Subject: A chick weighs in

Dear BC-

As a certified chick,(I've got my diploma and everything)
I have to say that I don't care about the Page 2 Girls, or the leg up girls.
I'm just as feminist as the next woman, believe me.  I think that the pictures
you put up are just that, pictures.  If you don't want to look at the page two girl, don't...
That's why there's a LINK to it.

The leg up girls, they're funny. Complaining about them is like saying that the Victoria's
Secret catalogue is demeaning to women.  Nothing you've ever shown, with the exception
of the pictures of doc meng (who DESERVES everything she gets) has been so tame
as to be considered PG-13.

Your website is not supposed to be for the lowest common denominator.
If it was, your readership would be composed *entirely* of Republicans.
Your website is also not considered bedtime reading material for 12 year olds.
Don't change a thing-

And please people, lighten the frig up-  the world hasn't ended yet-
we need to remember to laugh at ourselves.
Liberals who can't laugh give us all a bad name

And as far as Kevin Cunningham goes, he is one of the most UN-Whorish
cartoonists out there.  I send everyone I know to both your pages, and
will continue to do so, regardless of their ages, or genders.
You've got the best commentary on the farce that is our political system, hands down.
My checks are in the mail.


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