Marty at BartCop Entertainment has been nice enough to host 2 short sound clips.
 This is the guy I say must be the best guitar player in Texas.

    Rick del Castillo

 When he played my Hard Rock Island club in the 80's
 they were doing Metallica, Dokken, The Cure - stuff like that.

 Now, he's in a "Latino band," (my name, I'm not hip to the subtleties,
 but think - if Carlos Santana played cleaner and joined Ricky Martin's band)
 and I have two short clips for you. Both clips are of the same song, the
 downloads are available on  the del Castillo website.

 We all know how much I don't know about guitars, but it sounds to me
 like he's playing this on an accoustic guitar, which is hard to do if your
 specialty is spectacularly intricate runs up and down the fretboard.

 Could Danny Gatton play that well?  Ever?
 Can Eddie play this well?  On his very best days?
 Can whoever you might think of play this well?

 If you know a better, faster, cleaner or more exciting guitar player
 don't write and tell me about him, send the URL for a short MP3 sampler.

 Sidebar: And remember how we got here - I have a video, shot at BartCop Manor,
 of a guitar player who made Rick's jaw drop. And if you disagree on my assessment,
 blame me,  don't blame Rick. He never claimed he was the best - I did.

 I pity the fool who might try to take Rick's title.
 ...and you should hear him play a Les Paul or his cherry red Gibson SG.
 He has a dude with a fire extinguisher stand next to him on stage!!

 Thanks to Marty, who'll be breaking 100K hits soon.

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