Subject: The Reagan Dresses

Hey, BC:

Let's tell the whole truth about Nancy Reagan and the designer dresses.  "
"Borrowing" isn't exactly right, but that's what they called it.
She never gave the dresses back.

She donated them to the Smithsonian, and then............
the Reagans deducted their value from their income taxes.

Jim H.

Well, everybody knows Saint Reagan and Nancy of Asisi could do no wrong...


Subject: Mel Reynolds

And a clarification on Mel Reynolds:
Yes, at 16 she was underage.  He thought she was older.
She told him she was older.
She was also, unknown to Reynolds, a reformed prostitute.
So he wasn't exactly taking advantage of a naive girl.

Also, at 16 she would NOT have been underage in Michigan, Indiana,
Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, or Iowa, all of the states that border Illinois.
It doesn't change anything legally, but it puts it into a different context morally.


Found the Brandon Sutherland with Clinton quotes including the following:

"...unfortunately, we can't control the actions of everyone."
       --Bill Clinton, April 20, 1993

The Brand Davidians murder/suicide occurred on April 19, 1993.  He was
referring to the fact that we could not control the actions of these particular murderers.

Later, Eddie Joe


Subject: Marc Rich pardons

Hi Bc.

I have an interesting tidbit for you about the Mark Rich pardon.

Back in the late 80's or early 90's Marc Rich owned an alluminum mill in Ravenswood WV.
I remember this because at the time they were having a lot of labor disputes and and Emit Boyle
who is a kchillionaire that happens to live here in the Ohio Valley wanted to buy the place.
He owns a couple other alluminum mills here. It was common knowlage at the time that
Rich was a fugitive from justice and lived abroad.

Now I have to wonder why the repuklicans who were ruling with an iron hand at the time
didn't bother seizing his property to recover some of the money he had bilked the tax payers out of .
It's seems they're all just sick about it now.
I bet they've been biding their time waiting for just the right moment to get him for what
he did to the little guy's in this country. Then that damn Clinton had to go and foil their plan.

Lane Blake


Subject: Dennis Miller


First of all, great site.
Second, and you've probably received several e-mails like this already,
Dennis Miller was also one of my favorite stand-up comics.  And like
everybody else, I can't understand why all of a sudden he became another
right-wing fascist whore.  He was without a question one of the best
progressive stand-up comics in the entire business.

Hell, I used to record his HBO program religiously.
I'm just as baffled as everyone else, although I must say it just so happens
his collegue in the booth, Al Michaels, is another right-wing fascist.
Whenever he's on the Tony Kornheiser show, he always spews his right-wing bullshit.
(TK is on the ESPN radio network.  I listen to a lot of sports-talk since the only other
thing to listen to of course is right-wing crap, which I can't stomach.)

I have also decided not to watch his program any longer.  Instead, I'll watch
comedians like Chris Rock and George Carlin from now on.

Keep swinging that big hammer!

Mike H.
Springfield IL


 (Morgan Stanley Dean Jitters)

Subject: Since when...

... does a respected financial institution bow to pressure from a group of religious crackpots?

Just to set it straight: Clinton's approval rating was 68% on the day he left office.
Don't let the religious right bully you into thinking that he is Typhoid Mary.

Eight years of prosperity and the longest economic expansion in history speak for themselves.
Clinton HAS some knowledge of the economy, and despite what Jerry
Falwell might tell you, he has the respect due a former president.



Subject: Dennis Miller


Everybody keeps telling me that Limbaugh lost weight.
I haven't seen him recently, but I figure that must be him in the Dennis Miller costume on HBO.

Funny, I guess Limbaugh got that gig on MNF too!
But what happened to Dennis?

Did Pigboy eat 'im?

Jim H.

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