From: Cathy

 Subject: Julie on Mike Malloy

 Dear Julie,
 You were great!  Hopefully more people will want to hear more from you.  I know I do.
 I hope that the little I was able to send to you a couple of weeks ago helped out.
 (We are a ma & pa  operation, winter is hard on us financially thus the small donation)
 I put a $50 check in the mail to bart for the "Juliefest" yesterday.  I hope that helps you out.
 Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. April is an insanely busy time for me.

 I have offered a free week up here, at our resort, to bart for keeping me entertained, informed
 and more sane in an insane time, so I will offer the same to you and your family for standing up
 for your rights, my rights and the truth.  It is small, but something I can offer you.
 (We are only 20 miles by canoe from Canada...ha ha.)

 It is my hope that this offer and the money I have sent gives you a glimmer of hope.
 I do this only because when I try to  put myself in your shoes, I would think that I
 would become a very disillusioned if not angry person in your set of circumstances.
 But if I received help out of nowhere, from strangers, it would restore my hope in humanity.
 Your hope in the rest of us has been reinforced.

 There are plenty of people who support you, I even know one republican who HATES
 Ken Starr who may donate soon.

 Again, hope to hear you again on the airwaves!
 Take care,

 Northernair Lodge


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