Nader and voting in the year 2004

Hey Bart. I am not only a Nader voter, but I also live in Florida. In the context of the 2000 election I had major problems
with the Gush/Bore tandem, so i voted a protest vote, to my eternal shame and regret.

    It's ABB this time for me, although I have problems with Kerry (large corporate donors) and Clark (Military industrial complex taint) and Kucinich (some great ideas, not a snowball's chance) and Dean was a little off kilter, any one of these guys will get my vote come november. I wish they would listen to someone like you, and challenge Bush on his current his ass out and make him explain why he sent 550 brave Americans, many of them children, to their deaths. Or why he allows the raping and pillaging of our country and the world while proclaiming a divine inspiration from God.
     He dismisses scientists who speak their mind on the environment, he fires cabinet officials who dare to disagree, he allows CIA agents to be identified (a WMD specialist no less) he is vengeful and arrogant. He has no idea what life is like when money and influence are not always there to bail your ass out when you screw up and get arrested or go AWOL or are unable to find oil in Texas or cannot pass the pilots test, or play golf while terrorists learn to fly (but not land) jets. Shit, he even used Saddam to take the heat off of his inability to act to prevent the acts he had been warned against, or catch the persons responsible.
    When i voted in 2000, I thought it made no difference which asshole got to be President. I was wrong. Ralph Nader has a right to run if he chooses. There are many former supporters who would not ever make that mistake again.
I read your page every day it is available.

I sent you a small donation yesterday....maybe enough for a shot of Chinaco. I hope things keep picking up for you.

The dems didnít have a prayer in 2000 in Colorado, so I voted for Nader hoping he could get 5 percent and federal funding.  If I didnít live in Colorado I would have voted for Gore, but Gore had no prayer in this state.  The city of Boulder is the only liberal outpost in Colorado (in fact, its the only real liberal city anywhere for a thousand miles), but, sadly, I live in Colorado Springs, one of the most conservative cities in the country, and BY FAR, the most religiously insane (Focus on the Family lives here, they employee my mother-in-law Iím sad to say).

     People in Florida and other states where the vote was close did a disservice to the country voting for Nader.  But I have come to realize, we, who voted for Nader in the extreme red states, also screwed up.  By giving him any votes at all, we legitimized him.  If he had gotten less than 1 percent of the vote, he might not be inclined to bother running again.

     There was another screw up Nader voters committed (myself included).  Getting a third party federal funding is all well and good, but in hindsight, I would prefer it be a party like the Reform Party (I believe that was the name of Perotís party).  That way the conservatives can fight with each other about their ideals, and democrats can sit back, watch, and enjoy.  The only way I want to see a party like the Green Party get Federal Funding is if a similar right-leaning party also gets federal funding.

     In closing, Kerry in 2004 is the ONLY vote that makes any sense.  Keep swinging Bart, my subscription has proven enjoyable.


I'm sorry.  I'll never do it again.

Jeffrey R

Iíll be voting for Kerry.
I live in Texas so I voted for Nader in 2000 because I knew Gore would not win Texas.
In the future, a third party would be great but not this year.


I voted for Nader in 2000, several years prior to his onset of Alzheimers.
But W has taken the wop out of the doo-wop-wopaly, now we need to stash
the old man away someplace where he canít hurt himself or anyone else, Ďcause
there is some serious trouble to be undone.

Maybe if everyone pitches in their $.25, we can present Nader with the keys
to a shiny new Corvair as a token of our appreciation for another party spoiled.

R Mann

ha ha

I'm so old, I remember Unsafe at Any Speed

I voted for My Man Ralph in 2000 because he was the only candidate telling the truth
about how the criminals in the suites were more dangerous than the criminals on the streets.
Since then:  Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Anderson, Qwest, Halliburton, etc etc etc.

Ralph Nader did not cost Al Gore the presidency in 2000. Al Gore won the election.

I won't vote for Nader in 2004 because he is not running on the Green Party ticket.
I wanted the Greens to get their 5% in 2000 so they could qualify for federal matching funds,
which would help get the very much needed Green message out to a wider audience.

Bush had Colorado's 8 electoral college votes locked up the day he announced, so Nader
was a safe vote in Colorado in 2000. Similarly, it doesn't matter who I vote for in 2004
(I may write in Bartcop) because Bush will carry Colorado easily. We vie with Oklahoma
for redness in the neck area.

If the polls show Bush support lagging here, and the gap closing, I will vote for whomever
the Democrats nominate. John Kerry's hair would make a better president than George W. Bush.

Thanks for listening and keep on kicking ass,

*** mike ryder

No way this time!

M Richardson

I voted for Nader in 2000 but there's no way I'd vote for him this time.
And I'm certainly not voting for Bush.

BTW, I'm voting "absentee ballot".  With computer voting machines in their
current state, I'm urging everyone I know to do the same.

Steve R

Hi Bart,

As a staunch member of the Green Party of Rhode Island I proudly voted
for Ralph Nader in election 2000.


Because he was the only rational, articulate and intelligent alternative
to the two sides of the same coin (R&D).
If you really examine Kerry/Bush the similarities are so close as to be
laughable/cryable. The only dissimilarities are the military service
records all others especially Kerry's are documented as totally agreeing
with the current monkey business now being handed to us. Not that I want
the BFEE in overt power for the next four years.


I being dedicated to growing a vital third party in this country (which
by the way is a world wide party JOIN US!) will vote for our Green
candidate for President who will be chosen at our convention!

Jimmy R

Jimmy, if Kerry loses by one vote, we're going to blame you.

First off let me say I DO NOT REGRET voting for Nader.
If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I
wouldn't vote for him. But I don't regret voting for him.

I had to let Gore know that I didn't like being taken for granted.
Which is what happens when candidates race to the center.

I can understand all the hand wringing and blaming
Nader because it's easier than saying Gore choked.


ps - I was born a yellow dog Democrat and have taken years of grief
from my father and brothers and sisters for voting for Nader.

pps -  I live in Virginia that hasn't gone for a Democrat for President for
nearly 40 years. Here Nader got less than 1% of the popular vote.

Would I vote for Nader again?  I certainly think he would make a better president than John Kerry,
(not to mention the disaster we now have).
It depends on a number of things.
#1 - Is there the slightest chance that Kerry can beat Bush in Indiana?  Probably not, but if it looks like it,
then a vote for Nader is out of the question.
#2 - What Nader stresses and how he approaches this next election is an important factor.  I am hoping his
campaign is full of truthful and enlightening statements showing those who are unaware, that Bush's presidency
is one of the biggest mistakes this country has made.  If he attacks Kerry, then I will lose all respect for his
sense of pragmatism and never vote for him again.
After the last election, it was apparent that Nader's candidacy cost Gore the election.  It has also subsequently
been made apparent to me, that this happened because many voters, like me, took put too much value in the
mainstream media's commentary.
I don't think Nader will get 1/10 of the votes he got last election,
and I look forward to Bush leaving the White House next year.

Dear Bart,
I agreed with everything Ralph Nader said and stood for in 2000.
I still agree with everything he says and stands for. BUT, I will never again
vote for a third party candidate until this country has an instant run off provision in its election laws.
Having seen what this unelected fraud has done in these few years I would vote
for any Democratic candidate. Even one hand picked by the DLC.
I will vote for Kerry and try to work for change in the party to make it more responsive
to its core principles. Perhaps Howard Dean will create an interest group within the party
to contend with the DLC and other corporatist Democrats.
Jacob in Oregon

This one almost looks human

Dear Bart:
I'm a little different than other Nader 2000 voters.  I voted for him in 2000 because I knew Gore
would win my state (CA) and I truly felt Ralph most closely represented my views.  Had I observed
W polling higher in California I would have certainly voted Gore and done my part for the left.

This time around I plan not to be so self indulgent even though Kerry looks to do the same if not better than Gore.
But the election is 8 months away and Roves Great White Lie Machine is just starting up on Kerry.

Keep swinging the hammer, "F" the GOP, fight the power,
Greg K.

Hey Bart,
I love the page, the work, the writing.
I voted and campaigned for Nader in Florida in 2000.  I even helped set up the Univ. of South Florida Campus Greens.
BTW, that was just after I discovered your page.  Even you couldn't prevent me from voting for Nader,
as I assumed that Gore would win anyway.
I'll be voting for the Democratic nominee this year.  But I shall remain a registered Green.
At least we don't wear pink tutus.
-Brother Fire
88.5 WMNF, Tampa

Hey Bart,

I voted for Nader last time around, and I'll probably do it again. Special case, though: in Texas, where I have
the misfortune to live, even if every Nader voter had switched to Gore - AND convinced three Bush voters to
switch to Gore too - the monkey still would have won the state in 2000.

Only an idiot would say there's no difference between Kerry and Bush. But there's not as much difference as
I'd like between the major parties, and I think you'd agree with me on that. I think my vote for Nader says more
about where I want the Democratic party to go than a wasted vote for the Democrat who's not going to win
Texas anyway. If by some miracle it gets close in this god-forsaken state, I'll go for Kerry; otherwise, Nader
says a lot of things I agree with, so I'm stickin' with him.

Good work with the hammer - keep it up!
You're a light in the darkness.

Peter S.

   I am am member of the County Council of the Fresno (CA) County Green Party.  I am also active with the California Green Party.  I voted for Nader in 2000.
   This year, I will support Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb who intends to run a "safe states" strategy where he will compete only in those seats where it is already a foregone conclusion that one of the major parties will win.
   I will not be supporting Nader in his independent candidacy.


I voted for Nader in 2000.  I did so because there was a decent
chance of the Green Party receiving sufficient votes to achieve
Real Party status in my state, and because I felt that Al "I
Agree With Governor Bush" Gore had committed too many betrayals
of traditional Democratic values.  Given the same circumstances,
I would vote for Nader and the Green Party again.

However, in 2004, the circumstances are not the same.  John
Kerry is a better Democrat than Al Gore and will probably do
more to include liberal themes in his campaign, especially if he
picks Wesley Clark as his running mate.  Ralph Nader has no new
message and no national organization behind him.  The Green
Party has done nothing to extend its little momentum from
Campaign 2000 and now looks less like a serious national
political party and more like a bunch of self-absorbed graduate

I'm voting for Kerry in 2004.

Eric S

Hey BC,

I admit to voting for Nader in the 2000 election, but I am not to blame for the demise of Western Civilization as we know it.
Why not?  Simple.  I voted in Nebraska, besides Idaho, quite possibly the Reddest state in the union!  Farmers don't like to
pay their taxes (but seem to like to complain when their subsidy checks get smaller, yet they don't blame the GOP for cutting them)
so the think that the republicans will save the family farm from bankruptcy (I guess the Reagan years taught them nothing).
I knew that Al didn't have a shot there in '00, so I tried to help establish the Greens on the ballot.

This year is a different story...I reside in Missouri, It's about 50/50 here, and I'll be damned if I vote for the googly-eyed egomaniac again.
Swear to Koresh, i'll do anything to send the wannabe cowboy and Pickles riding off into that Crawford, TX sunset they so deserve.

Keep on Swinging,

Corey M.

Voted for Nader in 2000.  I've always voted for 3rd party candidates because
it's clear that Democrats & Repulicans have been bought & paid for.  I will
vote for the Democratic nominee this time around, but can't escape the
feeling that I'm voting for the lesser of 2 evils.  The only reason I'm
doing so is that I feel Bush is so dangerous to the world that anything is
better than another term for him.  I'm scared of what he's going to do when
he doesn't have to worry about re-election.  I still think our system is
broken & amounts to the best democracy that money can buy.  Barring another
disaster like Bush, after this election I'll go back to voting for the 3rd
party candidate I like the best.  That is, unless Democrats get behind
Kucinich.  He is by far the most honest candidate.  Too bad that makes him
unelectable.  What does that say about our Democracy?
None of this matters if they get the computer voting w/no paper trail.

Beau in Memphis

I voted for Nader in 2000 and am not repentant.

I live in state where Gore was a shoo-in, so my vote was more of a party vote for the Greens. Because Nader got over 5% of the vote in my state, it elevated the Green Party to major party status here. This is a HUGE deal.  It meant state funding in elections, matching funds,  all sorts of important stuff. Several Greens have since been elected to local office here. That's the main reason I voted Nader.

Will I vote for Nader in 2004?   No, because he isn't running as a Green, so a vote for him would be a throwaway, not a protest or a "party supporting" vote. Kerry has his problems, sure, but he's got my vote.

Chris in MN

Are you kidding me?  I won't even utter that man's name any more.  The only reason I voted for him in 2000 is
because Gore had Pennsylvania locked up and I knew Bush had no chance here.  He won't even be a blip on
the radar this year.  Hell, he won't get on most ballots.

Scott S

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