Monkey mail

 From: B Boardman

 Ok, you got me.  I committed a typo.  I typed "with" instead of "on", which is still fewer grammatical and spelling
 errors than you manage to post on just one daily page.  You'd think with all the money you're taking from your
 hapless subscribers, you'd be able to buy a word processing program with spell and grammar check.

 The general rule is, if you're attacking someone personally, the mistakes stay in.
 If you act like a decent fella with manners, I often correct your spelling.
 Also,  is read by lawyers, surgeons and Philly librarians with an IQ of 150

 You make a lot of declarations, like Clinton bringing "peace" and "prosperity".  They "gave" us neither.
 You never tell us just HOW Clinton supposedly did this.

 I don't have to - the facts speak for me.

 What's funnier is hearing a supply-side ditto-monkey claim either of the Bushes knew what he was doing.
 Clinton proved to be The Master and you can't stand that your side is nothing but a bunch of fuckups.

 What the Clintons gave us was a sitcom called the "Capitol Hillbillies".

 No, Clinton gave us peace, prosperity and safety. The GOP gave us a "scandal" a week that oocupied
 the FBI so bin Laden was free to train his team of assassins how to fly airplanes into buildings.

 There are dozens of sycophants just like you with their lips firmly planted to Clinton's ass, not having
 the first clue what he was, and is, really about.  And he is about.....Clinton.  This is a man who took polls
 every week to decide what pet issue to plug, issues he obviously had no genuine care for.

 It's been proven President Bunnypants is more poll reliant than Clinton ever was.

 Clinton was NOT even close to "the best" president.
 Perhaps you haven't heard of Washington, Jefferson, T. and F. Roosevelt, Lincoln, JFK, and yes, Reagan.

 Those were all good presidents - except Reagan.
 Reagan was the same puppet for the BFEE that The Young Monkey is today.
 Neither have a clue about anything and could only read from a script.
 That's why Bush can't hold a press conference.
 It would be like me holding a press conference in German.

 Reagan helped defeat the USSR and bring America out of Carter's recession.

 No, Reagan bankrupted the country after Nixon and Ford screwed it up.
 Don't you remember Nixon's socialistic wage and price controls?
 Don't you remember Ford's Whip Inflation Now buttons?

 Carter inherited their mess, so the GOP media invented The Misery Index, but notice how
 nobody uses that term to describe Bush's present-day devastation of the American economy.

 Y'know, it's no crime to be ignorant, but you're "certain" of things that never happened.

 Even Nixon implemented a system of environmental protections and normalized relations with China.
 What did Clinton do by comparison?

 If you look past the eight years of peace, prosperity and safety, I can always point to the fact
 that Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home. Can your Monkey say that?
 Plus, Clinton's harmless "lie" about a blowjob didn't kill 539 brave soldiers.

 Sorry Bart, but Hillary's comments barely registered on any national news outlet, including Fox.

 Is that why your side calls her "the smartest woman in the world?"

 If a Republican had made the comments, he/she would be toast.  And you know it.

 If you're going to mention "the comments," you might cite them.

 I could cite you several examples of past verbal gaffs from libs and conservatives,
 and illustrate the differences in treatment by the media.

 ...but what, you're short on time so you can't?

 Yes, Democrats are race baiters.  They use blacks and other minorities to gain political power.

 So, you're saying blacks are too stupid to vote for the people who love them - the all-white GOP?

 It is obvious to me that they are insincere.  No, blacks aren't stupid.  You said it, I didn't.

 No, I asked a question.  You have failed to explain yourself, so I'm on a fishing expedition
 trying to decifer what incoherent thoughts are bouncing around in your rattled Republican brain.

 Blacks have been deceived and duped into believing Democrats actually care about them.

 Looks to me like you just called all African Americans stupid - as a race.
 You really need to be more educated.
 By the way, how does it feel getting a severe red-ass from a guy with an IQ of 64?.

 They have been repeatedly lied to and continue to believe the lies.  LBJ once said of the Civil Rights Act
 (which more Republicans than Democrats voted for), "We'll have the nigger vote for the next two hundred years."

 Objection!  Your clumsy hearsay lacks foundation and is immaterial as well.  You don't go back in time 40 years
 to prove your party isn't racist today. Strom, (rapist) Helms, (segregationist) Reagan (rapist) and Lott segregationist
 all had to leave the Democratic Party because they hated "the nigger race" to quote Strom, and felt the GOP would
 be a better home for them - so they all switched.  The Strom audio clip is in the back issues.

 It's ironic that the party which freed the slaves and helped them gain the right to vote is villified, while the party
 which wanted the status quo is now the blacks' friend.  Frederick Douglas was a Republican, and the NAACP
 sided with Republicans in it's earliest days.

 Lincoln was the last good Republican - why not mention that?

 Hillary will NOT be elected President.  Rudy is currently ahead in every poll in NY, and would probably beat her in an election.

 ha ha
 You mean like last time?
 He got out of the 2000 race not because of prostate cancer, but because Hillary was whipping him

 If I'm wrong, and there are enough idiots to elect her president, at least I can take comfort in the fact
 that I will retire from the military shortly after she is inaugurated.


 You're in the military?
 How can you prefer the Idiot Smirk who lied us into a war and got 540 of your brothers killed?
 He's stonewalling the 9-11 documents and hiding the Iraqi intel report until after the election.
 If he was an honest man, why does he need to cover-up his role in 9-11 and this bloody war?

 On what do you base your loyalty to Bush?
 Greed and incompetence?

 If you had a son or daughter in the military, would you prefer they died for Bush's greed
 or would you rather they come home under President Clinton and produce some grandchildren?

 ...seriously, I'd like you to answer that - if you have the balls.

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