if I were a glamorous socialite
like Denise Rich, I hardly think I would spend a million dollars to buy
a pardon for an ex-husband, married to a woman that could pass for my
daughter.  Just how long have the Rich's been divorced anyway?

Thanks for the great job!
Malakay Betor
Richland, WA


Subject: Weinberger pardon makes CBS News

Let it be duly noted!  On February 8, 2001, Dan Rather gave PERSPECTIVE  on
the Marc Rich pardon and all the D.C. huffing and puffing.  He mentioned Harry Truman
and his pardoning of some Missouri cronies.  He mentioned Ford pardoning Nixon
(the big one, he said) and played part of the tape of Ford reading the pardon on TV.

Then he mentioned the Iran/Contra pardon Weinberger and five others got
from GHW Bush and said Bush would have been called in the upcoming trial.
Since Bush didn't go on national TV to make his Iran/Contra pardons public,
there was no tape to play.

The other networks (NBC now has a Clinton Watch segment for people hoping to hear
the latest on Clinton's bodily fluids) are running around like Granny Clampett on crack,
holding Bubba up as Satan. The nice ladies at deliver the news
and weather while disrobing.  The harpies over at Fox?

Well, let's just say they are the short version ofthe word "hosiery."


Subject: Rove & the Bush Debate taps?

Just wondering what happened to the Rove Debate Tape sham?
I would put my money on Rove as being the ONE person who was
inventoring the Whitehouse Trashed story.

Hell, I would bet he started both stories.
Think Ass Croft will do anything about that?



Subject: New Direction


Just got caught up with some of your back issues, and when I came across the line:

"Way to go, America.
 You wanted a "new direction" - you got it." reminded me of when the tennis player, Marcello Rios, announced he was
firing his coach because he wanted his tennis career to go in a  "new direction."

When the ex-coach was asked for comment, he said
"Rios is number one in the world now -- what direction does he expect to go from there?"

Rios is now number 58 or something in the world.

Jeff Kramer


Subject: Launches New Right Wing Nuts Translation Service

As a public service to the Internet community today began
the slow but important process of reclaiming the English language from
right wing extremists.  In response to Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's
declaration that he is a proud member of,
has now pointed the domain name to the FreeRepublic
site.  FreeRepublic, which both hosts and incites violent words and
actions against political leaders with whom they disagree, includes
threats on the life of former President Clinton and an active discussion
on how best to disrupt Clinton's future public appearances.
Don't believe us?

Check out the new and improved!


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