Subject: Re: Clinton was a mistake?

Mr. BartCop,
Thank you very much for your message.  You can be sure that
your views on this issue will be heard by our senior management.

>Bart Cop wrote:

> You spineless wimps, letting yourselves be pushed around by the Freepers?
> Don't you know that phony "get Clinton" campaign was staged?

> You have no balls, I'm disgusted with you.

> bc


Subject: Economy

Exactly what did Clinton do to help the economy?
You seem to think he had a plan,
but I don't recall ever hearing or reading about it.

Mark M


I assume you're writing because I ran all those quotes from republicans who gave their
guarantee that if the Clinton plan passed (it did, in 1993 with Gore breaking the tie)
that all the banks would fail and the debt would skyrocket with inflation and unemployment.

Now, why would all your heroes say the "terrible Clinton doom" was coming if Clinton didn't have a plan?


Subject: Paul Harvey contact

Hi Bart,

Any way to contact the old horse molester you know of?


You might try the Humane Society, the ASPCA or


Subject: great minds, or something

Hey, BC --

Your comments about the "Thanks for the fumble, dude," tagline reminded me
of a incident recounted by Kurt Vonnegut.  He, and his friend 'Bill' or whatever,
were secular humanists.  When his friend died, the eulogist got up and said,
"Bill's in a better place now."

The rows of secular humanist friends, (and those who knew Bill was a secular humanist),
roared with laughter.

I also remember Vonnegut commenting that secular humanism is not for everyone;
it only works if your life is worth living.
Worldwide, he estimated that percentage to be, I think, 17%.

Interesting stuff... I'm a born and raised atheist, but when life gets
hard I can see why religion can be a comfort to others.



Subject: Why be a coward?


Could you clear something up for me? I was just wondering why a respected financial
institution would bend to pressure from a group of right-wing crackpots?

Just to set it straight: President Clinton's approval rating was 68% on the day he left office. Ken Starr
and the GOP spent 50 million dollars of OUR tax dollars and more than 4 years of our time
investigating the Clinton's and others. What did we get in return: 543 pages and consensual sex. Pretty
deflating for an investigation that called dozens of witnesses, hounded family members and even
interrogated a 16-year old boy at his own high school. In short, this was a pretty bad investment.

President Clinton did what I and millions of other Americans hoped he would do:
he kept the country prosperous and peaceful for 8 years.

Furthermore, President Clinton has the respect due a former president,
so don't let the "right" tell you otherwise, coward.


C.M. "my money will go elsewhere" Rineer

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