Ton o mail and Toons


Subject: sick people

I feel sorry for your poor souls and hope you have not nor will every
have any children to spread your perverted opinions.

Anyone that respects and idolizes a womanizing, over sexed, unconscionable
person such as Bill Clinton, needs to seek psychiatric help.  He has done
more damage to the United States image than anyone could possibly image.

He has brought shame (of course I doubt if you or your gang know what that is)
to all Americans, even you!!!

President Bush and his staff are heading the nation in the right direction.
We are so deep in the hole, it will take more than 4 years to dig us out!!!!!!!!
Tammy Sachse

PS. Could you run my picture?
      I'm trying to find a man.

Yes, we were deeep in the "peace and prosperity" hole till Smirk came to help.
A little war, a little recession is what this country needs.
Bobtbags build character, right?

And screw that wall between church and state.
Jefferson was a fool, anyway.


Subject: Your web site

One of my former friends (now that I find out what a bleeding heart liberal she is) sent me your link.
I looked it over and it sucks.

We finally got Bubba and his lying whore wife out of the Whitehouse,
now we got you commie sympathizers.


Greg, pretty intelligent note.
You dumped a friend because she sent you my URL?
And now she'll have to go thru life without a true friend like you?

I feel awful.

Does Cathy know you're using her e-mail address to sent mean-spirited hate mail
to someone who will print it where dozens of people might see it and respond to her?

Those people are lucky to have you in their lives.


Subject: Bartcop should kiss and make up with Michael Moore..
            I don't see any difference between the two any more

1. I'm really more convinced than ever that  has become a fence sitter for Nader
and his scumbag army.. all reporting on him is biased in Nader's favor, and then I see an excuse
written up in the reader, featured off to the side..

2. this is the same thing that happened on has BC become so enamored of
publicity and building his and his site's reputation that he's abandoned what drew so many of us
to his site in the first place?

3. It's more about drawing in the bucks than it is about fighting the GOP freaks and their Nader reich allies?

4. Nader has stated that he's out to destroy the democrat party, we have a media that is biased toward
the right wing, they don't report on what the democrats are doing to fight Bush and his cohorts,
yet they give Nader air time to exploit his ego driven garbage. I read on a Gore 2004 mailing list that
Nader has endorsed another democrat to run for president in '04, so as to start the divides early..

5. greens at the University of Wisconsin were asked to participate in a protest by some local activists
to stand up against the tax cuts but they refused because they had "mid terms" to deal with and didn't
want to be bothered.. yet they don't mind imposing suffering and oppression on the most powerless in society..

6. here's something wrong here, and alot of us were on to it last year.. we thought BC was someone
who felt the same way, but I guess now that he's got the fame bug, it's more about what's
good for him, and it's tough cookies for ideals and ethics.

7. For me, there's no longer any reason to go to  any longer,
   ...and I'm telling my friends to stop visiting the site as well.

Mary Moretti

Mary, ...I, ... I. ...yes, ...I, ...I admit it.
I knew this day would come, when I'd be exposed as a fraud.

Yes, folks, it's just like she said.

1. I really like Michael Moore and Ralph Nader - never liked Clinton much.

2. I strictly control the BartCop Reader.
    I write all the articles, you know...
   You thought those articles were contributed by  readers?
    ha ha
    I thought if I pretended they were from others, it would help hide my ego problems.

3. Yes, I'm doing this for the money.
    People think a page like this takes a lot of time and effort,
    But it only takes about 5 minutes to knock out a volume of
    I just pound out personal insults about innocent Rush and Saint Reagan.
    ..and the money flows in like fucking Niagra.

4. I admit, I'm responsible for Nader's actions.
    He's my puppet.
    I'm a very powerful man.

5. I'm responsible for the greens, too.
    My fame has brought me power.
    ...I,  ... I pretty much control everything now.
    Know why?
    I control the greens, too

6. Sidebar from the heavy sarcasm.
     Hey, let me tell you something about fame and fortune.
     When me and Scary Perry had our big talk three weeks ago, he looked me in the eye like he was
     talking life-and-death career goals and he said, "What do you want?"

    I told him, "I have what I want."

    I told Scary, "I'm happy now. If you want to offer me happy plus, that might work.
    But if you want to change what I have, the answer is no."

    Hey, I have what I want.

    Maybe I'll hear from him again, I don't know.

    ...but it does go along with your whole "whore" theory

   ha ha

7. I'll miss you, (cough) but please don't condemn your followers to ignorance.

So, let's re-cap:

1. I like Nader and Moore, I hate Clinton the Vandal.
2. The BartCop Reader is all about feeding my shadow ego.
3. Web sites like this make tons of money.
4. I control Nader and his army.
5. I control Moore and his fans.
6. Fame and money, fame and money, that's me.
7. Please don't go.


Subject: Michael Moore wants to mend fences


On his website, Michael Moore has a story about his experience at the Writers' Guild Awards,
and how people are still holding him responsible for the election results.  Remarkably, he admits
in the story that his wife had to explain this to him.  He goes on to trash Clinton some more over
the pardons, then ask us all to mend fences and join his merry crusade against Smirky the wonder-chimp.
This is the response I e-mailed him:

Dear Michael,

I am someone who has been a big fan in the past.  I've seen your films and extolled them to my friends.
I read Downsize This! and agreed with everything there.  But nevertheless, I am one of the fans you
have alienated with your ridiculous assertions that Gore and Bush were ever the same.

Here is a list of things that would not have happened if Ralph Nader had not run for the presidency:
The abortion gag rule on international family planning organizations.
The reversal of Clinton's workplace repetitive-motion injury executive order.
The Office of Faith-Based Initiatives.
The Bush Tax-Cut Proposal (under which everyone except childless people who make between
$6000 and $27600 per year gets a cut, and the more you make, the bigger your cut is.  Fairness defined).
The appointment of John Ashcroft to the position that enforces federal abortion rights.
The appointment of Gail Norton to the position that oversees our natural resources.
The attempted appointment of Linda Chavez (!) to the position that oversees our labor laws.
(That one must have caused you a small twinge of guilt).
Quite possibly, the deaths of nine innocent Japanese fishermen and students at the hands of a U.S. submarine
taking some Bush campaign contributors out for a joyride.
If you think it is unfair or inaccurate to lay these things at the feet of Ralph Nader, consider this.
Al Gore lost the state of Nevada by a smaller percentage of the vote than Ralph Nader received.
A Gore win in the state of Nevada would have made the wrangling over the state of Florida a moot point.

Naderites' claim that their candidate was trying to win federal matching funds for the next election is
demostrably false, as well.  If Ralph Nader was only concerned about gaining 5% of the national popular vote,
why didn't he campaign in Texas?  Texas was a guaranteed Bush win, but there are millions of liberals in that
state who would like for their vote to have counted for something.  Why didn't Nader go to Texas and campaign
hard on environmental issues?  Instead, he chose to campaign in states that were considered battlegrounds.
Knowing he would only draw votes from the Democratic base, he campaigned in states like Ohio, Michigan, and Florida.

It is unlikely you can persuade people like me that Ralph Nader is unpleased with the result of this election.
He got exactly the result for which he had hoped.  In doing so, he deliberately misled the constituency of the
Green Party.  They believed he was trying to create a base from which they could build in the future.  Instead,
he worked to install an enemy against which he could rail, and thereby enhance his waning public stature.
The net result is that we have a buffoon in the highest elected office in America fronting for the most greedy
and evil men in the world.  Meanwhile, the political left is as powerless and pointless as it has ever been.

Your request that we all join together and battle the common enemy would ring less hollow if you had not done
all you could to ensure that enemy would be as powerful as he is.  An acknowledgement of Nader's misdeeds
would go much further in the way of mending fences.




Haven't you heard?
I'm Michael Morre's biggest fan.

 This is hard to follow, but I told him I'd print it.


Subject: Rebuttal


Thanks for complimenting me on my spelling and grammar. I, however, still have a few comments.
Being "someone who thinks funny and gets *everything* wrong" I can't help but notice that you seem
to agree with me on at least one point: your senator from West Virginia.
So, a minor correction, I didn't get everything wrong.

1. That's Rush's favorite statistic: He claims a "higher percentage" of GOP voted for that than the Democrats.

(Yes, and he's right. You wrote that it was horrible the Civil Rights Act was passed a century after the Emancipation Proclamation, but, understand this: Without an overwhelming majority of Republican support for civil rights in the Senate,
which was controlled 67-33 by the Dems, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would not have been passed by JFK or LBJ
or anyone else until much longer than 100 years after emancipation.)

My response is: So what?

So, there have been decent Republicans since Abraham Lincoln
- despite your suggestion that he was "the last decent Republican."

3. you should temper your incessant criticisms of Republicans for "racism"
    - with little (or no) evidence to support your arguments

>No, you can't get away with that.
>Your entire party has one elected black man, Uncle OJ Watts.
>He's there ONLY because he won a national title for Oklahoma in college football.

Actually, my party has elected quite a few black men. The last time I checked, the highest ranking
African American in the country right now is the Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, Joe Rogers -
A Republican. He is presently the only African American serving as a Governor or Lieutenant
Governor in the United States. As such, he is the highest ranking elected African American official
in the United States. And, again, he is a Republican.

Which leads to my funny thinking and the obviously wrong conclusion - hey, I'm always wrong -
that you were wrong to state that J.C. Watts is the only elected African American in the country.
Isn't it funny how the only black secretary of state in history is a Republican, the only black national
security affairs adviser in history is a Republican, the only black Governor or Lieutenant Governor
in America right now is a Republican, the highest ranking public official in America right now is a
Republican, and the highest ranking black member of the House in history is - yes, a Republican?

>Yes, America is an extremely racist country.
>And the discriminated against vote for my side 19-1 over your side.
>I'd say the 19-1 ratio supports my argument very well.

I'm afraid I'm not exactly certain what your argument is here, other than that African Americans
tend to vote for Democrats overwhelmingly. If that's your point, I don't dispute it. But it is hardly
sufficient to prove that all Republicans are racists who want to destroy civil rights and that
"the last decent Republican" was Abraham Lincoln. That's what logicians call a non sequitur
(a fallacy of logic; a conclusion that does not follow from its premises).

If you would like to at least consider an alternative view of "the discriminated against," please try
reading (African American) Thomas Sowell's "The Vision of the Anointed." He is the Rose and
Milton Friedman Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, and one of the
most respected economists in the country.

W.C. Frea

P.S. I usually get troglodytes too, but they're invariably Democrats, and their spelling and grammar
(not to mention logic) is no match for mine.

P.P.S. We can do a Thursday as soon as you join the GOP.


 Subject: Marc Perkel

 You never did answer me in regard to how you knew Marc Perkel.
 Or did you and I missed it somehow.

 So, how do you know Marc Perkel.

 Gully Foyle

 My best recollection is...

 Back in '96 or '97, I was sending out the RL-LNW newsletter to a few dozen people.
 Someone sent him a copy, he liked it, he wrote, asking if I wanted him to put it on the net.
 I said "yes."
 A year or two later, he said, "Why don't you learn enough html to do your own page
 instead of sending me text to post," which begat the current page with pictures and sounds.

 Thank Koresh for Marc Perkel,



Subject: your web page

        Mr. BC

              Answer this for me please, Most of you liberals believe the tax cuts should go to the poor.
I not sure how up to date you are in your government, However if you tax the rich and give to the poor
they call that SOCIALISM. A government that runs a country where production is run for use and not profit...

The goals of the dem. is to move this country to SOCIALISM and away from FREEDOM..

do you believe bill-boy going to pardon Judas....

        Thank you for your time

I would love to have you on the witness stand so you'd be forced to answer questions.
Right now, America has a health care crisis because the GOP screamed "SOCIALISM,"
every time Clinton tried to fix the problem. Funny, modern countries like Germany, France
and Japan can give their people free health care, but in America we just go to the ER
and file bankruptcy when we get the bill - all to avoid that evil word, "SOCIALISM."

Tell me, are you a multi-millionaire?
Is that why you're fighting for Gates and Perot to have a tax cut?

Smirk says the economy needs a boost, and quick!
If you add another $50,000,000,000 to Bill Gates's account, what will that help?
But if you take that same $50,000,000,000 to people making $35,000 a year
they will empty the inventories of America's stores and get things moving again.
Why don't you want things to get moving again?

We tried the trickle-down merry-go-round in the eighties.
It was the biggest economic mistake in modern history.
Five trilliuon in debt, that might've bankrupted the entire country
had the Clinton Miracle not saved Reagan's ass.

You don't want to take the medicine because Rush and Hannity have convinced you
that it's SOCIALISM and that leads to immediate forced homosexuality for your kids.
Rush and Hannity have done well with you, asking YOU to give them YOUR tax cut.

By the way, your last sentence summed it all up.



 Use That Hammer


Subject: Spin Room

>I'll make you a deal.
>If we don't get a mention, I'll wait until we're bigger to ask you again.

Totally disagree.
I think we should keep flooding the bastards until they fold.
We didn't get a mention?  Ok.
So did we LOSE anything?

So let's keep doing it until we GAIN something.
It WILL happen.  I don't know how long it will take, but it WILL happen.
Keep hammering until the son of a bitch breaks.



Subject: Keep hammering!!!

I know it's frustrating not being able to get a mention on the Spin Room,
but I don't think we should give up yet.  Our hammer may not be as big as we'd like yet,
but it's still a hammer, and I think we should continue to use it.  I think we should come up
with more targets and continue to bombard them.
Personally, I think it's fun.

I'm certainly willing to do it once a week.
See, we don't know the unseen effect that all our e-mails may have had.
Maybe some producer (or some poor schmuck intern) had to go through all those e-mails.
Maybe the subject matter didn't make it on the air, but maybe that person wondered about
Bartcop and decided to check it out.  Maybe that person is passing it on to others.
I just think we should continue.

Maybe CNN is big enough to ignore us.  Maybe we should try a smaller target.
I'm willing to bombard a local news outlet in K-Drag if you want.
I would just ask you to reconsider the discontinuation of the Bartcop airstrikes (e-strikes?).
Hey, if nothing else, it's good for morale.

At least we can feel like we're doing something while the Repubs own
everything, and our Dem senators roll over and play dead.

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail."

I wanna hammer!!!



From: Address withheld

Subject: Please don't stop! Harder, faster...

 .......swing that damn hammer!

Please don't stop telling us where and why to email shows like the Spin
Room. Just because they failed to mention our topic one time, we shouldn't
roll over and play dead like the spineless donkeys that represent us on the Hill.

Keep posting any idea you have for these email bombs and I for one will launch my Patriot missle.
Hammer away!




Subject: Spin Room e-mailing


I'm glad that you want to flood the Spin Room with e-mails again.
I think we should do it once a week.  Not always to the Spin Room.
We can all e-mail other shows, politicians, sponsers, news outlets, etc.

Your website alone is not your hammer.  WE are your hammer.
Say the word, and we'll flood someone's e-mail.
Our sheer numbers will get their attention.

Keep up the good work!


I often write murky.
What I meant to say is I don't want to cry "wolf" too often.
If every time you punch up  there's another request to
carpetbomb somebody it'll get old real quick.

Yes, I think it'd be a good idea to try a different target next time, possibly Geraldo.
I think he'd be sympathetic to our cause.
Plus, maybe the tax issue isn't the best topic.

We'll get to planning our next bomb drop.


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