Volume 266 - Lucy at the Candy Factory

 September 14, 2000  Pt 3, maybe 4

 The local Pigboy/Laura AM station has a web page.

 It's at http://www.KRMG.com

 I go there sometimes to shear the Knuckledrag sheep.
 I was there yesterday, outraged at action that KRMG took that put the lives of
 two kidnapped children in danger. While I was there, I saw a post asking if it
 was true that Laura the Martyr had posed nude, so I posted a link to the proof.

 I got this reply just now.

 From: Brian Anderson banderson@cimedia.com
 To: bartcop@bartcop.com

 Subject: KRMG Message Board Violation

 Please be advised that your Sept. 13 postings to the KRMG.com message board
 were in violation of the board's visitor agreement in that they contained links to
 pornographic material. Your postings have been deleted from the board.

 You are welcome to continue sharing your thoughts and opinions in the forum.
 However, please familiarize yourself with the terms of the visitor agreement linked
 from the top of the message board. Further violations of that agreement will result
 in your being banned from participation in the forum.

 Thank you for your cooperation,

 Brian Anderson
 Content Producer
 Cox Interactive Media - Tulsa
 Office: 918-523-2060
 Pager: 405-539-9718
 Fax: 918-524-3442

 So, I replied:

 Dear Brian,
 Are you saying those legitimate pictures of Dr. Laura are pornographic?

 If Dr Laura is guilty of producing pornographic material,
 why would you turn over three hours of airtime to her each day?

 My pointing to the FACTS can hardly be considered a violation
 if you are the party making money from this awful woman.


 Paul Begala Shoots the Bull early today...

 "RATS!" There's that word again. But this time it's as in "...jumping off a sinking ship,"
 and the ship is the political version of the Titanic: The good ship George W. Bush.


 Little Ricky Lazio looked desperate in last night's debate with Hillary.
 Lazio attacked the First Lady savagely - and stupidly - from start to finish.
 Hillary, on the other hand, was focused on issues, rising above the fray even when
 Little Ricky foolishly tried to blame her for the Lewinsky scandal.

 No wonder every single member of the USA TODAY focus group
 of swing, suburban voters said Hillary won.

 ha ha

 BartCop: This corroberates my previous statements, your honor.

 Judge Begley: Sit down, Mr Petrie.

 ha ha

 From:  lind2116@home.com

 Subject: The Debate!

 Thank you for the information on where to find the Hillary/Lazy-O debate.
 That jerk cheap a$$hole Russert...who made him God?
 (Sorry God, I need to put christianity aside for this one)

 I was shocked to hear the shotgun ambush of Russert.
 But you know, it  helped Hillary.
 She's a darling and a true world class Lady.

 Even with Russert's help,
 Lazy-O came out sounding more like a jr high debator and a loser.
 Senator Moynohan's shoes are too big for brainless boy Lazy-O to fill.
 The comments after the debate were in favor of Hillary. You Go Girl!

 Thank you darling.
 Grandma Lind, New Jersey

 Great El Puerca Quotes

 "Lazio didn't just hit a home run in that debate, he hit a grand slam!"

 ha ha
 Pigboy - lying to those poor, stupid sheep again.

 Is that what people are saying, Rush?

 Let's check:

 See for Yourself

 1. When Lazio walked over to Clinton's podium and tried to push a written
     agreement into his opponent's hands, Glovin, 41, a manager at an employer
     services company, and seven other suburban New York voters burst into laughter.

   "Oh, cute," said Willie James, 54, a retired IBM employee.
   "Sight unseen, you don't sign a document like that."

 2. Lazio "had his chance to step up, and he didn't," said Paul Campion, a stockbroker
     and undecided voter. "We have to vote for someone who can fill Moynihan's shoes,
     and based on tonight, I don't think he can."

 3. He hasn't presented himself at all," James, a registered Democrat whose vote is undecided,
     said before the debate. Afterward, he said Lazio hadn't impressed him, faulting him for calling
     proposed casino gambling a "cheap hit" for the economy. "That's an emotional issue," and Lazio
     was dismissive, James said. Lazio "needed to hit a home run and he got a walk."

 4. "I think he got fanned," said Diana Rodriguez, 44, an office administrator,
      who objected to Lazio's focus on Clinton's trustworthiness.

 5. Jamie Arest, 26, a college student, said it "really rubbed me the wrong way" when Lazio
     accused Clinton of believing "it only matters what you say when you get caught."

 6. Joe Lopane, 31, a landscape designer, gave Clinton the edge in the first meeting .
     "She had more poise and more confidence. "

   ha ha

 Then, there was my favorite:

 7. The group criticized moderator Tim Russert, of NBC's Meet the Whore,
     for being so totally fixated on Mrs. Clinton's husband's cock.
     "That should not be part of the debate," said Gloria Bernhard, an employment agency owner.

 But you know what the best part is?
 Pigboy and the red-meaters not only think The Lick won the debate,
 they loved his aggressiveness and they want him to be even more of a prick
 when he meets Ms. Poise and Confidence in the second and third debates!

 ha ha

 This is such a perfectly-fitting parellel to the last 8 years.
 The GOP doesn't really want to win this renate seat.
 They don't want Senator Lick.
 They just want somebody - anybody - to beat up Hillary!

 Think of it like a Super Bowl.
 The idiot GOP doesn't care what the scoreboard says, they just want to sack the quarterback.

 Today's Page Two Girl is Estella Warren

 Click  Here

 Y'know, in mid-November, when they look back on exactly why Smirk lost,
 they're going to say it was because the liberal media ran with that "RATS" story
 and knocked Smirk off-track and that's how President Gore was elected.

 They'll forget the obvious truth that it was Smirk's people who stupidly put
 the word "RATS" in the goddamn commercial to begin with,

 Yeah, I hear the GOP speechwriters are hard at work on the first draft of the
 "Why we lost the election because the media hates us," speech.

      (From Bartcop News Network)       by BSmasher

 WASHINGTON D.C.--Cockfighters and gaming foul breeders packed the pit in a
 House committee room Wednesday to spur opposition against pending legislation
 making cock fighting illegal. The sport is currently legal in Louisiana, New Mexico
 and Oklahoma, even though getting a tattoo in Oklahoma is illegal.

 Noted guitarist and liberal cock breeder Chuck Berry from Blanchard, OK, USA,
 told the House plowboy committee, "We're all God-fearing people trying to
 make a living. I don't have a problem with the bidness I'm in."

 Even thought the bill has 200 co-sponsors and should pass easily, many of the members
 of the House Archer Daniels Midland thought it best to be elsewhere. Oklahoma 6th
 district congressman, Frank Lucas (R-Ghost Employee) hurriedly left 30 minutes into
 the hearing when the house had to vote, and was last seen trying to get into the
 Witness Protection program.

 Cockfighter Berry came with a clutch of letters from officials at the Oklahoma Department
 of Agriculture warning of the dire consequences if the pending federal legislation is passed.
 More Oklahoman's on welfare because of loss of jobs, more diseased chickens because
 the sport will go "underground" and more satanic cults will spring up.

 Gene Eskey, the staff vet at the state agency said fighting cocks generate $100 million in
 bidness annually for the state. Rep. Colin Peterson (D-Ventura) said the bill would allow
 breeders to ship their cocks to other countries around the world.

 Wayne Pacelle, senior V-P for guvment affairs at the Humane Society, said
 cockfighting is "a huge illegal industry across the country, that is also
 associated with gambling, drug use and homosexuality."

 American Poultry Association are worried their members may be mistaken for cocks that
 fight and would be harassed by suspicious officials. Law enforcement officials, however,
 said they can generally figure out what getting the bird is used for.

 Great Republican Quotes

 "John Zogby is the only pollster that always gets it right."
    -- Rush, the last 4 years

 Released: September 13, 2000

 Gore maintains 7% lead over Bush; Surges ahead among Independents
      New Reuters/Zogby National Survey Reveals

 See for Yourself

 Al Gore has increased his lead over the idiot Smirk, according to a new Reuters/Zogby poll
 conducted Sunday through Tuesday.

 The poll of 1,005 likely voters nationwide now has Gore leading Smirk, 46% to 39%
 with 4% for Nader and 1% for Buchanan. Another 9% were Undecided.
 The poll has a margin of sampling error of +/- 3.2%.

 In the two-way race, Gore also leads Bush 51% to 42%.


 I'm not going to get my car...   sniff

 Did Strom Thurmond rape a Def Row Prisoner?


 According to "Ol' Strom", a biography of Senator Strom Thurmond by Jack Bass,
 Randall Johnson, the driver of a state vehicle transporting a convicted female killer
 named Sue Logue to the prison death house in 1943, said then U.S. Army Major
 Strom Thurmond got into the back seat with his friend Logue and they were
 "a huggin' and a kissin' the whole way".

 Joe Frank Logue said his Aunt Sue "was the only person ever seduced on
 her way to the electric chair".

 See for Yourself

 Thanks to Stubby

 Celebrity Mail

 From:  bushnews@georgewbush.com
 To: bartcop@bartcop.com

 Subject: Will You Be The Difference?

 The Year is 1960.

 It is not.

 JFK wins the election because he receives

 1 MORE VOTE per precinct in Illinois (8,858 votes)
 3 MORE VOTES per precinct in Missouri (9,880 votes)
 3 MORE VOTES per precinct in New Jersey (22,091 votes)

 Smirk, every e-mail you've sent me has had spelling mistakes.
 You need another "S," in #1.
 Can't you get anyone to help you write these?

 And the reason JFK won Illinois is because he won decisively
 with deceased-Americans, a huge constituency in Illinois.

 Without those 40,829 votes, the election goes to Nixon.


 No, you'd still win Oklahoma if you were running against Gore/Christ.

 Experts say this will be the CLOSEST election since 1960.
 We agree.

 ha ha

 Maybe they said that back in July, but has anybody said that recently?

 ha ha

 What can YOU do about it?
 Join the Bush E-Train!

 The Bush E-Train?
 But Smirk, I don't have any kids!
 Why the fuck would I want to "join the Bush E-Train?"

 (1) Forward this e-mail to your friends and colleagues
 (2) Then click on the link below and enter your e-mail:

 What if we all clicked on that and put in bushnews@georgewbush.com

 ha ha

 Maybe if Smirk sent himself enough mail, he'd have an E-Train wreck!

 ha ha

 2,000,000 e-mail addresses to SPREAD THE WORD and GET OUT THE VOTE.

 Smirk, stop begging.
 It's not presidential!

 Be a part of history, get on the Bush E-Train and join what will become

 Your ideas seem more like the biggest bowel movements ever.

 MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! and receive the e-mail on Nov. 8 that says,

 ha ha

 That could happen...

 ha ha

 Smirk, we hardly knew ye...

 Get a leg up...


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